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Adult Grand Heritage Elvis Costume
You will be doing the boogie all night long this Halloween when you put on the Adult Grand Heritage Elvis Costume - Large. Shimmy your way into the party wearing this sleek and stylish Elvish costume, and you'll have everyone dancing and moving their hips by the end of the night. Complete with a white jumpsuit, a ceremonial trim belt, and a scarf, you can't go wrong with this special get-up. Buy your Elvis costume today!
Adult Medieval Warrior Costume
The Adults Medieval Warrior Costume will have family and friends turning their heads when they see you transformed into the fiercest fighter of the century. This outfit includes everything you need to fight and be ready for action. From the tunic to the boot covers, youll be transformed from head to toe to look like you just stepped out of a Hollywood movie. The plus size costume is comfortable to wear for any special occasion, including a medieval themed birthday party or a theatrical play.
Regency Collection British Redcoat Adult Costume
Look straight out of the Revolutionary War wearing our Regency Collection British Redcoat Adult Costume. These soldiers could easily be seen coming across the battlefield in their bright red coats, the traditional uniform of the powerful, royal British army. This costume can be worn for Halloween, but can also be used for theatrical productions such as Civil War reenactments, and historical themed events. If you?re fascinated by the Regency area, then this costume made of polyester will fit you perfectly. It includes a long sleeve blue and red cropped gabardine jacket with brass buttons down the front, gold trim on the sleeves, and button detail trim at the cuffs. It also includes contrasting knee-length white pants that are creased for a truly regal look. Enhance your look by adding on a variety of colonial accessories such as a tricorn hat, wig, sword, gloves, ruffled jabot neck piece, and buckle shoes.
Knight in Shining Armor Adult Costume
Become the hero that would slay dragons for the fair maiden's hand. The Mens Knight In Shining Armor Costume is an authentic looking outfit that includes a full body suit of armor, helmet, shoulder and chest armor, arm and leg armor, hood, pants and shirt. This costume is great to add a sword and shield too so go all out this Halloween with the Mens Knight In Shining Armor Costume.
Mens Grand Heritage Musketeer Costume
Whether you're dressing up as one of The Three Musketeer's or want to rock the look of a French military man solo, our Men's Grand Heritage Musketeer Costume is what you'll need to do it right. This classic, Renaissance style costume comes with royal blue tunic that closes up along the front and features a silver cross design across the chest and attached blue cape with a faux satin red interior. The costume also includes matching blue pants, faux leather boot tops, and feathered royal blue hat. To add to the classy fighter's look, pair it with a fencing sword, a fake mustache, or black boots we have available for separate purchase. Don the look solo or recruit two friends and shout One for all and all for one as the spirited, bright, and extremely fashionable Three Musketeers.
Regency Collection Beefeater Adult Costume
This Regency Collection Beefeater Adult Costume is a replica of their distinctive uniform and a perfect Halloween costume. Beefeaters are known as the famous ceremonial guards of the Tower of London, who historically have guarded the prisoners in the Tower as well as the British crown jewels, though they have become a popular tourist attraction in London as well. This costume consist of a red gabardine jacket with puffed sleeves, embroidered with a black and gold crown and detailing, red gabardine knickers, and a royal crest on the front. It has a white ruffled collar and cuffs and comes and has matching belt meant to be worn over the jacket. Enhance your costume by adding on a hat, white knee socks, and buckled shoes to complete the look. This is an authentic looking outfit that is sure to make a great statement at your next Halloween party or international costume party.
American Revolutionary Adult Costume
The Redcoats are coming, so you better gear up in this Regency Collection Buff And Blue Soldier Adult Costume and prepare for battle! Once part of the most feared and revered military force in the world, the Redcoats were officers in the British army. An important force in early American history, the Redcoats were a major part of the force that fought against rebellious colonists during the American Revolution. Made of polyester, you will look the part of a real British officer as this colonial soldier costume is the perfect piece for reenacting one of the most turbulent and important times in American history. It features a red gabardine coat with blue lapels, a blue collar, gold braiding and brass-colored buttons. The matching white vest and knickers give the crisp, professional appearance of the career soldier. Adding a tricorn hat, wig, gloves, jabot and stockings will perfectly complete the look.
Collector Adult Elvis Costume
Elvis was known for a flashy appearance and a bold and big personality. We can't give you the voice or charm of the King of Rock and Roll, but we can surely give you his iconic look! The Collector Adult Elvis Costume captures the Vegas era Elvis with a dazzling and daring jumpsuit costume. The white and red piece is adorned with gemstones and rhinestones all over, creating an eagle design on the chest for a focal point on the costume. Colorful faux gems accent the jumpsuit all over the jumpsuit, running down the sleeves, collar, and pant legs. The flared out bottoms on the pant legs are accented with a bright red accent. The wide white belt is also accented colorful gemstones and features gold eagle symbols. This wild outfit was made for the stage! We also sell Elvis wigs, sunglasses, prop microphones, and other fun props you can add to your Elvis costume!
Mens Regency Double-breasted Red Tailsuit Costume
The Men's Regency Double-Breasted Red Tailsuit Costume is a homage to the old fashioned sense of fashion. This bright red and black suit matches the style of early 19th century formal wear. This ensemble would fit right in during the Romantic and Victorian eras. The costume transforms you into an esteemed member of the upper echelon of English society! The costume set includes a bright red jacket with a long, exaggerated tail, black collar, large lapels, and black button front. To wear underneath the formal jacket, you'll also receive a black vest in velvet and matching black pants. This simple costume set can be accented further with an ascot, gloves, time period appropriate formal hats, and more! Accessories can add so much to a costume and can really make the outfit more fun to wear. Order your Men's Regency Double Breasted Red Tailsuit Costume today!