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Sexy Horror Gothic

Horror costumes long have gotten a bum rap. Bloody ghosts, decaying zombies or frightfully evil serial killers are all scary but they lack what you are looking for - sex appeal. There is a new genre in town and it is one that you can use to wow your friends. Its frightening and sexy at the same time. It's Sexy Horror Halloween costumes! Buy yours today!

Sexy Scary & Gothic Costume Ideas and Tips

Hey, just because something subscribes to the genre of horror doesn’t mean it has to be hideous. In fact, we carry a wide selection of horror gothic costumes that would prove exactly that. Corpse brides, broomstick riding witches, and evil demons have never looked so good. And neither will you in one of these gorgeous pieces.

Whether you’re going Halloween bar hopping with the girls or out to a costume party with your handsome devil, heads will turn, and we mean that in a not creepy, exorcist way. You’ll, figuratively, make heads spin, is what we’re saying. Gone are the days of ragged old witches. We’ve got ruffles. We’ve got lace. We’ve got leggings and knee-high boots. The only thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to be a good ghoul or a naughty one. And we suspect that if you’re here you’ve already made your decision.

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

We've all heard scary stories with witches in them, but these seven famous witches are the most well-known. If you're looking to be well known and draw some eyes, maybe a sexy costume is right for you! If witches aren't your speed, there's always the bloodsucking vampires! Or, maybe the classic Wizard of Oz style witch is your speed. Take your pick!

Womens Sexy Zombie Waitress Costume
Womens Sexy Midnight Vampira Costume
Womens Sexy Devilish Desire Costume
Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume
One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, don't lock your door because then you won't be able to anticipate Freddy's arrival, and there's no need to be frightened because this is a Freddy Krueger you'll like since it's you in this hot Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume. Before you insert yourself in other people's dreams you have to put on this red and brown striped sweater dressed, which match the colors of Freddy's own sweater, with tattered edges and slash details across the torso. Also put on Freddy's infamous brown fedora and wear his deadly knives hand glove. Any guy's dream you enter dressed in this Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume will be the best dream they've ever had since you'll be looking dressed to kill.
Womens Sexy Fairy Of Darkness Costume
Womens Sexy Vampire Fairy Costume
Womens Sexy Dark Angel Costume
Celebrate the spooky season by dressing up for any Halloween parties in the Women's Sexy Dark Angel Costume. This ominous ensemble gives off a mysterious vibe and will immediately leave onlookers curious to know more about you. Included in this stunning assortment are a dress, wings, and a halo. The floor-length gown has four sets of straps, which includes two that extend from the piece's suggestive v-shaped neckline. A dark brooch dresses up the center of the ensemble's bust. The bodice of the gown is highlighted with a web of silver accenting that enhances the eerie air associated with your look. Sheer ruffled fabric embellishes the attached skirt. The included black wings are made up of black feathers that then appear to seamlessly transform into pieces of dark tulle. The black halo is the perfect finishing touch for this captivating piece. This October, combine a sinister style with your angelic ensemble to create a truly unforgettable look.
Womens Sexy Victorian Vamp Costume
The Adult Victorian Vamp Sexy Costume includes dress, attached petticoat, and choker. Small (Bust 33-34.5, Waist 25-26.5, Hips 35.5-37), Medium (Bust 35-36.5, Waist 27-28.5, Hips 37.5-39), Large (Bust 37-39.5, Waist 29-31.5, Hips 39.5-42). Headpiece, earrings, thigh highs and shoes not included.
Spooky Skeleton Jumpsuit Costume
There is no bones about it. Well, actually, there are many bones about this Spooky Skeleton Jumpsuit Costume. These classic horror film characters have been around for decades but of course they are based on real human beings! Either way, everyone gets to have a fun time when wearing this outfit. Orders come as a set of pieces to combine together for quite a rattling appearance. You receive a tank top jumpsuit. It is all black with various printed bone images along the surface. There is also a pair of long gloves which go up to the elbow and have similar designs. Top it off with a headband piece featuring an attached hat with skeleton cameo. Wear the Spooky Skeleton Jumpsuit as your costume for Halloween and scary events. It isn't terrifying which makes it a great choice for family-friendly activities. Look around for a little skeleton outfit for your kids to match!
Fallen Angel Womens Costume
Everyone loves the innocence and pureness of an angel, but maybe you are the opposite type of angel. If that?s you, we have the perfect costume you?ll love. With the Fallen Angel Women?s Costume, you can show everyone you are on the darker side. You will be dressed in all black, but still look sexy and ready for a good time. The slightly devilish costume is hot, and the wings on your outfit completes the look so everyone will know you are a fallen angel. You can flock away from the masses of the innocent angels and show off your sexy side. This women?s costume will be sure to get you a lot of attention so be sure you?re ready for lots of pictures. You will have a fantastic time in this costume and you can dance the night away at any club, party, or special occasion in style!
Womens Sexy Spider Web Fairy Costume
Womens Sexy Freddy Corset Costume
Your room is plastered with posters of Alfred Hitchcock and you have Jason figurines all over the place. Let them know that your heart belongs to horror when your wear a Women's Sexy Freddy Corset Costume! This jet black corset has boning to show off a frame that could tame any monster. The vinyl cups are covered with detailed replicas of Freddy's infamous hand, the long silver blades and plates pushing up your bust. No Halloween is complete without some scary movies, and no scary movie is complete without a little show of skin. Put on this Sexy Freddy Corset Costume before the party and make their day! Wear this with a Nightmare on Elm Street dress, claw, and hat for a sultry slasher update or wear it over jeans for a casual get-up.
Womens Sexy Vampire Seductress Costume
Womens Sexy Sexy Skeleton Costume
Womens Sexy Fallen Angel Costume
Royal Dark Queen Womens Costume
The Royal Dark Queen Women's Costume is elegant, mysterious, and sexy all at the same time. This fancy dark dress will have everyone drooling over your style sense. It?s a one of a kind piece that no one will forget. If you are a darker person, yet love to dress up, you will want to get this women's costume. You can rule over all the land and take over with your evil spells. In this dress, you will also look like a famous Disney character. You can be the dark queen staring at yourself in the mirror saying, ?Mirror, mirror on the wall, who?s the best villain of them all!? This is the perfect costume to transform your looks and make you look completely different for one night out of the year! It is the perfect dress to wear for a Halloween party, princess themed event, or another special occasion.
Womens Sexy Spellbound Costume
Womens Sexy Wickedly Cute Costume
Womens Sexy Gothic Mistress Costume
Womens Sexy Mummy Costume
Nightmare Killer Doll Costume for Women
If Chucky was a girl, you'd certainly fit the part when you put on our Nightmare Killer Doll Costume for Women! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become a murderous doll who wants only revenge. Featuring a pair of blue short overalls, a multi-colored striped shirt, and a set of red hair ties, you're going to love this evil doll look. Buy your womens nightmare doll costume today, and go make this Halloween a haunted one!
Friday the 13th Jason Babe Adult
Camp counselors beware! There is a maniac on the loose around the campgrounds and they're out looking to trap all the handsome counselors with their sexy moves and terrifyingly seductive demeanor. If you were thinking of a bloody, machete-wielding monster, then then again because the maniac we're speaking of wears our Friday the 13th Jason Babe Adult costume. As a sexy, serial killer you sport this black mini shirt dress with red stripes and collar and features big graphic prints of Jason Voorhees'' hockey mask with two machetes going through it on the front and both of the shoulders. This look is made for the ladies too with the cute handbag that comes included made to look like Jason's hockey mask. If you hear a noise in the woods late at night don't be afraid because you'll be in for a treat when a sexy lady dressed in this Friday the 13th Jason Babe Adult costume comes after you.
Womens Sexy Voodoo Magic Costume
Womens Sexy Bat Dazzled Costume
Adult Molten Metal Corset Costum
Shine brighter than the sun in this molten metal corset. Includes 1 corset.
Womens Sexy Skelly Sally Costume
Womens Bone Print Corset
Womens Sexy Mistress Mayhem Costume
Womens Sexy Purple Witch Costume
Womens Sexy Wicked Witch Costume