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Big Dogs' Superman Pet Halloween Costume
What is even more fun than dressing up as the quintessential superhero of all time? Dressing up man's best friend as the powerful Superman! Your dog will be one amazing pet when you slip him into this sensational Big Dogs' Superman Pet Halloween Costume (XXL) for Halloween!
Toddler DC League of Super Pets Superman Costume
Your little guy or gal will be ready to save the city this year when you dress them up with our Toddler DC League of Super Pets Superman Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to soar through the sky, take down bad guys, and restore justice to the world. Featuring a muscle-padded Superman jumpsuit, a detachable cape, and a pair of matching boot tops, you're going to love this heroic look on your tot this year.
Infant Superman Costume
Your little angel will be taking on villains with his cuteness alone this Halloween when you pick up our Infant Superman Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your special tot into the Man of Steel himself. While all decked out in this fun costume, not even Kryptonite will be able to get to your little one this Halloween. Buy your Superman baby costume today, and go make this Halloween a heroic one!
Superman Vinyl Wig Adult
Clark Kent not only had the body of a god, but the silky and suave hair to match. Don't simply wear a Superman costume out without including this Superman Vinyl Wig Adult that will make you look like the real man of steel with a slick and sheen black vinyl wig on in his same fashion.
DC Super Heroes Womens Superman Jumpsuit
Plan a Halloween slumber party with your friends so you can show off this DC Super Heroes Womens Superman Jumpsuit ! Unless one of your friends sleeps with a lump of Kryptonite as a night-light, youre going to be the center of attention when you light up your pajama party with this iconic S logo on your chest! Even your dreams will be super when you go to bed in this Superman onesie, so why ever take it off?
Mens Superman Costume Kit
Its easy to transform from Clark Kent to Superman when you have the Men's Superman Costume Kit. Instead of being a full costume the kit comes with only the shirt and the cape. The shirt is blue and red with the Superman Logo on the front and the cape is the traditional red Superman Cape. You can choose to wear this kit with suit pants as if you are Clark Kent in the midst of changing into his superhero uniform or with jeans as a modern day Superman. It makes a great alternative to the traditional Superman Halloween Costume.
Mens Superman Adult Muscle Chest Top Costume
Clark Kent hides a lot under his clothes but this shirt will show off all his secrets. The Men's Superman Adult Muscle Chest Top Costume features a shirt and cape. The blue muscle chest shirt has the signature S emblazoned across this shirt's rippling muscle chest. You'll have the perfect six pack in this shirt. The bottom of the shirt is red, like Superman's bottoms and the two colors are separated by Superman's signature yellow belt. The cape is removable for versatility. You'll save the night from any lame party this Halloween or at the comic book convention in this buff, Men's Superman Adult Muscle Chest Top Costume. These muscles will let everyone know that you can handle anything, just like the iconic Kryptonian. This top will soar above the rest!
Superman/Clark Kent Reversible Adult Costume
Whether you're feeling more like a superhero or basic reporter, you can be both this Halloween when you pick up our Superman/Clark Kent Reversible Adult Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to take on evil supervillains all while reporting the news. It's not easy having an alter ego, but if there's anybody can pull it off, it's you. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your superhero costume and accessory needs!
Adult Justice League Movie Superman Costume Deluxe
Break the sound barrier in the Superman Deluxe costume from the Justice League film. Others will marvel at your new Kryptonian identity with its faithful detail. Becoming the most powerful being on Earth calls for serious muscle which bust from the seams of the upper part of the jumpsuit. Remind others the symbol on your chest represents hope rather than the Superman title you hold. Hide your shoes beneath boot tops and show how committed you are to assuming this hero's identities. The rippling red cap can be detached to engage in serious hand-to-hand combat. Assemble Batman and Wonder Woman to create the ultimate Justice trio costume!
Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Adult
It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's you in our Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Adult costume.
Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's your little one wearing the Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids. This Superman costume for kids is perfect for your little comic book lover. The over the top jumpsuit is padded to let your tyke show off his muscles. Screen printed and designed,m the jumpsuit includes attached red belt and iconic Superman cape. Watch out for Lex Luthor when you pull on the 3D boot covers, for an extra authentic look. Save Metropolis this year and order the Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids online!
Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child
Stronger than ten men and faster than a speeding bullet is exactly what your little boy will think describes him when he finds out that he's going to being Superman this Halloween. He's already started practicing his fighting stance and zooming around the house like he can already fly. Once he gets into this Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child costume he will really think his only weakness is kryptonite and it's difficult for him to not think that when he has on the blue jumpsuit with red underwear worn under a yellow utility belt. It's even more difficult when his chest is pumped up because of the muscle torso that's included in the jumpsuit along with red boot tops that go great with the infamous red cape Superman always wears. It won't be a bird or a plane that's flying around the neighborhood this time around, it will be your little hero playing in this Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child costume.
Mens Superman Adult Onesie
Save Metropolis, win Lois Lane and stay comfy in a onesie the entire time doing it! With the Men?s Superman Adult Onesie, you will be extremely comfortable while being a superhero (get rid of those tight spandex). This outfit is fleece and has the signature ?S? printed on the chest of this outfit in the trademarked blue, yellow and red. It also has designed onto it red briefs and a yellow belt! There is a red cape attached to the costume as well in order for you to fly into the depths of Metropolis, or into the depths of comfort that lie within your bedroom. Whether you have to rescue Lois Lane, or save the world, you?ll be dressed for both! This versatile outfit can even be worn to your favorite Superman viewing party, or a comic book event, the options are endless. Stay comfortable while you save the world, and buy this costume today!
Superman Dog Costume
If you're a dog owner, you know you can't get through Halloween without putting your best buddy in a costume, too! The Superman Dog Costume is a great option if you're still looking for the right costume for your canine bud. It comes with a chestpiece with attached cape and belt. He'll feel like he can really fly! This is an officially licensed Superman Costume.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Superman Costume
This Halloween, dress your toddler up as the invincible Man of Steel! Is there anybody on this planet who could take Superman down? I mean honestly, it's almost unfair. He has superhuman strength, super speed, heat vision, x ray vision, he can fly, he can heal himself, and he even has super breath! His only weakness really is exposure to Kryptonite, so as long as he stays on Earth and stays away from Krypton, he can practically never die! Talk about a sweet deal... When your toddler puts on the Cuddly Superman Toddler Costume, he'll look and feel just like his favorite red and blue superhero (except he'll be a whole lot cuter!) Take your little superhero trick or treating through town as Superman, and they'll be zooming and flying their way to each house, showing off all of their new powers. Get your toddler's friends together and you can all do a superhero and supervillain theme this Halloween! Team up your little Superman with Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, and
Child Superman Cape Accessory
14.5 inch Superman Candy Bowl
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a 14.5 inch Superman Candy Bowl? Treat your guests to goodies in style while doling out a little justice on the side. Trick or Treaters who violate the one per person rule beware, the Superman 14.5 inch Candy Bowl sees all!
Pride Superman Cape
If you're looking for the perfect cape to complete your Superman costume this year, then look no further than our Pride Superman Cape! With your purchase, you will receive a brilliant and strong cape to keep you safe while fighting off evil in all of its many forms. Whether you're heading to the Halloween party or cruising around the street and trick-or-treating with your family, you definitely don't want to miss out on this special cape. Buy yours today!
Kids Justice League Movie Superman Costume Deluxe
With the upcoming Justice League movie, gear up as Superman to prepare for this release in November. The Justice League Movie Superman Deluxe Child Costume is the perfect costume for you! Make it super as Superman with a costume you're sure to love. The Justice League Movie Superman Deluxe Child Costume comes with a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops as well as a removable cape. Fly in from planet Krypton as Superman this Halloween.
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Tween Boys Superman Costume
Just because your child's getting into his tween years doesn't mean he won't enjoy Halloween, so dress him in this cool Dawn of Justice Tween Boys Superman Costume. This tween costume comes with a patterned blue jumpsuit featuring yellow accents and of course the famous Superman S symbol. Attached to the jumpsuit are stiff foam padded red boot toppers with a strap underneath to keep the toppers in place. Completing the look is a flowing red cape. Finish it all by adding a black vinyl Superman wig, or a devotion to truth, justice, and the American way, and your tween will be ready to fly!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Superman Costume
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... it's... it's your baby! - wearing the Superman Diaper Cover Set Costume for Toddlers! This adorable Superman costume is truly one of a kind. The second you wrap your little angel up in this cozy get-up, they're never going to want to take it off! Don't be surprised if wearing this costume causes your baby to rip off his shirt every now and then, revealing a giant S emblem printed on his chest. Okay, so maybe that won't happen, but who knows! It could happen. Superman is called the Man of Steel, because in theory, he's practically invincible. He has super strength, super speed, the power of flight, heat vision, x ray vision, super breath, the ability to heal himself, and the list goes on and on... honestly, is there anything Superman can't do? His only weakness is Kryptonite, so as long as he keeps a fine radius from this terrible radioactive element, all of his powers will work just fine. The second he crosses that line though, all his powers go out
Baby/Toddler Justice League Superman Costume
Every hero has to start somewhere. Most recognize the Man of Steel in his adult form, but it's easy to forget that Jor-El arrived on Earth as a baby. The Superman Jumper Infant Costume is the perfect pick for your tiny Son of Krypton this Halloween. This officially licensed DC Comics set includes a blue Jumper with Superman's distinctive seal, as well as a matching cap. Check out our online store for our full range of affordable superhero costumes for kids and adults!
Superman Costume for Men
Is there any superhero more powerful than Superman? Honestly, he?s practically indestructible. They don?t call him the Man of Steel for nothing! This Halloween, head to the party as the one and only Superman, and you?ll have everyone staring at you in awe. When you put on the Superman Costume for Men, you?ll instantly look and feel just like the super powerful Superman! This costume may not actually grant you superpowers, but you can certainly pretend it does. It?s Halloween! Use your flight, your super strength, your super speed, x ray vision, heat vision, super breath and more. Just be sure to uphold all of Superman?s virtue and integrity throughout your night while wearing this costume. Be courageous, respectful, chivalrous? you know, in other words, be a good person! Superman would certainly be proud. Team up with some other superheroes this Halloween, and you can really have a blast with your friends! Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Spiderman, Deadpool; there?s tons of he
Photo Real - Superman - Childrens Costume
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it one of the most iconic superheroes of all time? The Photo Real - Superman - Children's Costume will let your little cosplay fan become their favorite hero for Halloween or playtime. A realistic looking, printed jumpsuit expertly recreates Clark Kent's uniform, complete with faux muscles.
Adult Deluxe Plus Size Superman Muscle Suit Costume
Faster than speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! It?s Superman! Transform yourself from mild mannered Clark Kent and into the Man of Steel with the Adult Deluxe Plus Size Superman Muscle Suit Costume. This officially licensed DC outfit is a perfect fit for comic fans looking to step into the iconic shoes of the Last Son of Krypton. This Halloween, you?ll feel like you?re in the middle of your very superhero adventure thanks to one seriously action packed outfit. It comes with various authentic details that ardent Superman fans will appreciate, and the muscled jumpsuit is a great way to look the part without having to actually be from another world. The red and blue jumpsuit prominently features the House of El S-shield over the chest, in addition to Superman?s famous red trunks and cape. Best of all, you won?t have to worry about any pesky kryptonite.
Justice League Superman Jumpsuit for Girls
Launch into action as one of the most popular superheroes of all time! Pick this Justice League Girls Superman Jumpsuit and you will be faster than a speeding bullet and all that good stuff. Superman has had a huge influence on comic books and the superhero genre. He is the ultimate good guy and happens to be there in order to stop any trouble brewing. He has protected the city of Metropolis from various threats and saved the entire world on numerous occasions. In the Justice League movie, Superman comes back to team up with a few other iconic characters to bring down an otherworldly entity. Young fans can choose our Superman jumpsuit to wear and fight alongside them all. This outfit comes as a single piece with printed patterns and detailing. Red, molded shin guards are attached to the legs while Superman?s iconic symbol is emblazoned on the chest. You receive a long, red cape that sticks along the shoulders. Fly through the air in this Girls Superman Jumpsuit on your way to help cit
Classic Superman Pet Costume
There is no limit to what Superman can do, but when it comes to needing a four legged companion to hang out with, there is no other dog like a super dog. Get your furry friend in on the action with the Classic Superman Pet Costume. everyone needs a best friend, and a Super dog is even better!
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Deluxe Adult Superman Cape
Is that a bird, a plane or the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Deluxe Adult Superman Cape? This red cape is lined and features a red and yellow Superman logo on back. Don this for Halloween, when you are watching a DC movie or just for fun because you love the iconic superhero. Superman may have saved the earth from other aliens, but he destroyed a good portion of Gotham city while doing so. That made many people, including Bruce Wayne, very upset. So Bruce researched Superman and found his weaknesses and, as his alter ego Batman, prepared to fight him. It becomes a battle of the red cape vs. the black cape. When you put this cape on, you don't have to join a battle; you can just have some fun. Costume is not included.
Superman Inflatable Mens Costume Top
It?s a bird, it?s a plane no it?s Superman! That?s right, feast your eyes on this Superman Inflatable Men's Costume Top. Wearing this costume will not only make you look masculine but it will also have you as eye candy for the ladies and you know us ladies love sweets! Plus, you don?t even have to fly or fight a villain. All you need to do is just stand there and look like a gift wrapped in a bow. Yes, I know I am being naughty, but what you expect me to say if you are looking swollen over there by the phone booth. Featuring this red, blue, and yellow inflatable shirt with battery operated fan, and cape. Everything you need to make you look as strong and powerful as Superman himself. Move over Loris Lane, there are going to be more beautiful ladies who need sweeping off their feet! This costume will be admired from afar. Every one admires Superman. Women cherish him and men envy him. No need to be bashful wearing this costume to the party just be ready to rush in and save the ladies f
Superman Second Skin Adult Costume - DC Comics
Become your favorite superhero in the DC Comics universe this Halloween when you pick up our Superman Second Skin Adult Costume - DC Comics! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the Man of Steel himself. Walk into the party donning this heroic attire, and not even Kryptonite will be able to stop you. Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a heroic victory!