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T Rex Costumes

T-Rex may have had very short arms, but there's no shortage of T-Rex costumes for adults, kids and toddlers here! For fast, reliable shipping of your next Halloween costume from the Cretaceous Period, make sure you buy your T-Rex outfit online at Costume SuperCenter. Everyone's been a fan of dinosaurs at some point, so revitalize your love for the Tyrannosaurus with a brand new costume!

T-Rex Costume Ideas

Among all species that have walked the earth, there is one king to rule them all - the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex is arguably the most popular dinosaur of all time. They're also the most fearsome predator in terms of size, power, and speed. Of all the carnivorous dinosaurs to have existed, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has had the most complete fossil collection, allowing paleontologists the luxury of recreating the most iconic predator of all time. That prestige has only led to popularity and recognition throughout pop culture. If you were to ask anyone to name a single dinosaur, the T-Rex would be most people's first choice. That iconography has led to a bevy of great costumes for Halloween, as kids everywhere love pretending to recreate the ferocious roar heard in movies. The T-Rex stands tall among his peers, even as new predators have been uncovered that are either larger or more efficient killers. But nobody tops the king, and the T-Rex will continue to stalk our imagination and hearts for years to come. Be prepared to see your kids roar when they put these costumes on so make sure you get ready to order early!

Learn More About T-Rex

Despite its tremendous look and vicious nature, the Tyrannosaurus Rex still has a few mysteries that baffle paleontologists. For instance, was the majority of its body simply covered in reptilian skin or did it also have feathers like some of its closer relatives supposedly had? Did you also know that the T-Rex was incorrectly drawn in the 19th century as standing upright much like a kangaroo? Thanks to the further work of paleontologists, it was discovered that such a posture would be impossible for the creature to assume without critical muscle failure - the Jurassic Park franchise actually nailed down a faithful recreation of what the creature must have looked like with its hunched over posture! The T-Rex also had superior sight, better than some hawk species, but it hunted using its superior sense of smell. In fact, the T-Rex might have been more of a scavenger than an outright predator! Its speed is still a subject of debate among scientists, but its thighs and calves were incredibly muscular so that it could support its weight, leading some to believe that the legendary creature could also have been a high-powered locomotive. Lastly, one of the most striking features about the king of all dinosaurs was its rows of serrated teeth, with the largest tooth recorded at twelve inches long. To learn more about dinosaurs, check out our dinosaur infographic!

Baby/Toddler T-Rex Costume
Everyone loves dinosaurs, especially kids. But none receives the admiration of a child more than the T-Rex. Let your little one pay homage to the king of the dinosaurs this Halloween with our T-Rex Children's Costume. It's a scaly green jumpsuit made to instill fear with teeth that look razor sharp, spikes that run from head to tail, and funny little arms. Well, two out of three isn't so bad for an apex predator.
Kid Oversized T-Rex Jumpsuit
Who said all Halloween costumes have to be scary, sometimes it's nice to throw on an oversized onesie, put on your favorite or movie and call it a night. For times like this, the Kids Oversized T-Rex Jumpsuit is bound to come in handy. Whether celebrating Halloween with friends and family or heading to the late night premiere of the this oversized suit is bound to keep you comfy. It is always good to go back to the basics, and what better way to do that than to dress as the star of Prehistoric Park? The T- Rex has been making big time appearances in all of the movies and you can certainly count on it to be back in the new the dinosaur age. Everytime this fearsome creature appears on screen everyone stares in awe. Now you can be the one everyone looks at in wonder because this awesome costume is as close to perfect as you can get it. If the T- Rex was still around today, they would be hon
Indominus Rex Costume For Adults
Straight out of the dinosaur age, the Indominus Rex Costume for Adults is what you've been looking for to really show your dinosaur fandom this year. This officially licensed product is an authentic outfit, thanks to some creative texturing and shadowing. You'll look like the hybrid villain from the movie! This product includes a character headpiece, jumpsuit, shoe coverings and a stuffable tail. This costume also looks great leading a pack of Raptors, so match this up with other outfits for an even greater effect.
T Rex Skeleton Prop
Beware the tyrant king of the dinosaurs. The T Rex Skeleton Prop may be all bones, but he is still pretty fierce. He stands upright on two feet and has a large mouth with sharp teeth. Order today using our easy online ordering and we'll shop it to you promptly.
Boys T-Rex Costume
The king of lizards is one of the star attractions at Isla Nublar's the dinosaur age. Weighing in at nine tons and measuring 40 feet long, this powerhouse of a carnivore was one of the biggest to roam the earth. Let your boy unleash his inner king carnivore with the Boy's T-Rex Costume. The included jumpsuit is printed with the scaly tan and brown textures of leathery dino skin and comes with attached boot covers, along with a long, reptilian tail. The headpiece is a high-quality plastic face mask, featuring yellow slitted eyes, a scaly brow bone, a short snout with nostrils, and rows of pointy white teeth. Stomp your way into Halloween by adding on extras like gloves or a special trick-or-treat bag.
Indominus Rex 3/4 Mask For Adults
Cause a containment breach and run loose on the island. Use the Indominus Rex 3/4 Mask For Adults to act like a dinosaur! This genetically engineered and modified creature is the main antagonist from the dinosaur age. You receive a molded mask to look like the face of Indominus Rex. It shows off teeth, eyes, spines and more in full color. You will be able to see through holes just under the eyes. Put this mask on during Halloween to blend in with your surroundings and attack without notice!
Kids T-Rex 3/4 Mask
Welcome to the dinosaur age. This famed T-Rex costume will have the crowd going. Don't fear, its only a steely designed suit of epic proportions. Be sure to have your party guests running this Halloween. They'll be scrambling for the mainland in no time.
Adult T-Rex Inflatable Air Head Mask
When you show up to a Halloween party wearing this giant Adult T-Rex Inflatable Air Head Mask, everyone is going to stop and stare! After all, if your vision is based on movement, they're going to need to be very still if they want to avoid being eaten. You can pump up this inflatable mask on your own easily, and then go out all night without worrying about it losing any of its steam.
Adult T-Rex Costume
Become the T-Rex and take on Indonimus with the powerful ? Adult T-Rex Costume. You'll look like you've stepped right off the big screen in this thrilling costume. Due to intricate texturing and shadowing, this outfit gives off the appearance of being an actual T-Rex thanks to the authentic jumpsuit and character headpiece. It also includes boot coverings and a stuffable tail. You'll feel like you're ready to go stomping right into battle this Halloween with the Adult T.Rex Costume.
T-Rex 3/4 Mask Adult
Turn any look into a ferocious one this Halloween by accessorizing your ensemble with the T-Rex 3/4 Mask Adult! The face covering is the perfect way to complete your costume that's based on the new movie coming out this year. Wear it to premiere or on Halloween to scare all of your friends.
Baby/Toddler T rex Fossil Costume
Kids are wee little things when compared to the dinosaurs! This Halloween, beef up your tiny tot with this amazing T-Rex Fossil Toddler Unisex Costume XS! Your bundle of joy will be all cozy and comfy inside this soft costume! Your little one may look tiny inside this outfit, but really your child is squealing with delight, knowing he's one of the big guys, at least for Halloween!
T-Rex Oversized Jumpsuit Mens Costume
Jump right back into the action of the latest movie, , with the T-Rex Oversized Jumpsuit Men?s Costume. The most fearsome dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the perfect choice for your next prehistoric bash. The detailed jumpsuit is oversized for a comfortable fit, printed with the distinct reptile look that your favorite dino sports. The leader, the predator, the big bad lizard, the T-Rex is always the show stopper wherever it goes, especially in the newest installment. We last saw this creature after his battle with the Indominus, a hybrid dinosaur who terrorized patrons at the world renowned the dinosaur age. After overpowering the beast, the T-Rex left Dinosaur Researcher and team a mysterious ending that put movie watchers on the edge of their seats. You too can create that ominous feel when you get your own T-Rex costume for men. You can do it all in this easy to wear jumpsuit. Fight off your foes, frighte
T-Rex Pet Costume
Turn your little buddy into a little monster this Halloween when you buy the T-Rex Pet Costume! Your pet is going to love romping all around like a miniature T-Rex, destroying everything in its path. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to make your pups the scariest dino in all the land. Okay, so to be honest, your pet probably won't be scary at all, but they will definitely look absolutely adorable in this costume, You're going to want to take tons of pictures of your lil furry guy or girl while they're wearing this cute get-up! Fun fact. Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rexes were actually feathered? And you know those little arms they always get made fun of for? Well... each bicep of a T-Rex could curl 430 pounds! Pretty sure those arms weren't so puny after all. I guess there's a lot we don't know about these magnificent creatures. Pick up your T-Rex pet costume today, and make this Halloween a Mesozoic one!