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Stranger Things Costumes

Halloween and Stranger Things go together like nothing else. Fans of the Netflix Original are in the right place. Whether you want to dress like Dustin, Mike, Lucas, or Eleven, there's a Stranger Things costume from Costume SuperCenter that'll be perfect for you. Make sure you're dressed ready to take down the Demogorgon. There's a toothless smile waiting for you under Dustin's classic hat, some supernatural powers that are coupled with Eleven's dress, and of course the smarts and planning that come along with Mike and Lucas's looks!

Facts About Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an original horror show on Netflix, with two seasons out and a third coming up fast on the Fourth of July. There are lots of great Stranger Things costumes to browse and enjoy for your next Halloween! Stranger Things follows the adventures of a group of boys who come across a powerful girl – her psychic powers grow stronger every day. One of the boys is sucked into the Upside Down, a strange realm of monsters and madness, and the entire town begins to go crazy looking for him, including his mother Joyce, Sheriff Hopper, and the siblings of the boys. Things go from bad to worse with monsters, more disappearing kids, and a shady government organization with more mysteries than answers. Season two reveals even more danger, as a huge monster – called the Mind Flayer – threatens the town of Hawkins, and Will is again attacked. It's the perfect series for a Halloween binge watch, and the new series is sure to introduce even more fun and excitement, as well as scares and spooks! Season three has new relationships, and enemies new and old. One Summer can change everything.

Stranger Things Costumes

From the girl with psychic powers to the dangerous and powerful Demogorgon, to Joyce Byers and Chief Hopper, there are lots of different choices you can make to become one of the characters in a show that's bound to be a classic! Get dressed up for a night of costume parties, going trick-or-treating with your little horror fans, and much more. Hearken back to a few decades ago with eighties styles, add some pop music, some music videos, and other classic throwback styles to make your night of costume fun something that everyone will know, remember, and love!

Stranger Things Accessories

If you want items that help your Stranger Things Halloween costume look just right, you can add all sorts of wonderful accessories to whatever kind of costume you have, liken Dustin, Eleven, Bard, Joyce, Chief Hopper, and even the Demogorgon! There are wigs, glasses, masks, latex hands, hats, socks, shirts, and plenty more, all great for helping you create a wonderful Stranger Things costume! Become the Demogorgon with full-length hands and creepy masks, become Joyce with a shirt and a wooden axe, dress as Eleven with knee-high socks, wigs, and dresses, and you can even dress as fan-favorite Barb with wigs, glasses, and shirts. Become the Chief of the Hawkin's police department, any of the four kids, and more. There are also fun looks like Season 2 Eleven, when she strikes out on her own and joins a group of like-powered children, a shirt with light-up letters just like in Joyce's house, and plenty of other options that is sure to help you get an amazing Stranger Things Halloween costume!

Stranger Things Costume Ideas and Tips

If you're looking for a way to pay homage to Netflix's hit show Stranger Things then look no further. We carry a large selection of costumes to help you do just that. Whether you want to emulate Dustin, the potty-mouthed hero with a heart of gold, and face down the Demogorgon with your friends. Or go the loner route and (foolishly) explore the Upside Down all alone like Barbara, this is where you’ll get the essentials necessary to do so. And we’re not talking just costumes. We also have the accessories to make sure your outfit can play the part. Steve’s bat, Barb’s glasses, El’s dress, flannel, and wig – we’ve got it all. You can even be a full-fledged Demogorgon! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look through our inventory and show the world that you have what it takes to handle the stranger things in life this Halloween.


Eleven has burgeoning psychic powers, and every day she gets stronger and stronger! She's dedicated to her friends, and wants to protect them. While hiding from the authorities, she wears a pretty pink dress and a wig, and once she grows up a little bit she gets her own style with dark hair and a black jacket.


Dustin is the goofiest and funniest character of the four main boys, and like his actor Gaten Matarazzo, this character has cleidocranial dysplasia, a general skeletal condition which mainly affects the cranium. Dustin has a lisp, but his thick, curly hair, his goofy style, and his unbeatable optimism was a hit with fans.


Chief Jim Hopper is tasked with leading the hunt for Will when the boy is lost in the Upside Down, but his investigation leads him to finding much more than he ever imagined. He's a hard man who has hard habits, but he won't stop until he finds a way to bring Will back, discover the secrets behind the huge government building near Hawkins, and keep his town safe! As a hard-working man, he looks ready for anything in a working police shirt and Sheriff's hat!


Monsters are real in Hawkins, and this creature has come from the Upside Down to feast on children and adults alike! With a creepy opening mouth and lumbering limbs, this creature is the perfect way to get dressed up for a Halloween of costume parties and trick-or-treating, and is great for group costumes, as well – those kids will be scared out of their wits!


Joyce is Will's mother, and she'll do everything she can to try and find her son again! She becomes wild with fear, which leads to her stringing up lights inside her home and getting incredible messages from her son – it's one of season one's legendary scenes, and a great way to describe a character who will do anything to keep her family safe! Get an axe and a shirt and dress up as this strong female character!