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Poodle Skirts Costume Ideas and Tips

You can swing it, you can groove it, you can really start to move it at the hop. But to really jump back to the 1950s, you need to put on a Poodle Skirt. We have a large selection of these retro skirts, all featuring a poodle on front. We’ve got a variety of designs and colors available in children’s sizes, women’s sizes and plus size for the curvy women that evoke the happy days of the 1950s and the songs of Grease. Traditional styles include skirts that fall below the knee. Every skirt is adorned with a poodle applique. We also carry a modern style that features a mini skirt. Pink, black and white are the colors seen most often. Check out our accessories section for matching items, including tops, jackets, hair accents, jewelry and more. When you are ready to rock around the clock, we’ll be ready to send you a skirt.

Red Sweetheart 50's Costume
In the 1950's, long skirts with sewn on symbols like poodles and records were the big fashion trend for women, much like girls today love their patterned rompers, their tight jeans, and their denim shorts. While our preference for skirt length has certainly evolved over the years, these sewn on symbol skirts are still a big hit! This Halloween, become a beautiful 1950's girl yourself when you buy the Red Sweetheart 50's Costume. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to show off your love for the culture of the 50's and celebrate yourself as a beautiful young woman in red. The 1950's decade was also the time of cool cars, leather jackets, white T shirts, and bad cigarette habits. Just think of Grease, the T-Birds, and the Pink Ladies! The 50's were certainly a cool time to live. Pick up your Red Sweetheart 50's Costume today, and this Halloween, have a magical 50's night!
Child Saddle Shoes
A wonderful way to enhance your daughter's 50's costume is to pair it with the Child Saddle Shoes. These black and white shoes will look incredible with a poodle skirt and matching socks. She will be the sweetheart of the sockhop wearing these saddle shoes with her outfit.
Adult Plus Pink Poodle Skirt Costume
Well, you can rock it you can roll it, you can stop and you can stroll it at the hop. And you can do it all while wearing the Adult plus Pink Poodle Skirt Costume. This knee-length skirt can be ordered in 1X or 2X sizes. Showcased on front is a black poodle applique with 3-D pink collar bow and shiny silver leash that runs from the waist to the poodle. A poodle skirt it basically a circle skirt - that is a circular piece of fabric with a hole cut in the middle for the waist - accented with a decorative applique. Many designs were placed on the skirt, including holiday themed appliques, but the most popular was, and still is, the poodle. Shirt and scarf do not come with the costume, but we have 50's-themed tops and scarves available to order.
Poodle Socks
Enhance your Fifties costume with the addition of Adult Poodle Socks. These tiny white socks feature a cute poodle design. Pair with a poodle skirt and top for the perfect costume for your decades party.
50's Girl Kids Costume
Your daughter will be looking like a star this Halloween when you pick up our 50's Girl Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a stunning pink dress featuring a light pink poodle on the skirt, as well as a matching pink jacket adorned with silver trim, and a pretty black belt. Buy your 50's Girl costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your fashionable costume gear and accessories!
Sweetheart 50's Costume
This Halloween, bring back the 50's when you put on the Sweetheart 50's Costume! In the 1950's the biggest fashion trend for girls were these long draping skirts with leashed poodles sewn onto them. Almost anyone with a sewing machine could sew these cute poodles onto their skirts, and instantly turn their skirt into a big hit! This Halloween, you're going to look absolutely beautiful while wearing this amazing 50's get-up. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to feel and look like you belong in the culture of the 50's. Sure, the skirts have shortened a bit since then, but the poodle style has definitely stayed the same. I suppose poodle skirts are comparable to our obsession with rompers and tight jeans these days! Either way, poodle skirts are a beautiful style, even for today. Pick up yours today, and this Halloween, show the world the doggy beauty of the 50's!
Plus Adult Poodle Skirt Complete Outfit Costume
Ready to stun the world with your class and beauty this Halloween? Then look no further than our Plus Adult Poodle Skirt Complete Outfit Costume! Walk into the party donning this gorgeous get-up and you'll feel just like a Parisian princess. Complete with everything you need to show off your love for France and the City of Lights and Love, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Parisian costume and accessory needs!
Pink Poodle Scarf
Have the adventure of a lifetime after you travel back to the 1950's and rock and roll all night with your swell new friends, but be sure that you blend in with the rest of them by wearing this pretty Pink Poodle Scarf which has a darling pink poodle stitched onto this large pink scarf.
Girls Poodle Dress With Scarf & Belt
Before you skip down to the malt shop to share a soda with your sweetie, step into this Girl's Poodle Dress With Scarf & Belt for some cute retro style! This nifty fifties outfit is great for dancing with your friends to the tunes blasting out of the jukebox, or for time traveling while you trick-or-treat. A rosy pink skirt with a black poodle and silver sequin leash details attaches to a black and white striped bodice with cap sleeves and a boat neckline. The dress comes with a black tulle neck scarf and a black vinyl belt with a circular closure. If you're heading out to do the twist at a sock hop, be sure to enhance this Girl's Poodle Dress With Scarf & Belt with bobby socks, oxford shoes, and glamourous cat eye glasses, which are all available separately on our website.
Poodle Skirt 50's Costume
Do you love poodles? And do you love the 50's? Then you're going to love the Poodle Skirt 50's Costume! Head to the party in this adorable poodle skirt costume, and you'll have everyone turning heads. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to channel the energy of the 50's back to the present! These poodle skirts today remain to be one of the most powerful symbols of the 1950's culture. Although we have shortened the skirt a bit from then, the poodle design is still in line with what people in the 50's used to wear back then. Team up with some other friends this Halloween, and you all can rock out your poodle skirts and feel just like 1950's women. Whatever you do this year, you're going to have a blast while wearing this special skirt. Pick up yours today, and this Halloween, go have an absolute blast!
Womens Pink 50's Poodle
Jukebox music will waft out of the soda shop and into the parking lot full of hotrods and pompadours. The Womens Pink 50's Poodle is a costume that makes the jukebox decade come to life. The order features a pink, shin-length skirt with a poodle embroidered on the bottom corner of the skirt. The poodle also has a leach attached to its collar. Other pieces of the costume are a white blouse with a matching poodle patch on the chest, a black belt, a neck scarf, a petticoat, and bobby socks. Put all these items on and look your best dancing to the big band music playing. Your youthful energy will find a way to rebel against all the rules your parents have placed on you. Visit the accessories section and discover more items to add to the order.
Girls Poodle Skirt
Take your child's throwback Halloween costume to the next level with this amazing Girls Poodle Skirt! This iconic and timeless symbol of bygone fashion is ready to become your child's favorite thing to wear, with its high quality materials and dependable comfortable fit! Give them a trip back in time with a consistently popular and adorable look that just gets better with age. Find everything you need to create a 1950s character all their own when you explore all of our accessories from different decades!
Womens Pink Poodle Earrings
Featuring the Women's Pink Poodle Earrings. This earrings are the cutest thing ever! How cool would it be to rock these adorable fashionable earrings. You don't have to have a poodle to strut around in this dankly earrings all you need is a bomb outfit and have that makeup on point then boom, you will be in the celebrity status! Don't take my word for it grab a pair today and look at all the attention you will get. You been warned!
Ladies Saddle Shoe Adult
Go retro with your footwear this Halloween and wear the Ladies Saddle Shoe Adult! The shoes are white with black accents around the black laces. The slightly raised heel is also black. This item will perfectly complement your 50s themed costume.
Saddle Shoes for Adult Women
Complete your 50s or 60s outfit with the perfect shoes! Purchase the Saddle Shoes for Adult Women. Pair these shoes with a long poodle skirt, a schoolgirl outfit, or your own creative take on a decade?s ensemble! For fun, invite your friends to dress up as a 50s or 60s character too and even throw a period themed party for all of your friends to enjoy!
Black 50s Poodle Complete Costume
Gather up your friends to sip root beer floats, hang out at the local malt shop, and do the mashed potato to the rock and roll blasting out from the jukebox as you travel back to the Golden Age, but you have to dress the part and we have just the outfit for you with this Black 50s Poodle Complete Costume. To be a neat-o 50s chick you'll have to wear the black circle skirt with a poodle and leash imprint and a ruffled hem in sheer pink, which also matches the included petticoat. The plain white blouse also features the same poodle and leash imprint and you cinch your waist with a wide pink belt that is accented by the sheer pink neck scarf. Put the finishing touches on your retro ensemble with a pair of white bobby socks and some cool black 50s-inspired sunglasses. Take in all of the great Americana the 1950s gave like suburbia, rock and roll music, and the awesome inspiration that designed your Black 50s Poodle Complete Costume.
Black and White 50s Top Adult Costume
Step back in time with a shirt that captures the zeitgeist of a past decade. The Black and White 50's Top Adult Costume will have everyone nostalgic about sock hops, drive-in theaters, and Elvis Presley. It features a black and white striped blouse. Use this shirt to create all sorts of amazing 50's looks. Pair with a poodle skirt, neck scarf, and belt, and you have the start of an amazing disguise. We offer plenty of incredible accessories to help complete your look. Jewelry, glasses, wigs, and more will help you transform into a darling of the decade. Whether your are attending a Halloween bash or decade themed party, this outfit will have you looking spectacular for the event. Pick your favorite song from the jukebox, and rock around the clock. The Black and White 50's Top Costume will transport you back in time!
Nifty Fifties Kids Costume
This Nifty Fifties Kids Costume is a great way for your little lover of the golden times to celebrate all things retro. There is certainly something to the 50?s and the retro style that had something to offer our culture and this vintage-style costume says it all. This costume includes a pink dress and belt. The dress has a pink and white striped jersey bodice with an attached long near ankle-length shining pink skirt, complete with the classic white poodle appliqué and silver sequined black leash on the front. The faux leather, slim black belt is attached to the leash and has a round buckle that gives a really nice contrast to the brighter shades around it. Finish off the base look with an adorable black scarf that can be worn around the neck, hair ribbons, bobby socks, and shoes and your kiddo will be ready to bop at the parlor!
Polka Dot Rocker Adult Costume
There's June Carter to every Johnny Cash. Wear a Polka Dot Rocker Adult Costume and you're sure to reach the top of the charts! This playful dress has a white shirt base with light swoop neckline, keeping you decent while you're on stage. The attached black circle skirt falls to the mid-calf, white polka dots covering every inch of it. Dazzle the crowd when they see your black sequin belt with circle buckle, the thick body cinching in that tiny waist of yours. Pull on the long-sleeved jacket to finish the look. It's bright red and decorated with a black, red, and white poodle to help you look trendy as you jam on the Ed Sullivan Show! You're a country girl at heart, but that doesn't mean you don't know fashion. Show off that rockabilly flair with a Polka Dot Rocker Adult Costume! Add on a beehive wig, bobby socks, and red heels, available here.Learn how to do a great hairdo to go with your costume:
Child Pretty Poodle Princess Costume
As soon as she steps into this Child Pretty Poodle Princess Costume, your girl is going to be ready to rock around the clock! This nifty fifties outfit would feel right at home on American Bandstand and it includes a top and a skirt with a black sequin belt attached at the waistband. The sleek black shirt has three quarter length sleeves and dainty white trim on the round neckline. The cotton candy pink satin swing skirt features a sweet little poodle applique with a black sequin leash. Poodle skirts were incredible popular in the 1950s not only because they were cute and stylish, but they were easy to make at home. Most girls wore them casually and dressed them up for sock hops with bobby socks, hair bows, and pearl jewelry. These great accessories are all available separately to complement this Child Pretty Poodle Princess Costume!
Pet Pink Fifties Girl Costume
Your special furry friend will look just like a pink poodle from the 50's this Halloween when you pick up our Pet Pink Fifties Girl Costume! She'll be enjoying the day in luxury and style while donning this beautiful get-up. With your purchase, you will receive a a pretty black and white striped dress with a precious pink skirt, as well as a matching pink hair bow. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a truly special one with your pups!
Pink Poodle Skirt Childs Costume
When it comes to 1950s fashion, nothing looks more fab than the iconic poodle skirt. Once the war rationing of the 1940s ended, more fabric was available to manufacturers and designers could create fashions that used a lot more fabric. The Poodle Skirt Childs Costume was inspired by these iconic styles of the decade.
Poodle Handbag
Someone as posh and classy as yourself doesn't walk around carrying around any old bag, which is exactly why you carry this adorable Poodle Handbag, made of a fuzzy pink fabric with a shiny bow accent that makes up this cute little French poodle.
Sweetheart Girl Sock Hop Skirt for Kids
School dances are so much fun and when they have a sock hop theme they are even more fun. Dressing in 1950s threads, like the Sweetheart Girl Sock Hop Skirt for Kids, is cool. Your little sweetheart will be rocking and rolling when dressed in this outfit.