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Adult Betsy Ross Costume
Stitch that flag together while in our Adult Betsy Ross Costume. She is known in history as designing the American flag which represented the Thirteen Colonies. Orders come as a modest dress with apron in front. It does have a pastel blue and pink design to stand out just a bit back in the day. Now, you can become Betsy Ross for upcoming patriotic events and reenactments. Find a flag to wave around and you will be all set!
Womens Pioneer Costume
Walk into the party wearing the Womens Pioneer Costume, and you'll be making new friends all night long! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful pink dress, a white apron, and a pretty pink matching bonnet. Pair this look with a matching wig from our site and you'll be ready for Halloween in an instant. Buy your pioneer costume today, and go make this Halloween a night you will never forget!
Classic Liberty Womens Costume
You'll be looking like the Statue of Liberty and feeling like a million bucks when you buy the Classic Liberty Women's Costume! This Halloween is the perfect time to show off your patriotic spirit and your love for the United States of America. Wave around the national flag of red white and blue, sing a bunch of American songs - like the National Anthem and God Bless America - and remind everyone you see why we live in the best country on planet Earth right now. With your purchase of this costume, you'll receive everything you need to feel like the number one spokesperson of America itself. Everyone is going to love having you around this Halloween. The second you step into the party, don't be surprised if everyone places their hands upon their hearts and starts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Pick up your Classic Liberty Women's Costume today, and make this year an extraordinarily American one!
Elizabethan Queen Costume for Women
You will feel powerful and regal as ever this Halloween when you get all dolled up in our Elizabethan Queen Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the most royal gal to walk into the party this year. Featuring a gorgeous black dress adorned with maroon and gold designs, as well as a matching corset with attached drapes, you don't want to miss out on this elegant attire. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for matching jewelry and a wig!
American Flag Sequin Dress for Women
This American Flag Sequin Dress for Women is the new Patriotic style that will be taking Fourth of July by storm! This sparkling Beacon of patriotism is just what you need to turn heads at this year's Memorial Day picnic! Made of high-quality materials for a Dependable fit whether you are watching a parade or attending a firework show! Create a party mascot that will have crowds cheering same to you add items from our epic selection of patriotic costumes and accessories for adults!
Felt Bonnet Adult
Dressing like you're from olden days this Halloween? Add an air of authenticity to your costume with the Felt Bonnet Adult! This black bonnet ties with a black ribbon so it will easily stay on all night whether you're going to a costume party or taking your kids trick-or-treating. Wear it with a pilgrim costume and reuse it for Thanksgiving or pair it with a Colonial or Victorian costume. Go back in time when you wear the felt bonnet for adults!
Adult White Silk Parasol Accessory
Womens Captivating Cavegirl Costume
Womens Sexy Oh Beautiful! Costume
Adult Rosie the Riveter Costume
This item honors the brave women who fought during World War II and everyone else who idolizes them since then. This Rosie the Riveter Adult Costume is definitely a unique ensemble that we are sure no one else will think of dressing up as. That's the best part about this item. You won't ever have to worry about someone else stealing your look.
Statue Of Liberty Adult Costume
No man is an island, but this woman is. Wear our Statue of Liberty Adult Costume and put a smile on any patriot's face! This three-piece set comes with a long green gown that falls all the way to your ankles. The three-quarter sleeves have a loose fit so that you can hold that torch as high as you'd like. The elasticized scoop neck will stop it from slipping down as you greet newcomers. Sling the included drape over your shoulder to give yourself a regal look, its ties keeping it fastened at your back. The included foam crown has seven points and window detail, giving you your iconic profile. Pop it on to finish this Statue of Liberty Adult Costume and you'll have everyone knocking on your front door! Add on a torch and prop book, both available here.
Lady Liberty Adult Costume
Better be careful if you go to visit the chimpanzees at the zoo. After all, wear our Lady Liberty Adult Costume there and you just might lose your head! The flowing gown reaches all the way to your ankles is a light green color. The three-quarter sleeves have a loose fit, making sure you can raise that torch high above your head. A drape is sewn into the front to save you the hassle of constantly readjusting it. The look wouldn't be complete without your crown cap made from molded vinyl. Seven spikes reach out from the sides of the crown decorated with black window details. Pop it on and you'll be ready for your visitors! You need to look good when newcomers stop by your place. Pair it with green face paint, a torch, and a prop book (sold here) so you can welcome them in! Great for Halloween, Fourth of July, and Planet of the Apes parties.
Colonial Woman Costume for Adults
This Colonial Woman Costume for Adults is the historic costume that looks ripped straight from the pages of a history book! Take a trip back in time with this high-quality dress costume and bonnet that will teleport you back to the early days of our country! Turn this into a look all your own and you have a style everyone will remember! Find everything you need when you shop all of our historic costumes and accessories for adults! Don't wait! Your fun begins when you order today!
Marie Antoinette Wig
Spruce up your 18th century costume this Halloween with the Marie Antoinette wig accessory. Why go through hours of teasing, pinning and wrapping up your do when all you need is this classic white wig? Add a little class to any Halloween party with this sophisticated headpiece. Whisk away to renaissance France whenever a costumed event turns up, much like Marie herself. Pair the wig with a handheld mask and flowing gown to really complete the look. It's the best way to play dress up as an adult!
Colonial Lady Costume for Adults
Before the United States was its own county, it was just a colony of England. Life was tough but the clothes were fashionable at the time. The Colonial Lady Costume for Adults is the choice outfit for any discerning lady of the times, including Betsy Ross and Martha Washington.
Women's Mop Hat
The best way to complement that great olden fashion is with our Women's Mop Hat. You can finish your colonial dress by donning this fun hat and really selling the aura. With a chic white hue and lace trim, this hat is bound to make your getup that much better. Have it be the final piece of your attire.
Costume - Queen Elizabeth Adult
You can rule the waves as the ruler of the greatest empire in the world when you go out in our Costume - Queen Elizabeth Adult! As the strongest queen in English history you can conquer any new lands you set your mind to, as well as ruling your court with an iron fist. Shakespeare is sure to write you some choice verses when you go out in this magnificent dress with stand-up collar, so long may you reign.
Regency Blue Lace Dress for Adults
Adult Red Silk Parasol Accessory
Adult Red Lace Parasol Accessory
Adult Pink Silk Parasol Accessory
Adult Deluxe Satin Pink Parasol Accessory
Womens Sexy Star Spangled Sweetie Costume
Womens Sexy Barbarian Beauty Costume
Womens Red Southern Belle Costume
True Southern gentlemen will be taken aback by your astounding beauty and grace when you enter like a debutante wearing this Women's Red Southern Belle Costume! This elaborate ensemble captures the elegance of the Old South with a red satin gown complete with an underskirt and a hoop that creates the classic silhouette. The skirt is decorated with charming black bows and a ruffled hem. This dress features a black belt attached around the feminine waistline, as well as an enticing off-the-shoulder neckline and puffed sleeves. The hair bow, choker, and gloves pictured here are not included, but similar styles are available elsewhere on our website. We also carry wigs in a variety of ornate curled styles and colors to complete your look. You'll be the belle of the ball when you show off your poise and good looks in this Women's Red Southern Belle Costume!
Pilgrim Lady Costume
Gather to Be Grateful in our Pilgrim Lady Costume. Black and white customary top and bottom get put together in our one piece dress. Cuffs and trim with lace and bountiful white bonnet with chin tie included. Whatever your feast, may it be blessed. Adult, women's sizing.
Prairie Lady Adult Costume
Even when they were traveling through uncharted territory in stagecoach caravans, women in the 1800s had impeccable style. This Prairie Lady Adult Costume authentically recreates the fashions of the American Frontier for your Halloween party or historical reenactment. With gigot sleeves, a full floor length skirt, and a fitted bodice, this grey dress captures the feminine silhouette of the time period. It features a high collar, a white belt, and white lace trim on the bodice, cuffs, and skirt. This dress comes with a coordinating lace trimmed bonnet. We carry wigs with elegant curls as well as old fashioned lace up boots to help you complete your historical look. This Prairie Lady Adult Costume is perfect for any woman who wants to capture the adventurous spirit of the families that bravely settled the American Frontier in the 19th century.
Adult Colonial Woman Costume
Our Adult Colonial Woman Costume transports to you back to the 1700s with an outfit that matches the fashion of the era. This costume is great for historical projects or reenactments and costume parties like Halloween. The costume features a long sleeved top and a floor length skirt, as conservative style was common back then. The solid black outfit features bow accents at the neckline and chest for a nice touch and the open and ruffled lace cuffs were a common element of dresses in the 18th century. Don't forget to visit our accessories section for Colonial style wigs, themed jewelry, and other fun props to add to your Colonial Woman costume. Decade themed outfits are always a fun choice for costume parties and our Adult Colonial Woman Costume can be the highlight of any party. Order yours today!
Cavewoman Costume for Adults
Get back to the basics this Halloween and order the Cavewoman Costume for Adults. Prehistoric humans had very basic clothing but they could still be stylish. Fashion began at the same time humans began putting on clothing. Jewelry soon followed. Come out of the cave and head to the Halloween party.
Adult Colonial Woman Gray Costume
Feel like you just jumped right into a history book when you put on this Adult Colonial Woman Gray Costume! Perfect for Halloween and school plays, this multi-piece dress costume gives you a historic style that is a consistent favorite year after year. Great for any costumed event. Go with an outfit that can be played for drama or horror when you just add makeup pieces and other items from our huge selection of accessories! When you customize your look it automatically becomes more powerful and memorable!