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Skeleton Costumes

Need a little scare to get your blood pumping? How about some fright to keep you up all night? Have a desire to look like you've lost 'too much' weight? Sounds like you're in need of a frightful blast of fun with one of our exceptionally daunting skeleton costumes. No matter what type you have in mind, you can undoubtedly assemble awesome bones from our humongous selection of skeleton costumes.

Skeleton Costume Ideas and Tips

As you bone up on your Halloween costume skills this year, there’s no Halloween idea more classic than a good skeleton costume. If you’re looking to scare people, a skeleton is one of the most popular ways to do it! Everyone will be chilled to the bone when you show up in a skeleton Halloween costume that makes them shiver. You can also check out our more humorous Skeleton costumes, since we have skeletons that will make people laugh as much as our scarier costumes make them scream! We have skeleton costumes for all kinds of price ranges and styles, so you can find a casual work-wear outfit, or a full-body suit that will make even the most unflappable quake in their boots, even if you’re working with a bare-bones budget! You can also find even more off-the-wall styles of skeleton costumes in our wide selection. No matter what you’re going for, we have a skeleton costume in stock for you. Skeleton costumes are a great Halloween choice no matter who you are! People of all ages have loved skeleton costumes for as long as Halloween has existed, since a grinning skull is a great way to show your appreciation for this spooky holiday! Whether you’re taking kids trick-or-treating or going out with friends, a skeleton costume is a great way to spend Halloween! Kids will love pointing out all the different bones they’ve learned about in school, and your friends are sure to appreciate this iconic Halloween outfit. We have skeleton costumes that go the silly route to make people laugh, or ones that incorporate fake blood to spook anyone on Halloween. Your bones will also be warm and dry in these comfy skeleton costumes, since these quality outfits are all equipped to withstand the chilliest October nights. Pick out one of our skeleton costumes and you’ll be ready to go for Halloween!

Day of the Dead Skeleton Costumes

If you’re looking for another take on skeleton costumes, or want to represent your home culture this Halloween, our Día De Los Muertos selections might be what you’re looking for! In Mexico, the reunion with ancestors that happens on the Day of the Dead is a happy time rather than a time for spookiness. The Day of the Dead is all about death as a part of life, and the costuming for Day of the Dead combines the two! These Latin-American costumes feature a skeleton aesthetic that blends imagery of death with flowers and bright colors, symbolizing the spirit of the Mexican Day of the Dead. You’ll love introducing your children to your time-honored traditions by picking out Halloween costumes for the whole family that showcase your heritage! When you show up to a Halloween party in a Día De Los Muertos skeleton costume, everyone will love learning about this fascinating Mexican holiday along with you.

Women's Skeleton Costumes

A skeleton costume is a great choice for women, since it can easily be spooky and sexy at the same time! If you want a costume that will flatter your body this Halloween, you’ll look as bony as a supermodel in one of our women’s skeleton costumes! Our skeleton costumes for women come in a wide selection of styles, so you can find a costume that will turn heads, or go all out on a scary skeleton costume. You can also find silly skeleton costumes that will make people’s bones ache with laughter when they see you on Halloween! Any woman can find what she’s looking for among our skeleton Halloween costumes!

Baby Skeleton Costumes

If you’re bringing your little one out with you on Halloween, there’s nothing cuter than a little baby skeleton to get everyone at your Halloween party oohing and aahing. Our baby skeleton costumes will give your child a comfy and cute take on a classic Halloween costume. When you dress up your baby in one of these soft black jumpsuits patterned with bones, they’ll be ready to spend the whole night with you driving everyone wild with their adorable outfit! Your baby will be able to fall asleep on the ride home in one of these luxurious skeleton baby outfits, so if you’re looking for a way to keep your baby happy on Halloween, this will do the trick!

Boy's Skeleton Costumes

Every little boy loves edgy stuff like skeletons, so if you give him the opportunity to wear a skull mask on Halloween, he’s sure to jump at the chance! Our boys skeleton Halloween costumes will let him step into the robes of the Grim Reaper, or any other creepy skeleton character he can imagine! We also have more lighthearted skeleton costumes for younger or more playful kids, so your little guy can be silly as easily as he can be scary. He’ll love going out on Halloween showing off one of our skeleton Halloween costumes, before putting some meat on his bones with his Halloween candy!

Girl's Skeleton Costumes

If your little girl has had enough of fairy princess costumes to last a lifetime, she can throw away the sparkles and go for a skeleton costume! A skeleton costume is a great way for a girl to dress up on Halloween without feeling like she has to wear a dress. Any girl who loves running around and rough-housing will be happy in a skeleton costume, especially when she gets to scare herself in the mirror with the image of herself as an undead set of bones! Whether she’s going trick-or-treating or to her school’s Halloween celebration, her little friends will love her skeleton costume!