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Velvet Miss Santa Adult Costume
You've been nice all year long and this year you're going to try something new and be naughty when Christmas rolls around. You'll try to entice Santa when he arrives on your rooftop and drops in to find dressed kind of like him in this Women's Sexy Velvet Sexy Miss Santa Adult Costume only a lot more voluptuous. As a seductive Ms. Claus you'll wear velvety brick red halter dress lined with lots of white faux fur and includes a wide leather belt to show off your hourglass figure. A pretty matching capelet is worn over your shoulders and also match the cute mittens and pom pom hat just like Santa's. Throw the boot covers over some sleek shoes and have more than milk and cookies waiting for Santa when he comes through your chimney. Saint Nick won't know which list to put you on after he runs into you wearing the Women's Sexy Velvet Sexy Miss Santa Adult Costume.
Womens Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume
Since the introduction of the sleek, sexy, and scandalous kitty cat that has always been a thorn in Batman's side appeared in comics and on screen, she's become a sex symbol as well as a master cat burglar. As this ferocious female fighter has changed throughout the history of the comic book, so has her sex appeal and you get to experience the new age of sexiness in our Women's Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume. A sleek and seductive jumpsuit comes included with faux leather strap details and shows off your gorgeous shape with a cool utility belt. The stunning and long black gloves fit snugly up to the elbow and complement the come-hither eyemask and matching headpiece. Leave more than just a little cat scratch on your prey after you're suited in this Women's Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume.
Lusty Womens Pirate Costume
This Halloween, jump aboard your wooden ship and get ready to steal all the treasure when you put on the Lusty Women's Pirate Costume. This gorgeous sea raider get-up is truly one of a kind. Show up to the party in this sexy costume, and you'll have all the boys turning their heads and asking to join your crew. After all, who said girls can't be pirates? Just look at Elizabeth Swann and Caryna Smyth from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They were fighting and adventuring right alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, with all kinds of fire and fervor as they sought out the Trident of Poseidon and the other treasures of the Caribbean. This Halloween, lead your own crew as the queen of all pirates, and show the world the true beauty and majesty of a girl who understands the allure of the pirate lifestyle. After all, who wouldn't want to live on the water, hang out on the beaches, and party with their friends all day while sailing on a giant ship? Just be sure you defend yourself while out th
Womens Sexy Santa's Sugar Costume
Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume
Pants, Top, Jacket, Belt, Tiara, Gauntlets, and Lasso. Does not include boots.
Athena Goddess Costume
She was the brightest woman for leagues around and one of the best fighters you could find. You'll be on the top of everyone's list when you walk in wearing an Athena Goddess Costume! This strapless gown is sewn from white crushed velvet to make it look like the clouds surrounding your home on Mount Olympus. It has a deep V plunge run through with golden trim, matching the long gold rope for your waist. A slit goes up the side so you can show off those muscular thighs of yours. The golden arm bands included in the package fit comfortably on your upper arm. Long sheer drapes are attached to each--descend from on high and they'll trail after you! Athena won patronage over the city of Athens because of her cunning and wisdom. Make a smart choice when you order this Athena Goddess Costume for Halloween! Add on a Roman helmet and sandals, both sold here.
Sexy Top Gun Flight Dress Adult Costume
America's enemies will lay down their arms and surrender when they see you dressed in this outfit. The Sexy Top Gun Flight Dress Adult Costume comes with a gray uniform dress with a zipper on the front that you may place where you feel most comfortable. The dress features tons of patches in various spots on the dress, some of which include the Top Gun logo and the American flag. The final piece to the costume is a pair of sunglasses because nothing screams cool like a pair of shades. In the film, all the characters were training to be the best pilots ever, and such a nationalistic film made the military look cool and fun. Before checking out with this order, visit the accessories page and add on a few items that will make this costume more gratifying to own.
High Class Nerd Womens Sexy School Girl Costume
You'll be getting all A's this Halloween when you walk into the party wearing the High Class Nerd Womens Sexy School Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the sexiest girl in class. When you enter the room, all the jocks, nerds, and goths will be looking your way. Buy your sexy nerd costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your school girl costume and accessory needs!
Mile High Club Stewardess Adult Costume
Attention guests, you'll have to remain in your sets even if your stewardess looks this good. When you slink into your Mile High Club Stewardess Adult Costume, the questions won't be about refreshments or snacks. This uniform has a stunning black stewardess dress with elegant gold trimming on the sleeves and skirt. They'll want to keep the plane flying for a chance to get into that elusive club with you. Form fitting with buttons on front, you'll garner everyone's eyes when your giving out instructions. Included are wonderful accompaniments such as a black scarf, black and gold belt, and risque thigh highs. No one will mind the delay as long as your in front giving the orders! Continue the sleek look by adding a pair of black pumps to enforce your authority among the cockpit! You'll have their affections sky high when you don this Mile High Club Stewardess Adult Costume.
Womens Sexy Flight School Costume
Womens Sexy Sw Pirate Captain Costume
Womens Sexy Pirate Queen Costume
Deluxe Sequin Santa's Corset Red Classic
You're sure to raise some eyebrows at a holiday party when you show up in this Deluxe Sequin Santa's Corset Red Classic! Whether you're doing a Regina George style performance of Jingle Bell Rock or just chilling with your friends while strutting your stuff with an outfit that shows your body off, you can make everyone's holiday a little more merry with this corset as part of your seasonal look. Don't miss this hot Santa corset!
Womens Sexy Disco Inferno Costume
Women's Sexy Cozy Bat Costume
The Adult Cozy Bat Sexy Costume is a great costume for Halloween. Be sure to get this costume and all of the accessories that go with it so you can have the best costume at the party. Shopping on this site is fast and easy so stock up on your costume and accessory needs today.
Womens Sexy Officer Frisky Costume
Womens Sexy Treasure Chest Costume
Playtime Bunny
As if being sexy weren't enough fun! This Halloween, get gorgeous with our Playtime Bunny Black/White Ladies Costume! This skintight outfit offers a classy touch, with its crisp, white wrist cuffs and classic black and white bowtie! A pair of black bunny ears adds an element of amusement to this elegant disguise!
Womens Spartan Queen Costume
Behind every great man, there's a great woman. Be the toughest chick around when you wear a Women's Spartan Queen Costume! This fan-favorite is made of a lightweight material that will keep you cool no matter how warm those Grecian summers get. Its deep plunge is rounded by two golden straps, one at the low waist and other just beneath your bust. Tie it around your back to make it best fit you! The square pattern on both matches that on the included armband. Elegant drapes hang around the hips and waist, helping accentuate curves that would make any soldier go to war for you. Walk through the palace to tell Leonidas goodbye and the sash at your hips will wave behind you. They say that you shouldn't shoot the messenger...but they don't say anything about kicking them down a well! Tell Xerxes just what you think of him when you put on this Women's Spartan Queen Costume. Add on gold jewelry and heels, sold here.
Womens Sexy Victorian Vamp Costume
The Adult Victorian Vamp Sexy Costume includes dress, attached petticoat, and choker. Small (Bust 33-34.5, Waist 25-26.5, Hips 35.5-37), Medium (Bust 35-36.5, Waist 27-28.5, Hips 37.5-39), Large (Bust 37-39.5, Waist 29-31.5, Hips 39.5-42). Headpiece, earrings, thigh highs and shoes not included.
Womens Sexy Special Ops Costume
Womens Sexy Taste Of Heaven Costume
Rainbow Unicorn Sexy Costume
Bring out the magic of any special occassion when you have on the Rainbow Unicorn Sexy Costume. This wonderful, fun-filled outfit will definitely get you lots of attention as you show your true colors. It's the perfect piece to remind others that imagination goes a long way!
Womens Sexy Buccaneer Babe Costume
Womens Sexy Pirate Queen Costume
Womens Sexy Mafiosa Costume
Bad Habit Sinning Nun Costume
Spread the Light of the Lord this Halloween as a sweet and pious nun! Or? do something a little different, and show the world that even nuns get down and dirty once in a while, and can?t resist the wild and darker sides of life. When you buy the Bad Habit Sinning Nun Costume, you?ll instantly turn into a sister of the Lord who just can?t keep herself in check. After all, it?s hard being perfect these days! Even nuns sin and show their more human sides from time to time. So, let loose and dive into the pleasures of the world, and help everyone feel free doing it this year while wearing this fun and mischievous nun costume. Team up with some other holy sisters and brothers this Halloween, and turn the entire monastery into a rave! Buy your Bad Habit Sinning Nun Costume today, and make this Halloween both wild and divine at once!
Womens Sexy Spanish Pirate Costume
This seafaring senorita is about to embark on a journey through the seven seas. The Women's Sexy Spanish Pirate Costume will turn you into a beautiful bucanero. It features a black and red dress with gold ruffle trim neckline, attached black vest with fancy gold print, ruffled sleeves, black hat with gold trim and feathered accent, belt, and skull print pouch. Accessorize with a cutlass, thigh high boots, and fishnet stockings to enhance the look. There won't be a sailor on the sea who can resist your alluring appearance. Assemble a crew to help you navigate the rough seas, and begin your voyage for buried treasure and bountiful loot. Your legend will spread as you plunder foreign lands of their booty. The people will speak of the ravishing raider who swept through their village. They will be absolutely defenseless when you stun them with your mesmerizing beauty.
Fallen Angel Womens Costume
Everyone loves the innocence and pureness of an angel, but maybe you are the opposite type of angel. If that?s you, we have the perfect costume you?ll love. With the Fallen Angel Women?s Costume, you can show everyone you are on the darker side. You will be dressed in all black, but still look sexy and ready for a good time. The slightly devilish costume is hot, and the wings on your outfit completes the look so everyone will know you are a fallen angel. You can flock away from the masses of the innocent angels and show off your sexy side. This women?s costume will be sure to get you a lot of attention so be sure you?re ready for lots of pictures. You will have a fantastic time in this costume and you can dance the night away at any club, party, or special occasion in style!
Christmas Outfit - Mean Girls
If you are a huge fan of the classic movie hit, Mean Girls, then you're going to absolutely love the Christmas Outfit - Mean Girls. Whether you're dressing up for the Christmas party or the Halloween bash, everybody in attendance will know exactly what movie this look is from. Featuring a gorgeous Santa dress with white fur trim, a black belt, and a matching Santa hat, you're going to love this festive get-up. Buy yours today!