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T Rex Costumes

T-Rex may have had very short arms, but there's no shortage of T-Rex costumes for adults, kids and toddlers here! For fast, reliable shipping of your next Halloween costume from the Cretaceous Period, make sure you buy your T-Rex outfit online at Costume SuperCenter. Everyone's been a fan of dinosaurs at some point, so revitalize your love for the Tyrannosaurus with a brand new costume!

T-Rex Costume Ideas

Among all species that have walked the earth, there is one king to rule them all - the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex is arguably the most popular dinosaur of all time. They're also the most fearsome predator in terms of size, power, and speed. Of all the carnivorous dinosaurs to have existed, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has had the most complete fossil collection, allowing paleontologists the luxury of recreating the most iconic predator of all time. That prestige has only led to popularity and recognition throughout pop culture. If you were to ask anyone to name a single dinosaur, the T-Rex would be most people's first choice. That iconography has led to a bevy of great costumes for Halloween, as kids everywhere love pretending to recreate the ferocious roar heard in movies. The T-Rex stands tall among his peers, even as new predators have been uncovered that are either larger or more efficient killers. But nobody tops the king, and the T-Rex will continue to stalk our imagination and hearts for years to come. Be prepared to see your kids roar when they put these costumes on so make sure you get ready to order early!

Learn More About T-Rex

Despite its tremendous look and vicious nature, the Tyrannosaurus Rex still has a few mysteries that baffle paleontologists. For instance, was the majority of its body simply covered in reptilian skin or did it also have feathers like some of its closer relatives supposedly had? Did you also know that the T-Rex was incorrectly drawn in the 19th century as standing upright much like a kangaroo? Thanks to the further work of paleontologists, it was discovered that such a posture would be impossible for the creature to assume without critical muscle failure - the Jurassic Park franchise actually nailed down a faithful recreation of what the creature must have looked like with its hunched over posture! The T-Rex also had superior sight, better than some hawk species, but it hunted using its superior sense of smell. In fact, the T-Rex might have been more of a scavenger than an outright predator! Its speed is still a subject of debate among scientists, but its thighs and calves were incredibly muscular so that it could support its weight, leading some to believe that the legendary creature could also have been a high-powered locomotive. Lastly, one of the most striking features about the king of all dinosaurs was its rows of serrated teeth, with the largest tooth recorded at twelve inches long. To learn more about dinosaurs, check out our dinosaur infographic!