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Unicorn Costumes

When you shop for a unicorn costume with us, you'll be transported to a magical world of rainbows and glitter! Unicorns are all the rage right now, and they're always a popular option for anyone. Whether you're looking for a girl's unicorn costume or a women's unicorn costume, your next Halloween look is sure to be an amazing one if you grab one of these unicorn outfits. Fast shipping and reliable service will make sure you get your unicorn costume or onesie, so you can go on and wear your horn proudly.

Unicorn Costume Ideas

When thinking of mythical creatures, one stands out as more majestic and magical than all others put together. Unicorns have been an enduring symbol of fun and wonder way before anyone was thinking about trick-or-treating, theme parties or the concept of costume contests. Yet any occasion for costuming is undoubtedly not without one of these sparkling and enigmatic equine. There's something about that unicorn horn that takes everything intriguing and lovely about the everyday horse and cranks it up to a level of galloping on rainbows and non-stop glittering. For the fun-loving and light-hearted among us, you are hard-pressed to find a more appropriate mascot for self-expression and fantasy. Whether young or old, everybody has wished they could escape the everyday grind on the back of a wild one-horned steed, fueled on sparkles and fairy dust. And since, to date, not one of these frustratingly fictional animals has granted one of these wishes, the closest we can come is to channel their mojo through costume and celebration. With a variety of styles for the entire family, we are your one-stop shop for all the unicorn costumes, accessories and party supplies you could ever need to let your inner unicorn out to play.

Unicorn Infographic

Did you know that unicorns are said to have the ability to divine truth from the dishonest? Are you aware that even if you were able to capture a unicorn, that it is impossible to tame them in the traditional sense like one can of horse? The mythos and legends of unicorns are as numerous and never ending as our fascinations with them. Before you adorn yourself in your unicorn finery, take a moment to learn as much as you can about these mythical creatures so that you have a more dimensional and richer Halloween experience than just putting on a costume. From ancient stories that have been passed down to the unicorn's significance in contemporary pop culture, there is no end to the interesting things the story of the unicorn has to offer. Click on over to our unicorn infographic located in our costume blog to load yourself up with more amazing facts about your favorite horned ponies.

Rainbow Unicorn Sexy Costume
Bring out the magic of any special occassion when you have on the Rainbow Unicorn Sexy Costume. This wonderful, fun-filled outfit will definitely get you lots of attention as you show your true colors. It's the perfect piece to remind others that imagination goes a long way!
Light Up Horn Unicorn
If you're dressing up as a unicorn this Halloween, the you of course are going to need a magical horn to complete the look! Lucky for you, the Light Up Horn Unicorn Accessory will certainly have you feeling enchanted as ever. With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful white light-up horn that will have everyone admiring you wherever you go. Spread your unicorn magic and grace the world with your presence this Halloween, all while donning this celestial horn. Buy yours today!
Felicity Unicorn Girl's Costume
Your daughter brings magic into your life every day. Allow her to do the same for your neighbors this Halloween with our Felicity Unicorn Girl's Costume. The hooded jumpsuit is a kaleidoscope of cotton candy colors, mixing blues and pinks and whites so effortlessly you'll think it is enchanted. The headpiece boasts a white mane and swirly unicorn horn to drive home the look. Your neighbors will be so impressed we're sure she'll be getting an extra candy bar or two.
Rainbow Unicorn Kids Costume
Your little angel will look magical as ever this Halloween when you pick up our Rainbow Unicorn Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your precious little girl into a truly enchanted creature. Complete with a unicorn top, a colorful tutu, a tail, a pair of gloves, and a beautiful unicorn headpiece, you don't want to miss out on this one. Buy your unicorn costume today, and then scan our site for more fun wigs, jewelry, and accessories!
Adult Rainbow Unicorn Comfywear Plus Costume
Adult Aqua Fluffies Accessory
Sassy Rainbow Unicorn Womens Plus Costume
Complete your transformation into a mystical creature that will have you the talk of all your fellow woodland creatures with the Sassy Rainbow Unicorn Womens Plus Costume. This fantasy-inspired look will put a fairytale spin on the Halloween festivities. It comes with a white long-sleeved dress with rainbow and colorful flourishes at the sleeves, as well as an attached hoodie adorned with a horn and pink mane. It comes with an additional removable tail and even furry boot covers for a complete head-to-toe offering thats ready for show time.
Adult Pink Fluffies Accessory
Adult Black Fluffies Accessory
Womens Blue Mermaid Corset
Girl's Fantasy Unicorn Onesie
Looking for the perfect combination of princess and party? Then our Girls? Fantasy Unicorn Onesie is the perfect blend of a fun Halloween costume and absolutely hilarious and comfortable lounge clothes. Slip on this easy to wear onesie and step into the hooves of a magical unicorn to prance in fields, or lounge on the couch and watch To. Give your children the gift of comfort as you pair up this costume with your most comfortable sweatpants underneath to keep nice and warm this fall. Fall in love with colorful and enjoyable costume because you might start to see it at other parts of the year as your kids might not want to take it off! So take a seat this season and get your very own onesie perfect for a night out on the spooky streets or staying in, it?s no problem for this comfortable and colorful design! So unleash your inner whimsy this Halloween with a perfect costume for comfort and style that anybody can appreciate.
Kids Rainbow Unicorn Costume
Your little angel will be spreading magic and color wherever she goes this year when she's donning our Kids Rainbow Unicorn Costume. With this enchanting set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become a celestial fairytale creature who has a knack for bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Featuring a gorgeous multi-colored rainbow dress, a pair of pretty wings, a magic wand, and a floral horned headpiece, your child is going to love this dazzling look this year.
Baby/Toddler Lama Corn Costume
Yes, we have all heard of unicorns - majestic horses with beautiful horns - but not so many of us have heard of the even more majestic Llama Corn! This Halloween, do something different and dress your little one up in this Llama Corn Infant Costume, and you'll really have a magical time. With your purchase, you will receive a precious pink furry jumpsuit, as well as a matching llama face hood with a golden spiraling horn attached. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a truly divine one!
Baby/Toddler Pastel Unicorn Costume
Put a little magic in your daughter's Halloween plans with this Pastel Girl's Unicorn Costume. Whether she is planning to go trick-or-treating or entering a school costume contest, this ensemble is ready to deliver the smiles. The blue-hooded jumpsuit is topped with a glorious horn, so no one will be guessing what she is supposed to be. Add a little rainbow face paint and glitter to complete the look.
Baby/Toddler Unicorn Costume
Turn your angel into a magical little creature this Halloween when you pick up our Unicorn Infant Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous white furry onesie adorned with beautiful rainbow print designs as well as an attached pair of golden wings and a white furry hood adorned with a golden unicorn horn. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Rainbow Unicorn Child Comfywear Costume
Adult Classic Unicorn Rainbow Wig
If you're looking for an electrifying way to spice up your unicorn costume this Halloween, check out this Adult Classic Unicorn Rainbow Wig! This rainbow wig will look perfect when you combine it with some hooves and a sparkly tail, so give everyone something to look at when you walk into a party wearing this flamboyant hairpiece. You're going to make everyone feel like they had the privilege of meeting one of the most magical creatures on earth when they see you in this!
Comfy Wear Purple Unicorn Costume
Looking for a magical yet comfortable costume to wear this Halloween? Then look no further than our Comfy Wear Purple Unicorn Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful hooded unicorn onesie which will keep you feeling warm and snug all night long. Enter the party donning this special get-up, and you'll instantly steal the show. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Despicable Me Fluffy Pet Costume
If your pup is always involved in the Halloween family buzz, make sure they aren't left out this time around. The Despicable Me Fluffy Pet Costume will transform him into the most beloved Despicable Me characters. He can be a part of the fun with this comfortable costume completely safe for him!
Fantasy Unicorn Mask
Unicorns are indeed fantasies and creatures of myths, fairy tales, and maybe even mythologies. Yet, they are fascinating and even majestic in their own way. A horse with a gleaming horn which is full of power and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Turn yourself into the fantasy creature, and top the costume with this unicorn themed mask. Introducing the Fantasy Unicorn Mask! Pretend like you jumped out of a parallel universe where imagination turns into reality, and attend the party as a unicorn! Whether it is Halloween, some sort of convention, or just a costume party, your unicorn costume will look even better and more interesting with this mask! Watch as people admire your look, and especially the classic horn, as you gallop across the party room! Full of possibilities, this mask can also be used with a variety of other original costumes. For instance, if you have something else planned in mind that incorporates a unicorn element, this mask could definitely come in handy.
Infant Toddler Magical Unicorn Costume
Your little one will be so cute, people won't even believe she's real! The ever-elusive unicorn is one of the most beloved mythical creatures and our Infant Toddler Magical Unicorn Costume will have your baby looking like the most adorable version of the enchanted animal ever seen. The costume features shiny white jumpsuit that will cover the mini unicorn from her neck all the way down to her toes, the feet of the costume feature skid resistant material which will make galloping away all the more easier. The jumpsuit features a shiny pink belly and matching arm cuffs. The costume also comes complete with a white hood with shiny pink ears, hot pink hair, and a golden horn rising out of the horse-like plush head. The magical unicorn is not only a costume of beauty, it's a costume of convenience with snaps along the legs for easy diaper change.
Ladies Unicorn Costume
Do you believe in fairytales? What about magic? Okay, how about unicorns? I thought so. Show you believe with the Ladies Unicorn Costume. This costume will instantly transport you to the land of majestic creatures like ligers and bigfoot and unicorns. Somewhere over the rainbow is a unicorn like you. Picking up this costume for your next Halloween party or event is sure to be a hit with any other believer in the room.
Baby/Toddler Pastel Unicorn Dress Costume
Any kid who likes unicorns and princess ballerinas will love this Pastel Girl's Unicorn Dress for Halloween. The hooded dress may be topped with the face of an adorable unicorn, but that's not even the best part. The dress itself is a kaleidoscopic rainbow of frilly lace and pastel colors! It's safe to say that your kid will be the most enchanting little darling to hit the trick-or-treat trail this Halloween.
Unicorn Headband
Girls Ride On Unicorn Costume
Fantasy Unicorn Make-Up Kit Accessory
You can bless everyone with a happy Halloween when you wear our Fantasy Unicorn Make-Up Kit Accessory! With this unicorn make-up, you can do not only your face, but your horn as well, so that you look perfect for your big party this year. Make your whole costume sparkle with this make-up, and youre sure to shine your brightest. Dont be surprised if small animals flock to you when they see you looking pure and innocent in this make-up.
Girls Ride-A-Unicorn Costume
Almost every child has wanted to ride a unicorn at least once in their life. Your child can live her dream on Halloween or for everyday playtime with this Ride-A-Unicorn costume for girls! It's said that only a gentle maiden can tame a unicorn, so this costume is the perfect choice for your daughter! It includes a soft unicorn body with a hole for her to step through and look like she's riding it. The unicorn features a pink satin saddle and pink ribbons around its legs, as well as a light pink bridle and reins. Matching pink straps go over any outfit she likes. Make sure you look for all sorts of cool accessories like a princess tiara or a magic wand!
Light Up Unicorn Cape With Hood Costume
You can really make your pet shine on Halloween when you use our Light Up Unicorn Cape With Hood Costume to bring some extra glam into your night! When you suit up your dog in this dramatic hood and cape, everyone is going to want to know who that enigmatic unicorn following you around on Halloween is. Check out the horn on this hood and youre sure to agree that only the most magical and pure creatures in fantasy could even possess it!
Rainbow Unicorn Latex Mask
What are unicorns usually associated with? That's right, rainbows! Rainbows and unicorns go very well together, which is why you see a rainbow behind or somewhere next to a unicorn on posters, wallpapers, and any other decoration you might think of. You probably have even seen a unicorn gallop across a rainbow bridge or something like that! Thinking of becoming the beloved mythical creature for Halloween, or for a fun themed party? Why not choose to be a unicorn, and upgrade the costume with this latex mask? Introducing the Rainbow Unicorn Latex Mask. Become the interesting and mystical creature for the event, and watch as others try to pet you, or try to touch your horn. Plus, the colors of the rainbow grace the mask, which means that your look is spot on! Just don't forget to find a costume with a rainbow tail so that the mask matches the costume. That way, you are almost like the real deal...except that you walk on twos, not fours.
Sexy Pastel Pony Womens Plus Costume
Transform yourself into the most beautiful creature in the forest this Halloween with the Sexy Pastel Pony Womens Plus Costume. If you love unicorns, fantasy and/or adventure then be sure to pick up this alluring outfit that will have adventurers and questing heroes feeling the heat. It comes with a lovely ensemble that includes a padded dress with gold accents, plus a flower unicorn headpiece with horn, as well as a petticoat and a waist cincher to enhance your figure even further.