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Womens Horror & Gothic

Gore fans, ghouls and revelers of carnage, purchase a scary women's costume today. Whether dead sexy is the goal or simply disturbing, the perfect women's horror costume is sure to satisfy your uncouth, haunting or homicidal Halloween whim. Buy a women's horror costume today!

Women's Horror & Gothic Costume Ideas and Tips

Halloween was meant for those who are bold, and a little bit dark in style. Ladies now is the perfect time to let those inner gothic vibes loose and step into one of our incredible costumes from the Women’s Horror and Gothic Costume collection. Nothing says spooky much like an undead zombie bride, or blood-sucking vampire. These and so many more exciting costumes and accessories can be found in this dark collection.Feeling a little vintage? We have the perfect goth steampunk costume for you! From short and sexy skirts to the iconic catsuit, there are so many different styles of costumes to choose from. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, try on one of our sexy style costumes. Looking for a style that is a little more authentic and bold? Look for our stunning, gothic Victorian dresses! With a costume for every woman out there, there will be no shortage of horror and gothic costumes this Halloween season.

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

Double, double, toil and trouble! How much do you know about the world's most well-known witches? Our Seven Famous Witches infographic details all the most famous stories of the world's sorceresses. If you'd like to get yourself into magic drab, there are options abound! From witches and wizards of Harry Potter to the classic witches of Wizard of Oz fame, there's a costume look for you.

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

There are so many Horror Movie Statistics that you may not know! Do you know when the first horror movie was made, or what the largest budget for a horror movie was? Check out this infographic and find out! Lovers of ghosts, lovers of goblins, fans of Frankenstein, and members of the mummy club can all find a fact to love!

Multicolor Witch Black Purple And Green Wig Adult
Brewing up some trouble? Make sure that you maintain your devilish attire with our Multicolor Witch Black Purple And Green Wig. Long flowing hair with streaks of green, purple and black all throughout. Our wig can accent not only a witch's attire, but make a punk outfit even tougher! Have this wig be a fantastic addition to your costume.
Adult Sexy Red Boots
Adult Women's Evil Doll Costume
Who said Chucky costumes were just for the guys? With our Adult Women's Evil Doll Costume, you can go out as the most memorable evil doll in horror history just the same! These creepy overalls and undershirt are going to make you feel like you're the ghoul that gave you and your friends nightmares when you were kids. None of your friends are going to be playing with dolls anytime soon when they see you in this costume!
Elvira Wig Licensed
Elvira is the Mistress of Darkness has become the iconic costume for the Halloween season. Finish off your Elvira costume with this wig! The Elvira Wig is a black synthetic teased hair wig. You will be ready to hit any Halloween party when you wear this wig with your Elvira costume!
Adult Carrie 1976 Costume
You'll be scaring the daylights out of all your old high school friends this year when you show up to the party wearing our Adult Carrie 1976 Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to seek your revenge on all those cruel and nasty teenage bullies. Featuring a blood-stained printed red dress, a matching red sash, and a silver prom tiara, you'll have everybody running for the door when you come in sporting this spooky attire!
Adult Witch Heels
Spaced-Out Womens Plus Costume
Enjoy your vacation on Earth this Halloween and do remember to stop by the costume party, youve already got a look going after all thanks to your Spaced Out Womens Plus Costume. This Terran outfit is just what youve been searching for to safely blend in amongst the Earthers thanks to its goofy green shirt with alien face, silver leggings and antennae combination. Nobody will ever know you were there thanks to this sneaky disguise.
Adult Witch Shoe Covers with Gold Buckles
Don't spend a fortune on expensive footwear when you can add these adult witch shoe covers to your favorite shoes! They're black with curled up toes and feature gold buckles with a bewitching spiderweb pattern.
Black Witch Boots
Sail through the night sky in style with these coven classics. No broom rider should be caught dead without a pair of Black Witch Boots. When combined with a black hat, dress, and some nasty makeup, these boots will build the perfect witch costume! Shop from our online catalog for big savings!
Womens Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume
All souls will arise when you're in the Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume. No matter your size, you can enjoy this lovely Halloween costume that comes with a dark flair. Everyone will love your original take on an undead costume. Make it a look all your own by adding any accessories you'd like. The Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume comes with a long, beautiful gown to make you feel like a graveyard goddess this Halloween.
Standard Elvira Halloween Sensation Costume
You'll look stunning as ever this Halloween when you strut into the party wearing the Standard Elvira Halloween Sensation Costume! The world will feel like it's in slow motion when you enter all decked out in this gorgeous black dress. Complete with a matching belt as well as a pretty ceremonial dagger, you'll be making new friends all night long. Buy your Elvira costume today, and go make this Halloween a night as beautiful as you are!
Adult Flame Heels
Adult Red Mary Jane Shoes
Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume
This versatile Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume is a must have addition to your costume wardrobe. The full-length black robe lined in red and features a front panel of red highlighted with black satin crisscross lacing. The outfit also features long sleeves that flare out past the elbows. What will you be when you put on this garb? Wear it alone and you can be a mysterious maiden. If you want to transform into a sultry vampiress, just order some fangs and fake blood from us. Or order a sword and be a warrior maiden. Purchase a crystal ball or a staff so that you can be a sorceress. A cauldron would be a great accessory for a witch. Other accessories to consider are jewelry, makeup and footwear.
Adult Witch Of Darkness Costume
You'll be looking enchanting as ever this year when you get all dressed up in our Adult Witch Of Darkness Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to brew potions, conjure spirits, and cast spells like a natural-born sorceress. Featuring a beautiful dark dress, a matching belt, and a witch hat, you are going to be soaring through the sky on your broom in no time when you're wearing this one.
Space Empress Womens Costume
You'll be looking like a sexy alien goddess from the year 3000 when you put on the Space Empress Women's Costume! Hit the party all decked out in your space dress, and you'll have all the gals and fellas looking your way. With your purchase, you will receive one sleek and shiny hot pink dress with pointed shoulders, a silver band around the waist, and a unique silver skirt bottom. Pair this dress with silver glovelettes, a cute silver wig, a futuristic blaster gun, and a ton of other accessories from our site for a really cool extra-terrestrial look. Team up with your other alien girls and boy friends this Halloween and you can all teleport to the party as a crew! Just be sure to let everybody know you come in peace, so they don't start thinking you're about to conduct a mass abduction. Buy your sexy alien costume today, and go make this Halloween a truly galactic one!
Clowns Costume For Ladies
Some people have a fear of clowns. Others love these funny people! How do you feel about them? The Clowns Costume for Ladies provides you with a clown costume to take it in any direction you want to! This time of year we encourage evil clowns. With the right makeup and accessories, you can be ready to scare anyone who comes your way - and they won't even see it coming!
Womens Sexy Zombie Waitress Costume
Womens Sexy Midnight Vampira Costume
Pennywise Costume
Hiya Georgie! Don't you want your boat? Go under the sewers and in towards your deepest fears with the Pennywise Costume. This ensemble makes for a creepy look everyone will instantly recognize. Gear up for when the new movie drops or just to give everyone a scare at your next Halloween party or event. As the creepy clown Pennywise, kids cower in fear of being eaten. Join the Loser squad and solve the mystery of Stephen King's It with a feminine twist.
Lady Midnight Costume
Embrace the night with elegance and grace with our Lady Midnight Costume. Transform yourself into a poised and powerful temptress of the season. Our beautiful dress is the perfect way to become a gorgeous dress that?ll turn you into the owner or host of your own haunted mansion. Styled after a dark gothic but still sexy and still classy dress, you?ll love the huge variety of applications ready for your own brand of hauntings and parties this season. Grab a ghoul of your very own this year to pair alongside our exceptional dress and become the haunted power couple you?ve always wanted to be. Or fly solo as a powerful heiress and host lavish parties while looking out over your guests mysteriously, you?ll never be out of options with this beautiful costume. So tempt some do-gooders this season and make the house as scary as you can with our Lady Midnight Costume.
Womens Sexy Devilish Desire Costume
Sequined (Red) Pitchfork
Be a sexy devil this Halloween with the Sequined (Red) Pitchfork! Put on your favorite red or black dress and a pair of sequined devil horns, then add the perfect accessory. This 19? red sequined pitchfork is cute and easy to carry. You'll be satanic and stylish when you add sequins to your devilish ensemble. Raise Hell this Halloween with the red sequined pitchfork!
Adult Mini Black Steampunk Top Hat
Undead Creepy Wig
Stalk the streets this Halloween as a fashionable monster. Buy the Undead Creepy Wig and show off this unique wig. The grey, white, and green wig features blunt cuts and streaks. Pair this with pale make up and fake blood to master an impressive and ghastly appearance. Rule the block as this striking undead wig!
Womens Ghostly Beauty Costume
Save the sheet with cutouts for the kids and step up your costume game this year with the Women's Ghostly Beauty Costume L. As a white/grey ghost, you can be sure that you'll haunt everyone's memories forever. This is a classic costume that you can wear over and over again - a ghost costume sure to haunt you.
Day of the Dead Costume for Adults
This year, celebrate Da de Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in style. The chic dress comes with arm warmers and leg warmers. Shop our selections of face makeup and makeup kits so that you can complete your look with sugar skull-inspired makeup.
Adult Mini Brown Steampunk Top Hat
Witch Black Wig Accessory 24
Hello, my pretty! Transform into a stunning yet ghoulish witch with this amazing Witch Black Wig Accessory 24! These midnight black long locks will utterly give those around you shudders, especially if the rest of you is dressed in a purely witch's wardrobe! Complete your witch's costume with this extravagant Witch Black Wig Accessory 24!
Women's Day of the Dead Poncho Adult Costume
When you visit your loved ones who are gone this Dia de los Muertos, you can make things more festive with this Women's Day of the Dead Poncho Adult Costume! The colorful motifs on this poncho will give you the same style as the sugar skulls and floral decorations, so you and your family can make this year the most memorable Day of the Dead yet. Wear this poncho all season to get everyone excited about the big night!