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Riverdale Adult Archie Andrews Deluxe Costume
Fight against the Black Hood, or just score the winning touchdown of the big football game, with our Riverdale Adult Archie Andrews Deluxe Costume! Youre sure to get any Veronicas in the room looking at you when they see what an all American boy you are in this casual Archie outfit. Youll remember clothes like these from your favorite episodes of Riverdale, especially this letterman jacket that Archie is rarely seen without on the show!
Riverdale Adult Deluxe Josie Costume
Command the Pussycats with an iron paw when you dress up in our Riverdale Adult Deluxe Josie Costume! When you show off these Pussycat ears on Halloween, everyone is going to want you to belt out one of their most memorable songs, so have your voice warmed up before you go out. The tail on this costume is also pretty stunning, since everyone is going to be impressed with your bands personal brand when youre wearing this many accessories!
Riverdale Cherry Blossom Costume
She's sassy, she's cool, and she's not your typical mean girl. The Riverdale Cherry Blossom Costume is the perfect option for Riverdale fans. Since Riverdale has taken over our TVs, we've watched Cherry Blossom take over our screens as well. Feeling Red is not just a color, for Cherry, it's a lifestyle. This costume is perfect for any Riverdale fan that may feel that they're more of a Cherry than a Betty or a Veronica.
Riverdale Toni Topaz Adult Deluxe Serpent Jacket
When you welcome Cheryl into the Serpents, youre going to want to do it in style, so check out our Riverdale Toni Topaz Adult Deluxe Serpent Jacket! When you turn around in the mirror and see the logo of the South Side Serpents on your back, youll know that your gang has your back no matter what goes down between you and those North Siders. You can live out your favorite Riverdale episodes while wearing this Toni jacket!
Riverdale Jughead Jones Adult Deluxe Costume
Youre going to feel like the bad boy of Riverdale when youre romancing Betty Cooper in our Riverdale Jughead Jones Adult Deluxe Costume! This emo-boy Jughead outfit includes his trademark hat, which, as Jughead notes, hes never seen without. The crown design on this hat is going to make it easy for people to tell what tall dark and handsome boy from Riverdale youre dressing up as this Halloween, especially if you bring your bae along as Betty!
Riverdale Jughead Jones Knitted Cap with Wig Accessory
You can show everyone in your small town how weird you are when you go out in this Riverdale Jughead Jones Knitted Cap with Wig Accessory this Halloween! You can spit out caustic sarcasm like Jughead, or even romance Betty Cooper, when you have on this crown-style hat! The Black Hood wont stand a chance when youre tracking down clues about him using this hat to stimulate your most off-the-wall thinking, so get out there and sleuth!
Riverdale Vixens Adult Cheerleader Costume
The big game just got more exciting now that youre here to do a provocative routine in our Riverdale Vixens Adult Cheerleader Costume! The blue and gold colors of this cheerleader uniform will match the colors of good old Riverdale high, so you can charm one of the football players with school spirit in this outfit. Go toe to toe with Cheryl Blossom, or just help Betty out with a mystery, when you have this cheerleader costume on!