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Supergirl Costumes

Fly in style with one of our lovely Supergirl Costumes. Comic book fans can live the superheroine life by donning the garb of the Last Daughter of Krypton. You will love our selection of Supergirl outfits, which are as cute as they are affordable. We carry a variety of capes and skirts for you to customize your look, so you can be your favorite version of the Girl of Steel. Order one of our Supergirl costumes online today!

Supergirl Costumes

Supergirl may not be the first female superhero, but she's definitely one of the most famous! You or your little heroine will be ready to dress up as Superman's cousin and fellow Kryptonian this Halloween when you shop this collection of Supergirl costumes! Supergirl – real name Kara Zor-El – first appeared in “Superman #123,” in August 1958, has all the powers of the Man of Steel, as well as his vulnerability to Kryptonite. She's gone through plenty of costume changes, looks, and different characters have also wielded the Supergirl name, and her legacy continues to this day! She has a classic costume in many forms, using the same color scheme as her cousin Clark Kent, along with, usually, a short cape, a blue skirt, and a pair of red boots. She's been in movies, tons of comic books, and currently has her own television show alongside the Flash, Green Arrow, and more. She's a powerful warrior who is always ready to fight against evil, and keep the world safe!

DC Costumes for the Family

Create a superhero team that's ready for tons of fun this Halloween! Not only can you get amazing and colorful Supergirl costumes that help women or girls look like their favorite super heroine, but there are lots of other options for dads and little boys, too! Get a collection of heroes who are ready to take the neighborhood by storm when they go out for some trick-or-treating with legendary heroes like Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and plenty more. Or, a few of you could become the deadly and dangerous super villains that populate the DC Comics universe, like the Joker, Deadshot, and even Catwoman. There are lots of costume styles, accessories, and other things you can use to make sure Halloween is a wonderful time for everyone. Getting a Supergirl Halloween costume is just the beginning of your superhero fun this Halloween!

Supergirl Costume Ideas and Tips

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s Supergirl, here to save the day! Your favorite she-ro will love trick-or-treating and scaring up some fun this Halloween, all while defending your local Metropolis from evil DC Comics villains like Lex Luthor. From family ensembles to group costumes, there’s something for every Superman and Supergirl fan. Little girls will love dressing up in cute Supergirl dresses in iconic red, blue and gold, or go totally girly in a pretty pink ensemble. (Have a little fun and paint her fingernails pink and let her spray a little temporary pink dye in her hair; she’ll love it!) Adults, from moms escorting their kids around the neighborhood to college-aged adults heading to parties, will love our more grown-up costume selection. Whether you’re looking for something modest, like a Supergirl T-shirt with cape, or a sexy mini-dress, you’re sure to find something that (super) suits you. Your only kryptonite will be choosing which costume to add to your bag first!

Supergirl Cosplay Tutorial

Have you always wanted to become one of the most famous superheroines of all time? Well now you can, and it's easy than you might think when you use the Do It Yourself Supergirl Cosplay Tutorial! Uncanny Megan walks you through the process with handy pictures and step-by-step guides, including designs, necessary materials, how-tos, and plenty more. Become the Girl of Steel, Kara Zor-El, in the comfort of your very own home! It has all the information you need to get everything done, and it's a great way to get kids involved with the DIY costume fun as well.

Girl's Supergirl Costumes

Your little super-powered daughter will love dressing up as a classic comic book heroine for her night of costume parties or trick-or-treating when you shop this collection of Supergirl Halloween costumes! There are plenty of styles and costume choices available here, so it's easy to get her ready for her night out as a comic book gal – classic styles and cuts as well as classic color schemes are right alongside new styles, shimmering fabrics, and looks from the new TV show! Not only that, but there are also special looks like pink dresses, schoolgirl-esque styles, premium outfits, sequin-covered costumes, and lots of other potential winners. From formal wear and corsets to leggings and toddler outfits, your daughter is sure to be able to get a look that she's sure to love! She'll power up her next comic book costume party, or keep the entire neighborhood safe while going out for some trick-or-treating!

Women's Supergirl Costumes

There may be some fun looks for kids, but there are also tons of amazing outfits for women! Not only can you get a classic look that makes you look just like the comic book heroine from the silver age of comics, but there are lots of other fun choices as well! There are sparkling corsets, plus size outfits, powerful costumes that are straight from the new television show, and even some eye-catching costumes that will have every hero at your costume party watching you with great interest! Whether you want to be a sexy superwoman for your next adult costume party, or you want a fun costume to wear while you're taking the kids out for some trick-or-treating, these looks are sure to make sure you can find whatever you're looking for!

Supergirl Costume Accessories

It's never been easier to create a Supergirl costume that's complete from head to toe this Halloween! We offer a wonderful collection of items that help anyone, young or old, look their very best for any kind of event! We offer selections of capes, slippers, eye masks, leggings, hoodies, wigs, flashlights, leg warmers, boot tops, nail strips, corsets, and gauntlets. It doesn't matter what you need to look your very best as one of the famous comic book superheroines for your next night of costume parties, trick-or-treating, looking just right for a fan convention, or any other reason! Costume Supercenter has a huge collection of all kinds of fun superhero looks, and this collection of Supergirl costumes and accessories is just the beginning! From classic styles to new designs, your next Supergirl costume is sure to look just right.

Super Duo

Your little family is ready to become super this Halloween when you look at all of the fun styles that you can use for your next big dress-up event. Dressing up together as this classic member of the DC superhero is a great way for mom and daughter to look their best. But that's not all, you can also add plenty of the other members of the DC pantheon to make sure anyone in your group looks just the way they want. There's the very first female superhero, Wonder Woman, as well as plenty of other choices, like Black Canary, Batman villains like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. There are tons of heroines with costumes available for kids and adults alike, so you're sure to find a set of outfits you love!

Girls Supergirl Tutu Costume
Don't let Clark push you around just because he's been here a little longer. Wear your Girl's Supergirl Tutu Costume and prove that you're just as good as he is! The sleeveless top is sewn from blue lame and decorated with red trim. Your glittering logo is proudly displayed across the chest to show off your Kryptonian roots. Fasten the golden belt around your waist for a little extra bling. The red tutu overskirt is inlaid with hundreds of sparkles, its opaque red satin base adding extra coverage. Fasten the bright red cape around your neck, pull on the broad wrist cuffs, and go save Metropolis! Earth might be a little boring sometimes, but at least its inhabitants are nice. Wear your Girl's Supergirl Tutu Costume and explore your new home! Add on a pair of red boots and tights (sold here) so you can be prepared for any of Lex's tricks.
DC Comics Pink Pet Supergirl Costume
DC Comics Deluxe Supergirl Toddler Costume
You know who your favorite superhero is, now it's time for your little girl to dress up and show the world her super powers! With this Deluxe Supergirl Toddler Costume your little girl can use her powers for good and the pursuit of candy! This adorable costume is officially licensed to us by D.C. studios so you can be sure your little girl will be channeling the most authentic superhero she can! Outfit includes a dress with blue background with the S logo front and center; it also has a printed yellow belt across the mid section. A frilly red skirt complements the attached red leggings that are done in perfect super style! It also comes with a pair of boot covers so any of her shoes can be apart of this fun outfit! It's not a bird or a plane, it's just your little girl in this adorable Deluxe Supergirl Toddler Costume!
DC Comics Supergirl Toddler Costume
Being tough and adorable is what she wants, and you can give her both! With this Supergirl Toddler Costume she can be the highlight of your next costume gala. This great costume has everything that your little girl is going to need to begin her journey as one Earth's toughest heroes! Outfit includes a dress with a shiny blue background with the S logo front and center; it also has an attached yellow belt across the mid section. A frilly red skirt makes up the bottom portion of the dress. It maintains a fun and airy design so she can be comfortable while fighting crime! It also comes with a pair of boot covers so any of her shoes can be apart of this fun outfit! Have her be the perfect superhero in this adorable Deluxe Supergirl Toddler Costume!
DC Comics Supergirl Tutu Pet Costume
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's?Supergirl! Is your furry companion the super hero in your life? Show your dog how much you love them with a Supergirl Tutu Pet Costume. This is an officially licensed DC Comics costume and includes a dress with attached tutu and features the Supergirl logo. Your dog will be feeling super heroic when they go out on Halloween! Order a Supergirl Tutu Pet Costume online.
DC Comics Womens Supergirl T-Shirt w/ Cape Adult Costume
This is one t-shirt that's perfect for showing off your super physique. The Women's Supergirl T-Shirt with Cape Adult Costume features a blue t-shirt with a red cape. The front of the t-shirt is printed to look just like Supergirl's signature uniform. It features her curvy figure and chiseled abs. The chest has the iconic red S against the yellow background. The bottom of the t-shirt is printed with her yellow belt and the start of her red bottoms. You'll fly through any party with the attached red cape. Although this is just a t-shirt, you'll look just like the iconic superhero. This is perfect for a simple Halloween costume or a comfortable look at any comic book convention. You'll look undeniably like this Kryptonian when you don this Supergirl T-Shirt with Cape Adult Costume to any event this year!
Licensed Supergirl Accessory Boot Tops
Save the world one day at time when you transform into popular DC Superhero Supergirl this Halloween. Next cosplay convention or event, you'll want to dress exactly like this classic Kryptonion warrior. Make sure when you have the costume together you also pick up boot tops to complete you look. The Licensed Supergirl Accessory Boot Tops are exactly what you need for it all to come together!
DC Comics Supergirl Adult Costume
Look up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. No! It's the sexiest hero you'll ever lay your eyes on and she's on the way to take down some evil villains then get back to being a regular girl until trouble arises again. If you're still wondering who this girl is, it's you when you put on our Supergirl Adult Costume. Superheroine's disguises come with a classic blue leotard with a big imprint of the infamous 'S' on the front. A flowy red skirt goes on top of the leotard and matches the big, beautiful cape. Every Supergirl has to have a utility belt like the one that comes included in a glossy yellow and a pair of red boot covers to protect your new shoes. Just as strong as any male hero, super heroines like you in this Supergirl Adult Costume deserve a lot more credit for saving the world.
DC Comics Supergirl Adult Plus Costume
Not even a comet made of Kryptonite will be able to stop you from saving the day when you're suited up in this Supergirl Adult Plus Costume! With a dress with an attached cape, a belt, and superhero boot tops, this officially licensed outfit will show off your sexy curves. Your sinuous body will look stronger than steel in the dress with a royal blue form fitting bodice and a metallic red A-line skirt. The bodice features long sleeves and a square neckline with the red and yellow Supergirl emblem adorning the bust. A dazzling metallic red cape is attached with gold trim at the neck. A sleek shiny gold belt accentuates your waist and hips, and you'll be ready to kick butt wearing the red boot covers with gold details at the knee. Superman can take the night off. You'll have Metropolis under control dressed in this Supergirl Adult Plus Costume!
DC Comics Pet Supergirl Superhero Costume
It's a bird, it's a plane it's your dog! This Halloween, give your pups the heroic holiday of a lifetime when you pick up our Pet Supergirl Superhero Costume. With your purchase, you will receive an adorable blue and red dress with the iconic Superman logo printed on the back. Team up with your pups and take on supervillains all day long and go make this Halloween your most special one yet. Buy your puppy Supergirl costume today!
DC Comics Sexy Adult Supergirl Costume
Look totally out of this world wearing this Sexy Adult Supergirl Costume. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's you looking super hot this Halloween! Made of polyester materials, this costume is a sexy twist on the iconic superhero from the comic books is a classic look and will look great on you. it includes a cape, dress, slide-on boot tops that are secured by an elastic band under the foot, and a matching gold band at the waist. The long sleeved pullover dress has a velour bodice and comes with an attached cape in the traditional superman colors, featuring a beautiful low gold-trimmed square neckline. It has an attached shiny red mini skirt and also features the signature embroidered Supergirl emblem on the chest. The metallic cape finishes the costume and attaches to shoulders with a hook and loop fastener. Look absolutely incredible while flying onto the dance floor wearing this ensemble. It will definitely be the costume competitions kryptonite, making men weak in the knees!
DC Comics Supergirl Costume for Adult
You'll feel powerful as ever this Halloween when you walk into the party wearing our Supergirl Costume for Adult. With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to look absolutely gorgeous while still being able to kick bad guy butt with ease. Featuring a blue superhero jumpsuit with a red cape and red boot covers, you're going to love this heroic get-up. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a super one!
DC Comics Supergirl Child Costume
Comic book characters always wear bright super hero suits with eye catching designs. The Supergirl Children's Costume is a super hero themed outfit that provides you with a fun outfit as a character everyone will recognize and love. Superman is the best of all super heroes and this red, yellow, and blue suit shows his classic look. The blue, long sleeved top features Superman's 'S' logo in yellow and red on the front and a bright red cape attached in the back. The costume also features a wide, shiny gold belt, a bright red skirt, and a set of boot covers. This costume can be worn several times throughout the year and will quickly become your daughter's favorite outfit. Can't think of a costume idea? Superman can come save the day, just order yours today!
DC Comics Supergirl Toddler / Child Costume
Your daughter will be over the moon when she gets to save the world in our Supergirl Child Costume! She'll look like she's visiting from Krypton when she's wearing our red and blue Supergirl costume. This costume will get her ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet!
DC Comics Child Supergirl Pink Sequin Costume
Your daughter will be soaring through the sky and taking on all kinds of villains this Halloween when you pick up our Child Supergirl Pink Sequin Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a magical pink superhero. She'll be dazzling her enemies with her cuteness alone this year while trick-or-treating. Buy your Supergirl child costume today, and go make this Halloween a truly heroic one!
Supergirl Stick-on Tattoo
Let your child join the house of El when she puts on the Supergirl Stick-on Tattoo. It features the iconic Superman logo. It may look like an S, but it is really the crest of the House of El, the Kryptonian family of Kar Zor-El , aka Supergirl, and Kal El, aka Superman.
DC Comics Supergirl TV Adult Costume
If you are looking for the perfect licensed costumes and accessories for Halloween we've got them all right here. The Adult Supergirl TV Costume includes a dress with removable cape, belt Get this item and all of the coordinating options that go with it for a low price.
DC Comics Toddler Super Girl Infant Jumper Costume
You know how super your little girl is. Now everyone else will see it too when she wears this Super Girl jumper costume for infants! No villain will dare to commit a crime when they see your child in this adorable outfit on Halloween. The costume includes a light pink onesie jumper with an attached cape and hot pink tutu as well as matching pink pants. It also includes a pink head piece with a white bow and super cute hot pink booties. The jumper, head piece, and booties all feature a hot pink Super Girl emblem so no one will doubt who they're facing. Your friends and neighbors are sure to agree that the world will never see a cuter superheroine!
DC Comics Sporty Supergirl T-Shirt for Adult
Looking for a fun and simple superhero costume for the party this year? Then look no further than our Sporty Supergirl T-Shirt for Adult! Whether it's for Halloween, an office theme party, or any other fun heroic occasion, you will have a blast wearing this special Supergirl T-Shirt. Featuring a white, red, blue, and yellow color scheme as well as the iconic Superman logo printed on the front, you don't want to miss out on this one. Buy yours today!
DC Comics Pink Supergirl Toddler
Start her off on the path to being a superhero this year! When she wears our Pink Supergirl Toddler you can be sure that she'll be the best young lady in training! This adorable Super Girl inspired outfit comes with everything she'll need to emulate a tough superhero! A beautiful pink dress with an S applique front and center that has a complementing cape in the same shade of pink. With a silver belt on the mid section, it pops out and contrasts the vivid pink on the top of the outfit. The lower portion of the outfit has a skirt design to it with matching boot covers so you can be sure that any pair of shoes will match this Super outfit! Have your little girl transform into a new hero when she wears this Pink Supergirl Toddler!
DC Super Hero Girls Kids Supergirl Hoodie Dress
This Halloween, get your budding crime fighter a costume that is made just for her. DC Super Hero Girls is an animated series just for young girls and the DC Super Hero Girls Kids Supergirl Hoodie Dress is made just for them too. Included in this set are a hooded dress, a belt, a headband, two wristbands and cape, just what is needed to fight bad guys and attend classes at Super Hero High School. The fashionable dress features a red skirt trimmed in yellow, short blue sleeves and collared top. Printed on the bodice is a harlequin pattern with diamonds in two shades of blue. In the center is the classic red and yellow ?S? logo ? the coat of arms for the House of El, which is Supergirl?s and Superman?s Kryptonian family. Completing the look is the red cape that is trimmed in yellow, a red wristband and a blue wristband with yellow accents. Supergirl, or Kara Zor-El, is the cousin of Superman and like her cousin, she is very powerful. She can fly and has heat vision and super strength. I
Kids Licensed Deluxe Supergirl Cape
Fly high with accessories for your little superhero. If your child has chosen to be Supergirl this year, why not let her soar? With the Kids Licensed Deluxe Supergirl Cape, she can be just like her favorite TV or comic book character. Kryptonite doesn't stand a chance with a great accessory and costume combination!
Kids Supergirl Hairpiece Wig
All superheroes have a 'do with attitude. Supergirl is no different. Your child will look absolutely adorable as she kicks and fights her way to have the best costume on the planet. The Kids Supergirl Hairpiece Wig will put it all together as she comes out of the comic book to look the best ever!
Womens Supergirl Sequin Corset Costume
Everyday you perform multiple duties. You clean, cook, go shopping, please your man, put in a few hours at work, go to the gym, and at least five other errands all throughout the day . If no one has ever told you that you're a super woman then it's time they have and you should also show them how super sexy you are in the Women's Super Girl Sequin Corset Costume. This garment consists of a super cute and shiny blue sequin corset top. The for-fitting top is also lined with black trim and features the bold Superman 'S' shined up in red and yellow. You don't need a big cape or an entire suit to be Supergirl. Just slip on this Women's Super Girl Sequin Corset Costume and be sexy and strong at the same time.
Adult Regular Deluxe Supergirl Cape Accessory
Here to save the day? No superhero leaves home without a fashionable cape. the Adult Regular Deluxe Supergirl Cape Accessory makes sure you can fly high in the sky with recognition. Goes great with any Supergirl Deluxe Licensed costume or other accessories. This cape is almost as powerful as kryptonite!
DC SuperHero Girls Supergirl Costume
Supergirl is flying into your house this Halloween. This costume is a blue, pink, and yellow jumpsuit. The top of the jumpsuit is blue with the pink and yellow S in the center of the top. The bottom of the jumpsuit looks like a pink and yellow skirt and also comes with a yellow belt across the waist. Ensemble comes with a white headband. Cape not included. Supergirl has super strength, the ability to fly, heat vision, x-ray vision, ice breath, and super intelligence. Supergirl helps Superman fight off some of DC's most powerful villains like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Bizarro. Your daughter will feel like she can do anything in this special Supergirl costume. Supergirl was featured in the animated series: Justice League: Unlimited and is portrayed by Melissa Benoist in her own live action show, Supergirl.
DC SuperHero Girls Supergirl Deluxe Costume
Supergirl. She's the most powerful girl on Earth, but can't seem to stop tripping over her own two feet. You too can embody the truth adorableness in this DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Deluxe Costume. She may be clutzy, but she's also incredibly kind, and definitely someone to strive to be. This costume comes with a light blue short sleeved top with a white dress collar and the famous Super symbol as well as a detachable red cape. A yellow belt connects the top with a red pleated skirt trimmed with yellow. Also included are two wristbands and a headband that are sure to be totally cute!
DC Comics Supergirl Cape Pet Costume
Deluxe Supergirl Superhero Girls Costume For Kids
Save the day with some girl power. Your little one loves to see her on TV and now she can bring her to life with the Deluxe Supergirl Superhero Girls Costume For Kids. With this polyester costume, she remains comfortable all day long with a costume that's super. Just like the TV shows she watches, she can save the day the Super way! DC Super Hero Girls costumes are licensed and always ready to go.
Girls DC Super Hero Supergirl Skirt
Your Superman lover will want to add this adorable skirt to their wardrobe. The DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl Skirt is perfect for Halloween or simply dress up play. Fun and fashionable, this skirt shows off your love of Superman and style. The red satin skirt is detailed with foil Superman icons. Cinched at the waist is a golden belt, the skirt includes an overlay of red tulle ruching at the hem in a gold.Order your Supergirl fashion skirt online!