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Plus Size TV & Movie Costumes

Whether you love sitcoms or you can't get enough of sci-fi action thrillers, you are sure to find a plus size mens costume or plus size womens costume of your favorite TV character or movie character. Our quality costumes will allow you and your friends to broadcast your great sense of style. There are classic TV characters such as Popeye and Olive Oyl, Batman and Catwoman, and of course Fred and Wilma Flintstone. There are even products that are perfect for Halloween such as the classic movie Frankenstein costume or Morticia from The Addams Family. Whoever is your all time favorite, there is a plus size movie costume or plus size TV costume for you.

Plus Size TV & Movie Costume Ideas and Tips

What’s your favorite TV show or movie? Ever daydream of being the star? Now you can be one when you put on Plus Size TV & Movie Costumes. We have a wide range of TV- and movie-themed costumes available in for robust men and curvy women. All these outfits are high quality and have a great fit. Want to be a superhero? We’ve got you covered. Prefer to be a villain? We have supervillains, space villains and wicked queens. Got a song in your heart? Sing it while dressed in an Elvis or Prince outfit. Pay homage to your favorite shows and movies this Halloween. Stroll into the party like you’ve just traveled down the Yellow Brick Wall or swagger like a pirate. In addition to plus size outfits, we have a large selection of accessories, including villainous weapons, makeup, wigs, jewelry, hats and much more that will make your style extra special.

Batman The Dark Night Costume for Adults
When Joker or Riddler are plotting to take over Gotham, there is only one person who can stop themBatman! Become the caped crusader this Halloween when you put on the Batman The Dark Night Costume for Adults. Based on the DC Comics version of this superhero, the outfit includes a cape, bodysuit, mask, belt, boot covers, arm guards and gloves.
The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume
If you are religiously devoted to horror films, you won?t want to miss The Nun. This upcoming film is a spin-off of the Conjuring series and is sure to scare everyone into praying for protection. Wear The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume during various events to frighten believers and non-believers alike. Members of the clergy are sent to investigate the suicide of a nun. They confront a demon who has taken the appearance of another nun. This particular orders comes as a nun?s habit. You also receive a mask featuring the designs of sunken eyes and veins along the face. Pick this Nun Movie costume to portray the blasphemous creature. It is a great item to have for Halloween parties and fright night events. Browse around our website to find other creepy products to include as part of the order. You will develop a habit of horrifying trick-or-treaters, coworkers, friends and more whenever you put this on.
Adult Deluxe Top Gun Costume
Don?t get your goose cooked this Halloween, pick up a Adult Deluxe Top Gun Costume! Fans will look and feel just as cool as Tom Cruise from the popular 80?s film. Prepare to fly into a fun time at high speeds! This particular item comes as a single piece jumpsuit. It is modeled after the green uniforms that pilots wear. There are actual zipper, pocket, and patches attached to the surface. Orders also come with a cap depicting the logo title. Feel the need for speed as you dress up like Maverick or Iceman and ride into the danger zone. Then, relax with a game of volleyball if you choose. Wear this Top Gun costume during Halloween parties, cosplay conventions, and other events. Check out other Top Gun outfits so you and a friend can soar through the skies together. It?s always nice to have a wingman by your side.
Dorothy Adult Plus Costume
You won't need to fly over the rainbow to have the Halloween of your dreams when you wear the Dorothy Adult Plus costume! The outfit features a blue and white checkered dress with thick spaghetti straps that are secured to the bodice with white buttons. The flared skirt contains white lace on the hem. Under the dress is a white peasant-style short sleeve top featuring puffy sleeves and a blue and white checkered neckline. You will have so much fun at your Halloween party in this outfit; there's no way that you will be tapping your shoes together to go home! No Dorothy outfit would be complete without her signature ruby red slippers and her adorable companion Toto, so make sure to purchase those items from our website separately in order to finish your look.
Womens Curvy Jovi Costume
Bring one of the most lovable Christmas characters from one of the most lovable Christmas movies to life, when you dress up as Jovi from Elf. Whether you plan on passing out presents with extra holiday cheer or bringing Christmas joy to the spooky Halloween festivities, this Women's Curvy Jovi Costume is the perfect outfit. It comes with everything you need to pass through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops and walk through the Lincoln Tunnel. It includes Jovi's signature pink elf dress with white, faux-fur lining, matching pink elf hat, red belt and red shoe covers with curly elf-toe detail. Order yours today!
Elvira Adult Plus Size Costume
When you step into the party wearing the Elvira Adult Plus Size Costume, jaws will be dropping left and right. With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous long black dress with tattered edges on the sleeves and bottoms, as well as a matching black belt and a ceremonial dagger. Pair this sexy get-up with a jet black wig from our site and you'll be the star of the night in no time. Buy your Elvira costume today!
Star Trek Discovery Gold Command Mens Deluxe Uniform
Be saluted as captain in this Star Trek Discovery Gold Command Men's Deluxe Uniform. The year 2256 is full of challenges, even for Starfleet crew. Luckily, they have you to look up to. Guide everyone through every mission while wearing this distinctive uniform. You receive a jacket top in a navy blue coloring. Golden bands wrap around the shoulders while a matching pattern runs along the sides. The iconic Star Trek emblem is placed on the chest. Fans of the latest installment of the long running and historic sci-fi series can show off their favorite characters in this. Play the role of high ranking official no matter where you go. Attend costume parties, Trekkie conventions, Halloween outings and other moments necessary for a leader. There are a number of other Star Trek products available on our website. Browse through them all to see which other accessories or articles of clothing you can use to complete an enterprising ensemble.
Beetlejuice Adult Costume
Daylight come and we wanna go home. But that is after partying all night in the Beetlejuice Adult Costume. Black and white striped pants and a long sleeve jacket are featured in the set, which also includes a dickie. Played by Michael Keaton in the classic movie, Beetlejuice is a mischievous spirit summoned by two ghosts who are trapped in the home where they resided while alive. Have some scary fun this Halloween when wearing this outfit. Hair and makeup are not part of the set.
The Wizard of Oz - Tin Man Adult Plus Costume
Follow the yellow brick road this Halloween while dressed in the officially licensed Men's Plus Size Tin Man Costume. This outfit is patterned after the costume in the 1939 classic film the Wizard of Oz and comes with a long sleeve shirt, long pants and a headpiece. Highlighted on the silver shirt is an image of a heart clock, just like the one the Wizard presented to the Tin Man. The silver headpiece is an upside-down funnel shape. When he sets off with Dorothy and the Scarecrow, the Tin Man is searching for a heart and believes the Wizard can give him one. It is not until the end of the movie that he realizes that he had a heart all along. Purchase this now and wear it for Halloween.
Nightmare On Elm Street Miss Freddy Kruger Plus Costume
Aren't bogeymen supposed to be scary? Make them want to go bump in the night when you put on a Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Freddy Kruger Plus Costume! Each long-sleeved dress is sewn from a thick sweater material that will fend off the fierce chill of the afterlife. The shredded neckline will show off your sultry shoulders, while the broad cuffs and upper thigh hem are sliced up for a distressed look. Large gashes across the chest show off a chest that would have any man jumping under the covers! The included glove is finely crafted to look just like Freddy's claw, the silver blades and bronze plating full of stains and blemishes. Finish the outfit when you pop on the included brown fedora and you'll be the most marvelous monster around! Add on fishnet tights, black heels, and scars (sold here) to this Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Freddy Krueger Plus Costume to have any guy pulling up the covers.
Elvira Adult Plus Costume
You're bound to incite some midnight madness when you're dressed up as the Mistress of the Dark in this Elvira Plus Costume! Based on the vampy vixen of late night horror movies, Elvira, this outfit includes a long black dress, a belt, and a prop dagger. The floor length gown fits slim through the waist with a plunging V-neck and bell sleeves with jagged edges. The skirt of the dress features a high slit to show off your sexy legs. Made of sleek faux leather, the belt sits at your hips to accentuate your deadly curves and it features a strap to hold your dagger. In the 1980s, Elvira was the host of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie showcase on a Los Angeles based television channel. She gained popularity and eventually starred in her own film and a series of home video releases thanks to her campy sense of humor and sexy brand of goth-punk vampire style. To achieve Elvira's iconic look, be sure to add a dramatic black wig, goth makeup, fishnets, and heels, all sold separately on ou
Deluxe Aquaman Adult Costume - Aquaman Movie
Become the King of the Sea this Halloween when you put on the Deluxe Aquaman Adult Costume - Aquaman Movie! Swim into the party wearing this glorious superhero get-up, and you'll send Black Manta running for the door. With your purchase, you will receive a fun muscle chest jumpsuit with attached gauntlets, as well as a pair of matching boot tops. Team up with Mera and the rest of the Atlantis gang this Halloween and go make this your best night yet!
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Muscle Chest Deluxe Adult Plus Costume
This Plus Size Deluxe Dark Knight Muscle Chest Batman Costume for Adults is the costume you deserve and the costume that you need this Halloween! The outfit comes with a black muscle chest shirt, which has long sleeves and features the Batman symbol on the chest. The pants are textured and black. The cape, also black, is ankle-length with a jagged hem. The costume also includes a golden belt and a black headpiece that covers the top half of the face and extends all the way around the back of the head. There are pointy ears on the top. This officially licensed Batman costume is sure to be the hit of your next Halloween party! Gotham City will definitely be safe this Halloween with you dressed in this costume! Purchase Batman gauntlets, Batarangs, or a grappling, each sold here separately, to complete your look.
Batman Brave & Bold Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult Plus Costume
The people of Gotham will sleep easy knowing you're out foiling the Joker's latest maniacal plot in this men's Plus Size Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume. If you grew up wanting to be Batman, make your childhood dreams come true with this officially licensed outfit. A grey shirt with royal blue gauntlets sewn onto the sleeves gives you Bruce Wayne's imposing physique with padded muscles in the chest and sleeves. The shirt coordinates with grey pants that feature blue briefs at the waist and boot tops attached. Batman doesn't need superpowers to save the day, so this ensemble also includes a printed replica of his bright yellow utility belt. Bruce Wayne didn't want anyone besides Alfred and Robin to know he was the Batman and neither should you, so conceal your identity with a hooded cowl with pointy bat ears. The final piece of this deluxe disguise is a long blue cape so you'll remain cloaked in mystery as you face off against your foes. Whether you're a fan of the comic books, TV s
Beetlejuice Deluxe Adult Costume
You don't have to call for him three times to see him appear! You can be the guy to call when you wear this Men's Deluxe Beetlejuice Costume! Just by picking up this outfit we can help you channel your inner hilarious ghoul. Includes a black and white stripped jacket top that oozes Beetlejuice's signature aura. With a matching pair of pants and attached tie, you'll have no problem adapting to his unique sense of style. Make sure you add on to that creepy style by purchasing a white wig, face makeup, or even a cane to give you that Beetlejuice flair that you're aiming for. You'll be the hit at any party and everyone will be clamoring to say your name a few times! Great for any costume gala, wear this Men's Deluxe Beetlejuice Costume and have a blast this season!
The Addams Family Uncle Fester Adult
Brighten up everyone's Halloween this year with our Men's The Addams Family Uncle Fester Adult Costume. Uncle Fester is quite possibly the most eccentric out of the whole Addams family clan. Though he is a member of the gang, Fester often keeps to himself to entertain his hobbies, like putting his head in a screwpress or feeding his plants blood plasma. The costume includes a floor-length, hooded robe with belt rope and a mask in typical pasty, sunken-eyed Uncle Fester form. Don't forget to bring a lightbulb with you when you're embodying this bald-headed weirdo, another one of Fester's favorite activities is using his mouth to turn on lightbulbs. Don't fret about purchasing a costume that looks a little dead, he may be a bit of an oddball, but Uncle Fester is full of life and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Deluxe Batman Plus Adult Costume
Get ready to duke it out with your greatest foe in this Men's Plus Size Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Deluxe Batman Costume. Take on the Man of Steel and go as many rounds as possible before you realize there are bigger problems facing the world. This particular outfit comes as single piece jumpsuit with built-in muscle padding along the upper body. It is all grey with stylish black designs and 3D symbol. There are also gauntlets and boot tops included with the order, along with a utility belt which all add a high level of authenticity. Complete the appearance with a fabric cape and plastic molded mask. Keep fighting or work together to save Gotham, Metropolis, and beyond using this Batman costume. Take a look at more accessories and supplies to include with your ensemble.
Mens Scooby Doo Adult Plus Costume
The opposite may happen this time where the monsters will run away from you. The Men's Scooby Doo Adult Plus Costume includes a brown jumpsuit and a hood in the shape of Scooby's face. This costume has a zipper in the front and an attached collar around the neck. The hood is stunningly accurate at detailing the look of this beloved animated dog. In the '70s this cartoon was an runaway success, and even today it continues to be made in updated iterations that continue to stay true to the soul of the original series. If you have kids, have them dress up as the rest of the gang. Together, all of you can go out trick-or-treating and solve mysteries. Before checking out with the costume purchase, visit the accessories page of the website and find more themed items to supplement your Scooby Doo need.
Star Trek Discovery Copper Operations Mens Deluxe Uniform
Specialize in different divisions so you may wear the Star Trek Discovery Copper Operations Men's Deluxe Uniform. A ship's? crew is made up of very talented Starfleet recruits. They must be among the best in order to be depended upon during tight situations. Fans of the latest Star Trek series can now play the part of different characters thanks to this piece of uniform. You receive a shirt top in a dark navy coloring. Bronze bands wrap around the shoulders while matching patterns line the sides. The iconic Starfleet symbol is placed on the chest. Those wearing this Copper Operations outfit can become Danby Connor, Troy Januzzi and others. Come up with your own character as long as they are an engineer, security, or tactical. Take a look through some other Star Trek and Star Trek Discovery items to include as part of your order. Make sure everything is prepared for your next journey into the final frontier.
Star Trek Discovery Mens Command Uniform Top
Keep your crew in check while having this Star Trek Discovery Men's Command Uniform Top. Whether you are leading them through the depths of space, restoring peace on distant planets, or helping those in need, you are the example to follow. Become a leader they can look up to in times of trouble! This item comes as a simple shirt top. There are golden bands wrapped around the shoulders as well as matching lines of symbols along the sides. A Starfleet emblem is placed on the chest while a single gold stripe runs down the center. It is easy to wear and perfect for using as a simple costume idea. Have this Star Trek Discovery Command top as your next Halloween idea. Then, attend various cosplay conventions and sci-fi events with it. Take a look around at some other matching uniforms and accessories for you and other Trekkies to wear.
DC Comics Batgirl Adult Plus Costume
Move over Robin! Batman's going to want you to be his trusty sidekick when you're dressed in this officially licensed Batgirl Plus Costume! This sassy little number includes a dress with an attached cape, a vinyl mask, a belt, glovelettes, and boot tops to help you transform into a comic book heroine. The black vinyl tank dress features a yellow bat logo on the chest and a scalloped bat wing hem. The yellow utility belt accentuates your waist and creates a sexy silhouette, while the black cape attached at the shoulder gives you serious superhero style. With raised wing accents, the black gauntlets add extra toughness to this look, and the sleek black boot covers show off your legs. Conceal your secret identity with the black vinyl mask. Gotham will be in good hands when you're out fighting crime in this Batgirl Plus Costume!
Flash Costume for Adults
Prove to the world that you?re the fastest man alive with a costume that?s ripped straight from DC comics. The officially licensed Flash Costume for Adults is just what you need to look faster than light while zipping around the neighborhood this Halloween. Whether you?re a fan of Flash from the comics, or his recent appearances on film and television, you?ll feel ready for the spotlight in this officially licensed DC outfit. Transform yourself into the hero of Central City with a costume that?s good enough to pass inspection from the most ardent of enthusiasts. The one-piece red and yellow jumpsuit is an authentic recreation of the Flash?s actual costume and comes with a mask for hiding your secret identity. This costume is perfect for solo adventures and goes well alongside fellow DC fans, making it a surefire hit at costume parties, and comic book conventions.
Mens Grand Heritage Batman Costume XL
Adam West donned the bat symbol long before Michael Keaton and Christian Bale did. You can do the same by wearing our Men's Grand Heritage Batman Costume. We give you the boot covers, jumpsuit, briefs, cowl, belt, and gloves with an order of this outfit. This ensemble is an officially licensed version of the uniform worn by Adam West. The suit is gray with accents of black appearing in the gloves, briefs, cape, and mask. That bat symbol is printed on the center of the chest and appears again on the buckle of the yellow belt. Spiked ridges line the sides of the gloves just like they do in the show, and the bottom of the cape has that spiky design that you see on real bat wings. Bruce Wayne makes sure that Gotham is safe from villains, and you can help him by wearing our adult Batman Grand Heritage costume this Halloween.
Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Plus Adult Costume
Everyone remembers their first visit to summer camp--the bonfires, the boat rides, the masked murderers... Remember those happy memories when you put on a Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Plus Adult Costume! This flattering dress is made like a hockey jersey. The black knit material is covered with red stripes for a dark flair. All your friends will know who your favorite player is when they see the shoulders and belly of the dress, both covered with appliques of Jason and his machete in a skull-and-crossbones style logo. The included circular purse is designed to look like Jason's mask, complete with red strips and black eyeholes. The counselors have all sorts of activities planned for you over the coming weeks. Get ready for the most exciting game of manhunt yet when you put on a Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Plus Adult Costume! Add black tights and a machete, sold here.
DC Comics Supergirl Adult Plus Costume
Not even a comet made of Kryptonite will be able to stop you from saving the day when you're suited up in this Supergirl Adult Plus Costume! With a dress with an attached cape, a belt, and superhero boot tops, this officially licensed outfit will show off your sexy curves. Your sinuous body will look stronger than steel in the dress with a royal blue form fitting bodice and a metallic red A-line skirt. The bodice features long sleeves and a square neckline with the red and yellow Supergirl emblem adorning the bust. A dazzling metallic red cape is attached with gold trim at the neck. A sleek shiny gold belt accentuates your waist and hips, and you'll be ready to kick butt wearing the red boot covers with gold details at the knee. Superman can take the night off. You'll have Metropolis under control dressed in this Supergirl Adult Plus Costume!
Mens Freddy Krueger Sweater Deluxe
Create A Nightmare on Elm Street in your Mens Deluxe Freddy Krueger Costume. Bring Wes Craven's bloodthirsty, supernatural serial killer to life by donning his burnt flesh, striped red and green sweater, dark brown fedora, bladed glove. Sneak into people's dreams and ive them a night's sleep from which they will never recover. Your friends will think twice about closing their eyes when they see you. Get your Mens Deluxe Freddy Krueger Costume from Costume SuperCenter today!
Popeye Adult Plus Costume
If you're thinking of eating spinach on Halloween, check out our Popeye PVC Costume to get ready for your muscle gains! You'll be the most swole cartoon character in popular culture when you're wearing this hilarious Popeye costume. Get ready for all the Olive Oils in the room to be paying attention when you walk into a party wearing this costume!
Star Trek Discovery Mens Operations Uniform Top
Make sure all systems are fully functional when in this Star Trek Discovery Men's Operations Uniform Top. You have some of the most important jobs of any member on that crew! Maneuver through space with ease and everyone will have you to thank. This item comes as a simple shirt top. There are bronze bands wrapped around the shoulders as well as matching lines of symbols along the sides. A Starfleet emblem is placed on the chest while a single bronze stripe runs down the center. If you are a Trekkie and in need of a quick and easy costume, this Operations Uniform top is an excellent choice. Impress other fans when attending cosplay conventions, sci-fi events, Halloween parties and more. Take a look at some of our other outfits, sold separately. Go out as a group sporting various Star Trek uniforms and create your a loyal crew for your own ship.
Plus SizeJustice League Movie Wonder Woman Plus Costume
Become Princess Diana of the Amazon island of Themyscira with our Wonder Woman Adult Plus Costume! With her iconic red dress and belt, you'll be protecting the world in no time! Deflect bullets with Wonder Woman's gauntlets, crushing baddies in style with her tiara and shin guards too! Join the Justice League with Superman and Batman with this Wonder Woman Adult Plus Costume! Represent the red, white, and blue this Halloween, and look amazing while doing so!
Flintstones Fred Flintstone Adult Plus Costume
Yabba dabba doo! Get ready to take Bedrock by storm in this Fred Flintstone Plus Adult Costume! Fred Flintstone's iconic look is brought to life with a long orange coat trimmed with fur and decorated with triangular black accents. The coat features jagged cut off sleeves and it comes with a pair of matching cuffs. This officially licensed ensemble also includes a plush blue neck tie, as well as a wig to give you his signature hair do. Fred's got big feet to get his prehistoric car rolling, so this outfit also comes with a pair of oversized shoe covers. We also offer great caveman accessories to complete your look, as well as officially licensed ensembles for Wilma, Barney, and the rest of the gang if you're looking for a cool group costume. If you remember watching the Flintstones when you were a kid, you're going to love wearing this Fred Flintstone Plus Adult Costume!