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Unicorn Costumes

When you shop for a unicorn costume with us, you'll be transported to a magical world of rainbows and glitter! Unicorns are all the rage right now, and they're always a popular option for anyone. Whether you're looking for a girl's unicorn costume or a women's unicorn costume, your next Halloween look is sure to be an amazing one if you grab one of these unicorn outfits. Fast shipping and reliable service will make sure you get your unicorn costume or onesie, so you can go on and wear your horn proudly.

Unicorn Costume Ideas

When thinking of mythical creatures, one stands out as more majestic and magical than all others put together. Unicorns have been an enduring symbol of fun and wonder way before anyone was thinking about trick-or-treating, theme parties or the concept of costume contests. Yet any occasion for costuming is undoubtedly not without one of these sparkling and enigmatic equine. There's something about that unicorn horn that takes everything intriguing and lovely about the everyday horse and cranks it up to a level of galloping on rainbows and non-stop glittering. For the fun-loving and light-hearted among us, you are hard-pressed to find a more appropriate mascot for self-expression and fantasy. Whether young or old, everybody has wished they could escape the everyday grind on the back of a wild one-horned steed, fueled on sparkles and fairy dust. And since, to date, not one of these frustratingly fictional animals has granted one of these wishes, the closest we can come is to channel their mojo through costume and celebration. With a variety of styles for the entire family, we are your one-stop shop for all the unicorn costumes, accessories and party supplies you could ever need to let your inner unicorn out to play.

Unicorn Infographic

Did you know that unicorns are said to have the ability to divine truth from the dishonest? Are you aware that even if you were able to capture a unicorn, that it is impossible to tame them in the traditional sense like one can of horse? The mythos and legends of unicorns are as numerous and never ending as our fascinations with them. Before you adorn yourself in your unicorn finery, take a moment to learn as much as you can about these mythical creatures so that you have a more dimensional and richer Halloween experience than just putting on a costume. From ancient stories that have been passed down to the unicorn's significance in contemporary pop culture, there is no end to the interesting things the story of the unicorn has to offer. Click on over to our unicorn infographic located in our costume blog to load yourself up with more amazing facts about your favorite horned ponies.