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Uncle Sam Costumes

Uncle Sam's suit and white hair makes him one of the most recognizable icons in American history next to the Statue of Liberty. As the personification of the United States, Uncle Sam was the face of patriotism on US Army recruitment posters during World War II. His red, white and blue stars and stripes ensemble combined with his white hair and beard, commanding, "I Want You" was symbolic of the father of our nation calling to you duty. He is still a strong symbol of American culture today. Uncle Sam costumes sell best during certain times of the year. One is tax season when the costume is worn by men to advertise tax preparation companies and flag in customers. The others are during the patriotic holidays Memorial Day and 4th of July where it is common to see someone in an Uncle Sam outfit marching as the Grand Marshal in the parade.

Uncle Sam Costume Ideas and Tips

Feel the spirit of America flow through your veins and embrace your patriotic side with these amazing costumes and accessories from our Uncle Sam costume collection! If you don’t feel undying love for the red, white, and blue after wearing one of these costumes, then who knows what will. Featuring costumes and accessories for the entire family, even the little ones can represent their home country with pride. Whether it’s the fourth of July, Labor Day, or any other American holiday, you can rest assured know that you have the perfect costumes lined up and ready. Need the perfect American costume but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Not to worry! You can spot the iconic uncle same look with one of our fake beards! Need some epic fourth of July party favors! we have those too! Everyone can become a part of your next American celebration with costumes and accessories from the Uncle Sam Costume collection.

Uncle Sam Adult Costume
We want YOU to buy this Patriotic Uncle Sam costume for Halloween this year! Show your patriotic this Halloween when you show up at your party in this ensemble. The outfit comes with a deep blue jacket emblazoned with silver buttons on the sides. The flaps of the coat have red and white diagonal stripes on them. The pants are also designed with a red and white vertical stripe pattern, as is the included bow tie. The big top hat is embellished with large red and white vertical stripes and features a blue band all the way around the rim that is decorated with white stars. This costume is a great outfit for Halloween or even for a Fourth of July celebration! Purchase an Uncle Sam beard and wig set, a pair of colonial shoes, or white gloves, each sold here separately, to complete this outfit.
Uncle Sam Child Costume
We want you to buy this Uncle Sam Child Costume so your boy or girl can wear it for Halloween or a patriotic holiday like Independence Day. Available in small, medium or large, this garb includes long white and red pants, top hat, long-sleeve top and a red and white bowtie. Highlighted on the blue jacket are white button accents on front and a white and red striped lapels. The pants are striped as well. Topping off the festive look is a red, white and blue hat. There are so many uses for this outfit. Put it in a dress up box for everyday pretend play. This is also playful garb to wear to a community event or parade on a U.S. national holiday. The costume does not come with a goatee, gloves, shoes or shirt.
Adult Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume
Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or the Fourth of July, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Adult Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume! Celebrate your love for your country while all decked out in this patriotic attire. Complete with a bright blue tailcoat, a pair of red and white striped pants, and a matching white shirtfront, you can't go wrong with this fun get-up. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your USA attire needs!
Uncle Sam Beard
Accessorize your Uncle Sam costume with our Uncle Sam Beard. Add Uncle Sam's iconic long white beard with this fun fake beard! Dress up as Uncle Sam for parades or holidays and accessorize with our Uncle Sam Beard!
Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat for Adults
Proudly represent your country this Halloween! The embodiment of America, Uncle Sam, has been around since the 19th century. Don his outfit as a show of patriotic flair! Of course, no Uncle Sam outfit is complete without the top hat! Try on this colorful and patriotic Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat for Adults! The hat is the fitting addition to this great costume. Order it online with fast shipping!
Uncle Sam Wig and Beard Set
We want you to achieve a likeness that's unbelievable to everyone. With our Uncle Sam Wig and Beard Set you can channel one of the most prolific American figures. It's a fantastic way to show your American spirit that'll look great for Halloween or a Fourth of July gathering. Make it apart of your next celebration!
Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult
We want you to have the best Halloween you've ever had! When you don this Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult costume you'll have the entire party thinking you hopped right out of the poster! You'll be the patriot of the ball when you walk in as a fun loving proud American couple if you decide to do a pairing! This outfit comes with everything you'll need to show your stars and stripes! A beautiful blue vest with a red and white stripped breast trim. With a white vest front, it'll complement and pop extravagantly with the bright blue vest. It also comes with a matching pair of red and white pants that tie the patriotic aura together! Make sure you add a few extra bits of flair to your American pride outfit including a white beard, or even Uncle Sam's signature top hat! The party will give you a salute and a drink when you strut in wearing our Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult.
Uncle Sam Sequin Large Deluxe Adult Costume
You'll be the highlight of the whole parade in this bright and eye catching Uncle Sam costume! The Sequin Uncle Sam Adult is a men's costume depicting the classic Uncle Sam look with dazzling sequins all over. The three piece costume set includes the jacket, matching vest, and costume pants. The costume is done in red, white, and blue and features stripes all over to match the look of the American flag. The costume features a long jacket with large lapels, bright blue sequins all over, and red and white stripes on the lapels and cuffs. The vest is solid white and the pants match in red and white vertical stripes. The sequins on this costume make it really stand out and add a fun and festive accent. This costume is perfect for the Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, President's Day, and patriotic holidays throughout the year!
Uncle Sam Adult Plus Costume
Get ready to go out and rev up the masses of young men this country needs to go out into battle to protect our freedom. An energetic and cool recruiter is necessary to bring in hordes of people that are ready to sign up and join the military and they will be eager to do so after you give them a good pep talk dressed in this Uncle Sam Adult Plus Costume. Show your patriotic side and let everyone know you're serious about being an American with a star-spangled outfit on consisting of white and red striped pants that match the large lapels featured on a an all blue tail coat with white buttons. Continue the flag theme with a striped bow tie and giant top hat with stars going around the rim to catch the eyes of your fellow patriots who will salute you as you march down the street in this Uncle Sam Adult Plus Costume.
Uncle Sam Patriot Hat
Whether it's the Fourth of July or you're just feeling patriotic as ever, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Uncle Sam Patriot Hat! Perfect for barbeques and firework shows, this awesome red, white, and blue hat comes in a fun and festive top hat design. Pair this hat with any number of our red, white, and blue patriotic gear and attire, and you'll really be showing your colors. Buy your patriotic hat today, and go celebrate America in style!
Uncle Sam Pet Costume
Uncle Sam Inflatable One-Size Costume for Adults
Absolutely perfect for Fourth of July or Halloween, this Uncle Sam Inflatable One-Size Costume for Adults is the can't miss new costume work that everyone is talking about! Powered by concealed fans, this lightweight and complete costume is ready to give you an unforgettable entrance into any celebration this year! Check out all of our patriotic accessories to maximize this look! Order now while supplies last!