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Princess Costumes

Enchanted young maidens from kingdoms far, far away await the arrival of their Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet and carry them away. Off they ride on his white horse, into the sunset, to live happily ever after in a magical castle. Real life may not be quite like a fairytale but at least once a year you get the chance to live the fantasy. Look and feel like a princess in a princess costume from Costume SuperCenter. There is something very special about princess costumes. Regardless of your age, as soon as you put on a dress, you'll want to twirl around; you'll feel pretty; you'll look enchanted.

Princess Costume Ideas and Tips

Every girl — including little girls and grown women — wants to be a princess. We can help. Whether you want to be a fairytale princess, medieval princess or warrior princess, you can find the right outfit in our selection of Princess Costumes in girl, women and plus sizes. Which costume is right for you? When it comes to fairytale princesses, you are in the right place. Want to be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or a persona that you create yourself? We’ve got you covered, as well as any of the little girls in your life, so be ready to begin your happily ever after. We have licensed Disney princess costumes too. If you are the type who walks to a different drummer, order a knightly princess costume instead. Who needs a man to save you when you are all dressed up to battle a dragon yourself? A warrior princess is fun too and if you are fans of the Vikings TV Show, you are in luck. We have Viking warrior princess costumes too. Renaissance and medieval princess costumes can be worn on Halloween and for cosplay. Becoming royalty is easy when you order from us.

Girls Enchanted Princess Costume
This regal costume outfits your daughter into a fairy tale princess! This costume matches Snow White's iconic look. Princess themed costumes are always so much fun and girls love stepping into the shoes of one of their favorite storybook characters and seeing themselves dressed like royalty. This piece is quite involved and features a stunning design that looks like it was pulled right out of the pages of a fairy tale. The Girl's Enchanted Princess Costume is blue, red, and gold and features a floor length skirt, puffed short sleeves, and a high Victorian collar. The top of the dress is navy blue with bright yellow piping, a gold bow at the neckline, and a gold trim on the white high collar. The sleeves are bright red with blue ruffled fabric stripes and gold accents. The skirt is quite elegant in blue with a yellow center panel, gold braid trim between the panels, and trailing red ribbon accents hanging from the waist. The costume also features a red hair bow on a blue headband for a
Brook Stiletto Clear Heel Sandal
The dance floor is calling and your Halloween costume is ready to answer the call. But before you do, make sure you have the right footwear to back it up. These Brook Stiletto Clear Heel Sandals are exactly that pair of footwear. So, order yours and get your feet ready to cut a rug.
Adult Renaissance Maiden Costume
Wherefore art thou, Romeo? You need to brush up on your Shakespeare and it's been a while since your last drama class. If you're going to nail your lines as Juliet at the upcoming play a great way to get into character is by slipping into this Adult Renaissance Maiden Costume. As a sexy, modern-day Juliet, you'll be in a full length, red velvet gown with a slit going up the middle to the bodice revealing a gold panel. The bodice also has gold trim and a lovely Renaissance graphic design with Juliet sleeves and the elaborate headpiece includes a long drape to fall beautifully over the back of the gown. No matter if you bomb your lines or give an outstanding performance, you will look amazing as Juliet in our Adult Renaissance Maiden Costume.
Snow White Teen Costume
Dress as a classic Disney character loved by millions all over the world, and known by many others. Introducing the Snow White Teen Costume! Turn yourself into the princess and create your very own fairy tale adventure on Halloween, or any other day for that matter! Great for plays, theater productions, or any other performances, this costume is certain to bring the character closer to life and turn imagination into reality. Have others dress as the dwarfs and put a smile on everyone's face! Costume comes with a dress, brooch, and headband.
Jasmine Deluxe Adult Aladdin Costume (Teal)
Jasmine has always had a great style and the Jasmine Deluxe Adult Aladdin Costume (Teal) is the most stunning outfit she has worn. The jumpsuit and detachable cape are replicas of the costume worn by Naomi Scott in Disneys live-action Aladdin film and it features a peacock design in gold and purple. The cape fans out like a peacock plumage and it will make you feel as if you are soaring above your kingdom.
Adult Coming to America Lisa McDowell Costume
When Prince Akeem comes to America, he'll certainly have his sights set on you when you're wearing our Adult Coming to America Lisa McDowell Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most beautiful bride to ever become Queen of Zamunda. Featuring a gorgeous pale pink dress with a matching pink bride's veil with a golden band, you'll be looking absolutely stunning when you're donning this wondrous attire this year.
Snow White Wig Child
Your sweet little princess deserves the best Snow White costume, so make sure you include the Snow White Wig Child as an accessory! The wig features Snow White's classic curly black hair with a red ribbon tied into a bow on the top.
Cinderella Adult Shoes
Find your Prince Charming this Halloween in the Cinderella Adult Shoes! When you pair these clear slippers with your Cinderella costume, you'll feel just like the kindhearted princess. The PVC shoes are made to resemble glass; each shoe has a 2-inch heel and is adorned with a silver glitter heart. Have fun at the ball or Halloween party, but try to get home before midnight without losing a slipper. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo your way to a magical Halloween in the Cinderella shoes for adults!
Classic Rapunzel Costume for Toddlers
This Halloween dress your child up in the Classic Rapunzel Costume for Toddlers but dont lock her up in a tower. The striking purple dress is based on the one Rapunzel wears and even includes a cameo with the face of the Disney Princess Rapunzel. The bodice features a scoop neckline and crisscross pink lacing detail. A short ruffled peplum sits on top of the sparkly skirt, which is trimmed in pink ribbon.
Juliet Child Costume
Play the part of a star-crossed lover in this Juliet Child Costume. Look just like the young woman from Shakespeare's famous production. This outfit comes as a blue gown featuring golden trim. There are lace sections of the sleeves for an added accent. The headpiece is made of matching colors to create a complete ensemble. Everything in this Juliet costume is perfect for young actresses to put on their own version of the classic tale.
Dark Princess Costume for Girls
Own the night and especially the darkness in this mystifying and dark costume. Introducing the Dark Princess Costume for Girls. Emerge out of the shadows and terrify others during the Halloween party since this costume perfectly goes hand in hand with the holiday. Halloween may be all about sweets and candy, but let's not forget what other things the holiday is about. Halloween is also about scare and giving others a creepy experience, which is why you see so many people dress up as scary creatures and other monstrosities. This costume is ideal simply because it fits well with the theme! Darkness is associated with evil since monsters lurk in the darkness and all that. Now, wouldn't you want to be the ruler and owner of that darkness for Halloween? We think that the answer is pretty obvious! Show others what you have turned into and establish dominance over the darkness in this costume.
Disney's Elena of Avalor Girls Ball Gown Deluxe Costume
If you have a daughter at home who loves Elena of Avalor, she'll love our Elena of Avalor Ball Gown Toddler Deluxe Costume! When she steps into the dress of her favorite character, she'll feel like a magical princess, just like Elena! Give her the Halloween of her life in the magical kingdom of Avalor!
Lace Parasol
Add a touch of beauty and elegance to your costume with this accessory. Introducing the Lace Parasol. A perfect fit for any princess, maiden, or queen costume out there, this parasol makes you look like real royalty. With its elegant design, this parasol is full of grace, class, and style! But even if you are not dressing up for Halloween, or for a costume party, you can use this parasol whenever. You can use it on sunny days to shield from the sun for instance, out for a walk, or any other day of the year for that matter!
Black Crown with Red Gems
Put the final touches on your child's evil queen look with the Black Crown with Red Gems. The black design features a large red gem on front and a smaller red gem on each of the spikes. Looks great with a Maleficent outfit or an evil queen costume that you create.
Girls Silver Blue Princess Costume
Child Silver Tiara
Girls Victorian Rose Costume
Step back to a simpler time and show your daughter that you think she's a princess when you buy her this Victorian Rose costume for girls! She'll be queen of the castle this Halloween, and all her loving subjects will be eager to hand over their Halloween candy! This costume features a gorgeous pink and white gown that will have her ready for a royal ball or coronation. Lacy trim decorates the front and neckline of the gown, while pink laces weave back and forth across the bodice. Billowy pink arms lead to long loose white sleeves. Make sure you take a look at all the cool princess accessories we offer, including tiaras and wands to transform her into a fairy princess!
Gold Plastic Tiara
You'll be golden once you buy this Gold Plastic Tiara to accessorize your look this Halloween! The tiara is covered is golden sparkles. It goes well with any princess costume, so don't hesitate to buy yours.
Princess Celestia Blue Costume for Girls
Look like you came out of the starry night sky in this blue princess dress costume. Introducing the Princess Celestia Blue Costume for Girls. Command the stars celestial sky as its rightful ruler during Halloween, a costume party, or even during your birthday! But of course, you'll have to look the part. Become an elegant and royal princess in this costume and assume the persona of someone or something spectacular! As soon as other people will see you in this beautiful and enchanting dress, they're more than certain to walk up to you and say how great you truly look! Throw in an appropriately matching item that you think would look fantastic with the theme, such as a magical wand or staff, and you will truly become the rightful ruler of the stars and skies. A unique and flamboyant costume that is certain to captivate the minds of friends and people who'll see you in it.
Girls Blue Princess Costume
Adult Crinoline Slip Tea Length Accessory
Cottage Princess - Childrens Costume
Let your little princess become the royalty you know she is with this enchanting Cottage Princess - Children's Costume. This blue dress features gold trim and an attached yellow skirt. The included red cape and matching hair ribbon complete the ensemble. Shop for children's costumes and accessories online now.
Disney Belle Deluxe Sparkle Toddler / Child Costume
Turn your little girl into a true Disney Princess and let her live out her Beauty and the Beast fantasy. This Halloween she'll look just like everyone's favorite strange girl from the village with this authentic looking officially licensed Disney costume. The Disney Bell Deluxe Sparkle Toddler/Child Costume is what you've been looking for to really show how special you think she is. This product comes with the golden dress with character cameo. She'll have the time of her life dancing, hanging out with her friends, and singing her favorite Beauty and the Beast songs.
Parasol Lace
No Southern Belle costume is complete without this elegant lace parasol! Made of high-quality, durable and easy to clean materials, this costume parasol gives you that throwback Southern Charm and ladylike Grace that will take your costume to the next level! Add a retro dress and glass of lemonade to develop a character straight out of the history books! Have fun shopping our entire selection of historical Halloween costumes and accessories from your favorite decades! Order your lace parasol online now for a outstanding price and fast shipping!
Womens Fairy Tale Princess Costume
Let your hair down as you open the page to your own fairy tale this Halloween. In the Women's Fairy Tale Princess Costume, you can sport a look that's fit for a queen. The ensemble comes with a long gown that comes from a time of a long lost land from far away. Kiss some frogs to find your prince this Halloween with the Women's Fairy Tale Princess Costume! Your happy ending comes to life with this costume that you'll want to wear again and again.
Women's Glass Slipper Heel
The Glass Slipper Heels for Women is just the footwear you need to complete your sexy costume. Be sure to order your correct size.
Womens Sassy Prestige Jasmine Costume
Our Prestige Sassy Jasmine Costume for women takes this classic Disney character's costume and put a flirty spin on it. The costume's top comes with a smock neckline in baby blue satin with an exposed midriff. The sleeves of the shirt are cut long in a sheer blue material. Gold trim runs the length of the smock-cut neckline as well as the base of the shirt at its midriff. The baby blue pants also come in satin with a sheer blue fabric layered over them at the hips and keep with Jasmine's style. This sheer fabric even comes with stitched-in rhinestone detailing to add a regal air to the costume. The legs of the pants are cut wide and pinched at the ankle to give them a baggy look. The blue headdress comes with gold detailing on its sides that frame a large purple gemstone at its center just like Jasmine herself would wear on Halloween!
Child Princess Mystic Costume
Girls Rosebud Princess Costume
Girls Bride Princess Costume