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Puppies and kittens might be cute and cuddly, but our selection of scary animal props are made to terrify! This is the time for monsters and ghouls. Typical critters associated with the holiday include cats, rats, spiders, and werewolves. We have plenty traditional Halloween animal props and a few you might not have considered before. All of them are guaranteed to add something eerie to your event!

Rodents & Animals Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Watch out! This collection of scary animal props and decorations is about to invade your space. Creepy, crawly spiders and red-eyed rats will add a terrifying vibe to your holiday decor. Hang a bunch of bats from your ceiling and create your very own scary flock of flying rodents. Or create an army of zombie pets with our zombie dog and undead rabbit props. Mix and match with traditional Halloween decor like spider webs and chains. Or check out our cemetery and body part prop collections to create a unique theme that’s sure to capture the attention of the entire neighborhood this Halloween! Pick up one of your favorite creepy animal props or order a bunch to create a pack of rabid rodents. The choice is totally yours. Don’t feel like decorating your home for this spooky holiday? No worries! Pick up some rats, roaches, or snakes and accentuate your horrifying Halloween costume instead! Shop for scary animal props and decorations online now.

Green Glowing Spider Webs
Choose to decorate your home, Halloween party venue, or school with the Green Glowing Spider Webs this year! Purchase the sixty grams of spider webs and prepare to have the best Halloween display. The webs can be used to decorate inside and outside too. Find clever ways to use these green spider webs!
5" Black Crows
Want to have an amazing Halloween party that will prove the naysayers wrong? Your critics will eat crow when you decorate with the 5" Black Crows! Some believe that crows are messengers of death, so these 5? tall birds are perfect for adding a little bit of creepiness all over your home.
Gigantic Spiderweb Decoration
Inspire arachnophobia all over your neighborhood this Halloween with the Gigantic Spiderweb Decoration! Spread this massive spiderweb from your roof to your front yard for a look that will give everyone the heebie-jeebies. Buy a few of these decorations and make it look like your home has been taken over by humongous spiders!
Large 69 Gram White Spider Webbing w/ 4 Spiders
Decorate or dress up a spooky Halloween costume with this White Spider Webbing, which includes four plastic spiders. Stretch pieces of this 13-foot webbing across your bushes to achieve that classic yard decor this year.
Drop Down Spider Decoration
Keep everyone on edge this Halloween with this Drop Down Spider Decoration! When your guests get an unexpected visit from this terrifying tarantula with light up eyes, your party will be given numerous opportunities for Halloween pictures everyone will love to share! Durable and made of high-quality materials for a party attraction everyone will love! Great for parties, carnivals and any other Halloween celebration! Weave a terrifying web of fun and festive mischief with this unforgettable and unpredictable jump scare machine!
15" Plastic Bat
Looking for a Halloween decoration that will make people go batty? You need the 15" Plastic Bat! Hang this black 15? bat at your Halloween party and watch your guests scream. For ultimate fun, let a fan blow on the bat so it'll look like it's flying. The 15" Plastic Bat will take your party from mediocre to macabre!
Spooky Cobweb with 2 Spiders
Make Halloween creepy this year with this Spooky Cobweb with 2 Spiders decoration! It includes two black spiders that will give everyone the chills! This creepy crawly kit is perfect for hosting a party or decorating for Halloween. Hang it from a corner or place on some bushes outside for a more horrifying look. Buy a Spooky Cobweb with 2 Spiders online!
Web of Spiders
Everyone has a fear, and if you are like most people spiders are one of those fears. No matter where they are, spiders always have a way of creeping people out, and that is why the Web Of Spiders decoration is the best decoration! No graveyard or Haunted house can be without them, and these cobwebs are as unique as the spiders that decorate them.
Rat Furry Prop
Rats are terrifying as it is, but on Halloween they are even spookier! If you're looking for a fun rat prop for your costume or a piece of decor for the house, then you definitely don't want to miss out on our Rat Furry Prop! With your purchase, you will receive one 6" rat with plushy faux fur. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween costume, accessory, and decoration needs!
Spiderweb 15 Piece Set
Get your house ready for the Halloween occasion this year when you pick up our Spiderweb 15 Piece Set! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and creepy set of spider webs and spiders to set up all around your home. There's nothing more terrifying than spiders on Halloween, that's for sure. Buy your set today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween decor and lawn prop items!