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Kids Deluxe Where's Waldo Costume
Look through inch of the page to find him. Maybe if you are wearing the Kids Deluxe Where's Waldo Costume, you will easily see where he is at! It takes dressing up like the famous book character to actually know how to spot him in the popular search and find books. Waldo could be in a park, on a ferris wheel, or just blending in with the crowd. Luckily he has unique features which allow him to stand out a bit. Your order comes with everything necessary to have everyone spotting you as well. Orders come with a knitted sweater featuring the iconic red and white striped design. A matching hat is included as well as a pair of glasses. Choose this Where?s Waldo costume for your little one to enjoy on Halloween night, during dress up parties, or just to walk around and see how many people can find them! It is fun playing Where?s Waldo but even cooler to become him.
Adult Where's Waldo Deluxe Costume
Head out on some adventures in our Adult Where's Waldo Deluxe Costume. He is the popular book character that must be found on every page! For decades, the Where?s Waldo books have entertained children and adults alike. Look around for Waldo in crowds whether he is at a mall, in a castle, or visiting ancient Rome! This order comes with all the necessary items required to become Waldo. You receive a knitted sweater made up of red and white stripes. A matching hat and pair of glasses are also included. Play the part of this walking wanderer thanks to our Where?s Waldo costume. You will be a hit during Halloween gatherings, dress up parties, cosplay conventions and other busy places. Blend in with everyone and see how many people can spot you! If you need to add more to the appearance, browse around for a cane, backpack, binoculars and other accessories.
Adult Where's Waldo Odlaw Costume
Attempt to bring Waldo?s fun journeys to a halt in our Adult Where's Waldo Odlaw Costume. This nemesis of the popular book character is always trying to stop Waldo from enjoying his travels around the world. He wants the magical walking stick for himself and always has a bad deed up his sleeve. Many readers of the Where?s Waldo books or those who have seen the animated series will know Odlaw as such a dastardly person. This particular order comes with everything needed to portray Odlaw. You receive a shirt featuring his yellow and black stripes. A matching hat and pair of glasses are also included. All you need to do is give yourself a little moustache and you are good to go. Wear this Odlaw costume to Halloween parties, cosplay conventions and other events. Now, you just need to follow around any Waldo you come across and wait for the perfect moment!
Deluxe Where's Waldo Hat
Literally blend in to any crowd this Halloween with the Deluxe Where?s Waldo Hat. A striped sweater and jeans is no costume at all, but add this hilarious beanie and voila, you?re now one of America?s most beloved hidden-in-plain-sight characters. Make the entire city your puzzle, order the Deluxe Where?s Waldo Hat today!