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Adult Tiger Costume Mask Accessory
Take your Halloween into the deep dark jungle when your tiger costume includes this Adult Tiger Costume Mask Accessory! You are ready for any Halloween adventure with this durable and exciting tiger mask that is just waiting to elevate your costume to levels you never thought possible. Develop a complete character and you have a costume look that is guaranteed to be remembered and talked about. Add some fake blood and Tiger claws for a terrifying Halloween creature that will have the crowd screaming.
Adult Women's Cool Cat Wig
If you want to look like someone who may or may not have killed her husband, our Adult Women's Cool Cat Wig is the perfect Tiger King costume. With this Carole Baskin wig, you're going to get everyone talking about Tiger King all over again. In these long hippie locks, you'll wish you had a couple live tigers to hang out with, or a husband to murder! Instead, you'll have a super realistic Carole Baskin wig, which is just as good.
Classic Kids Tiger Jumpsuit Costume
Get your little wild child ready for Halloween with this Classic Kids Tiger Jumpsuit Costume! Including jumpsuit, headpiece and gloves, they have a jungle cat look that is equal parts fierce and adorable. Perfect for the family who loves wildlife and takes trips to the zoo. A great choice for any costumed event throughout the year and just everyday play time. Take this look to the next level when you add tiger accessories that will make their costume even more dynamic and fun. Comfortable and made of high-quality materials.
Adult Men's Tiger Mullet Wig
Everyone's favorite shocker Netflix show is back with your Adult Men's Tiger Mullet Wig! With this mullet wig, you're going to look just like the polyamorous patriarch of the Tiger King clan. Whether you're hanging out with your tigers or just chilling with your wife, you're sure to make everyone in the room ask--did Carole kill her husband? No matter what you think really happened, this mullet wig will make it easy to get everyone's opinions.
Tiger Trainer Mullet Hat
Classic Tiger Costume Accessory Combo Pack
You've got the coolest tiger costume in the jungle when you are wearing this Classic Tiger Costume Accessory Combo Pack! This set of tiger costume pieces is a terrific and convenient way to take a plane and normal tiger suit and turn it into a fearsome Halloween predator that is ready to thrill an entire party. Comfortable and made of high-quality materials for a set of accessories that are never a hassle to wear. Don't forget fake blood to turn your tiger into a horrifying maneater.
Classic Tiger Costume Mask Accessory
This Classic Tiger Costume Mask Accessory is just the peace you have been looking for to take your tiger costume from tame to wild. Durable, comfortable and with a snug fit every time, this tiger mask is a convenient all purpose costume accessory that can give any old costume or outfit a completely new twist and town. Fearsome and fun, you will love the reaction you get in this memorable and exciting mask. Don't forget to add a pair of tiger claws to your costume for a Halloween suit with even more dimension and character development.