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Props & Decorations Body Parts

"I've had this weird feeling around my ear," you might say as you reach back, shrilly yell, and pull away a fake ear pulsating with blood. That, my friend, is a totally acceptable use of one of our numerous bodies and body parts props. We've got all your body parts covered, or rather, uncovered and separated from your body. Check out the various arms we have, fitting both left and right sides. A severed foot is always a good conversation starter, especially if you can make people doubt its validity. Severed heads are a popular addition, too, especially the full costumes that make it seem like your head is cleanly cut off. Leatherface would be proud.

Body Parts Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Need a hand with your Halloween decor? Get a head this Halloween season with our affordable collection of spooky body part props and decorations. With low prices like these, your Halloween decor doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. OK, that’s enough with the body part puns. But, seriously, this collection of terrifying body part props and decorations is a horror movie lover’s dream. Go piece by piece with a single bone here, a severed foot on a chain there. Or pick up an entire bag of faux body parts. From creepy, black body bags to cages containing severed heads, you’ll love this eerie collection. Whether you’re creating your perfect seasonal vibe or inviting over friends and family to tour your own haunted house, you can’t go wrong with this affordable collection. So, give us the thumbs up and check out our collection of affordable body part props and decorations online today.

Body in a bag
Your crime scene Halloween won't be complete without our Body In A Bag Decoration to give you a victim. When this body bag is laid out in front of your house, the trick or treaters are going to wonder who done it when they come up for candy. Splatter some fake blood around and lay out this body bag and you won't have to worry about making your house scary this year; you'll have it covered!
17" Severed Shaking Arm
Need a hand? The 17 Severed Shaking Arm will make sure you have all the help you need when creating a Halloween party that has plenty of perfect scares. Leave this arm lying around or use it to recreate one of the classic gags when guests shake your hand, they'll be able to pull it right out. It will leave them shocked, of course, but it's all right. It's just a prop, one that you'll lose to use over and over.
Hanging Bloody Arm
Of all the decorations and props you could use to set up the most frightening haunted house there ever was you're not getting very lucky because it's important to you that you find only the scariest furnishings to transform your home into a nightmarish wasteland. So after you've searched everywhere else visit us and get this Hanging Bloody Arm to add to your decorations that will scare the toughest guys out there with a severed hand dripping with blood and hanging from a rusty, cuffed, metal link chain. You will never have to worry about where to get the best Halloween props ever again after getting this gruesomely awesome piece.
Bloody Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover
Scare the crap out of your party guests this Halloween with the Bloody Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover! Position this horrifying blood-splattered face so that the toilet paper comes out of the mouth. When people walk into your bathroom and see this frightening sight, it?ll scare them so much that they?ll be grateful they?re near a toilet.
Creepy Bloody Gauze Tablecloth
There?s nothing worse on Halloween than a house of horrors! Now you can give your guests a scare with this Creepy Bloody Gauze Tablecloth! The gauze tablecloth has fake blood splatter that will give everyone nightmares! People can only guess how many have been slaughtered on it. Throw the best Halloween party this century with a Creepy Bloody Gauze Tablecloth!
Hanging This Way Sign
Help people find your Halloween party with the Hanging This Way Sign! This 12.5? x 7.5? sign is attached to a chain, so it?ll be easy to hang. ?This way? is written in blood, and a severed hand, which has been nailed to the sign, points the way. This creepy sign ensures that your guests will start having fun before they even enter the party.
Rotten Head Prop Decoration
Bring some gruesome detailing into your Halloween this year when you use this Rotten Head Prop Decoration to spruce up your home decor! Whether youre turning your home into a castle where you execute those who break your laws, or if youre playing a voodoo priest who keeps trophies of his victims around his home, you can use this head to make everything a little more realistic. Everyone will lose their heads over this decoration!
Bloody Window Posters
Warn trick-or-treaters of the horrors to come using our Bloody Window Posters. Decorating your home for Halloween is a lot of fun especially if you want to scare everyone who shows up. This order comes as a pair of large posters measuring 3 feet wide and 5 feet high. They each depict shadowy figures leaving bloody handprints. There are also words spelled in blood which leave a terrifying message. Place these on windows, walls, or doors to scare guests before they even show up!
Bone Prop
Win the prize for the best haunted house by purchasing the best props! Buy the Bone Prop today and get ready to decorate. Place the bone prop in your yard, on your dining table, or in a hidden place to bring out your guests' horrifying expressions. Give everyone a good scare with this prop!
Severed Leg Stake
Show your gruesome handiwork this Halloween by sporting scary decor that feels like it came straight out of a horror movie. The Severed Leg Stake is a realistic looking prop that will have the squeamish feeling ill when they see this gruesome product. Designed to be easily installed, this themed-stake decoration will make for a seamless fit at any R-rated Halloween party. The stake features a leg with torn flesh and bloody detail making it an excellent choice for gore nuts.
Head in Jar 3D Prop
Want your Halloween party to be a head above the rest? It will be when the Head in Jar 3D Prop is one of your decorations! The jar contains the head of a man with a missing jaw and exposed brains and is sure to elicit uneasy looks from your party guests?this petrifying prop is one they won?t soon forget!
Bloody Bones Trash Cover Decoration
Youre doing to get your neighbors wondering about what youre up to in your kitchen when they see this Bloody Bones Trash Cover Decoration! This trash cover is going to give your garbage the look of a mad scientists lab, or maybe a vampires lair. Youre sure to get any trick-or-treaters who come in for a bite wondering if theyre going to be next when you have these bloody bones displayed on your trash can!