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Womens Superheroes & Villains

Nothing makes you feel like the coolest gal alive quite like a women's superhero costume, so dress like you already feel on the inside! Superhero costumes for women are great any time, meaning you don't have to wait for one day each year to dress up and save the world. Buy a female superhero costume today!

Women’s Superhero & Villain Costume Ideas and Tips

For every superhero, there’s a villain, and we have plenty of great ideas for your next Halloween costume. We’re all about a theme, and superheroes and villains are the easiest group costume to put together. We recommend first picking an overall theme, like one of your favorite DC Comics films, Justice League, or Suicide Squad. From there, it’s easy to pick individual costumes. Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, the Joker and Harley Quinn bring the Justice League and the Suicide Squad together.

If you’re not celebrating Halloween as a group, that’s OK! These costumes are so recognizable, that you’ll look great going out solo dressed as your favorite superhero or villain. Once you’ve picked your character, be sure to take your measurements (bust/chest, waist, hips, height and weight) and use the size charts for each costume to find the size that’s perfect for you. Finish your look with the perfect accessories, and you’ll be ready to fight crime - or cause a little trouble!

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

When it comes to female superheroes, it's common knowledge that none are as well-known, well-respected, or well-represented as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. With her tiara, lasso and bulletproof bracelets, the Wonder Woman costume is as famous as the hero herself. Get to know a little more about the Amazonian warrior and her super friends with this infographic; Meet the Justice League.

The Incredibles Adult Mrs. Incredible Tunic and Leggings Costume
If you're looking for the perfect couples costume or the kind of costume an entire family can get behind the Incredibles Adult Mrs. Incredible Costume is the perfect place to start. With a long black and red dress as well as a pair of matching pants, this outfit is easy and fun to wear, and helps turn you into the stretchy and super mom who is always ready to take on a Halloween challenge.
Womens Sexy Supergirl Corset Costume
Adult Gotham Knights Batgirl Costume
The Joker and Harley Quinn will be quivering in fear when they see you walk into the room this year when you're wearing our Adult Gotham Knights Batgirl Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become everybody's favorite Gotham superheroine. Featuring a purple and yellow printed costume top with a yellow Bat logo on the chest, a matching yellow cape, and a black foam mask, you're going to love this heroic look.
Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume
Pants, Top, Jacket, Belt, Tiara, Gauntlets, and Lasso. Does not include boots.
Wonder Woman Movie Sword
Complete all kinds of costumes by adding the Wonder Woman Movie Sword. This item measures 28 inches in length and is an exact copy of the version used by Wonder Woman in the film. It has engravings along the blade and an entwined hilt. It makes for a great weapon to use for knights, gladiators, and Medieval outfits.
DC Super Heroes Adult Wonder Woman Jumpsuit
Eat, breathe, and sleep your favorite Marvel superheroine while wearing our DC Super Heroes Adult Wonder Woman Jumpsuit ! Your toes will be warm and your powers will be at their peak when you go about your everyday superhero duties while wearing this comfy and empowering Wonder Woman pajama set. Kick butt as the coolest member of the Justice League without leaving the comfort of your bed in this onesie. Why hasnt Marvels casting department called you yet?!
Adult Wonder Woman Movie shield
Arm yourself with the Wonder Woman Movie Adult Shield. This item measures 23 inches across and is a replica of the one used by Wonder Woman in the film. There is an engraved design of the sun centered on the shield. Equip even more toy weapons and accessories from our Wonder Woman collection to prepare for battle.
DC Comics Batwoman Costume for Women
The Joker and Harley Quinn won't slow you down this Halloween when you head to the party wearing our Batwoman Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to keep Gotham safe and sound. Featuring a black heroic jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets, a red belt, a black and red cape, and the iconic black bat cowl mask, you're going to love this one. Buy your Batwoman costume today, and then team up with Batman and Robin for your best night yet!
Adult Deluxe Gotham Knights Batgirl Costume
Tell Batman to step aside, because when you show up to the party wearing the Adult Deluxe Gotham Knights Batgirl Costume you'll instantly be establishing yourself as the Dark Knight of Gotham. With this set, you will receive all the gear you need to toss some Batarangs and emerge from the shadows in style. Featuring a blue heroic jumpsuit with yellow accents and a bright yellow bat logo on the chest, a matching yellow cape, and a black foam mask, you'll be taking down villains in no time with this one.
Adult Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Costume
Show everyone that your favorite superhero cares a lasso of truth this Halloween! Buy the Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Adult Costume and truly become a superhero for a day! This officially licensed ensemble features a gold, red, and blue dress with attached shorts, a gold belt, silver gauntlets, and boot covers. Finish this look with boots or sneakers. Add a toy sword and a lasso of truth as accessories. All accessories are sold separately. Form your own team of Amazons with your friends.
DC Super Heroes Adult Batgirl Jumpsuit
Your husband might be a little confused when you crawl into bed wearing this DC Super Heroes Adult Batgirl Jumpsuit, but if he isnt into it thats his fault! Cook your kids breakfast on Halloween in this superhero outfit and theyre sure to be that much more psyched to go trick-or-treating with you later on. Make this year special when you spend your whole Halloween, from morning right up to night, in this stylish Batgirl Jumpsuit !
Batgirl Adult Mask
The swiftest of heroines have a concealed identity! Their powers are known to us all, including villains and enemies, but their individuality is hidden! This Halloween, disguise your true self with this amazing Batgirl Adult Mask! You are still the superheroine of the city, and you still save the people, but all while wearing this Batgirl Adult Mask!
Adult U.S.A. Boots
Wonder Woman Wig
Superman is sure to take a second look when you put on a Wonder Woman Wig! Each black-brown wig is bursting with body and bounce. It falls to the shoulders in a waterfall of loose curls. Also great for Rockabilly and 80s costumes.
Deluxe Mera Adult Costume - Aquaman Movie
Become the Queen of Atlantis this Halloween when you pick up our Deluxe Mera Adult Costume - Aquaman Movie! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous teal jumpsuit with attached gauntlets and boot tops, as well as a beautiful golden headdress. Team up with Aquaman and take down the Black Manta while all dressed up in this special suit, and you're guaranteed to have your best Halloween yet. Buy your Mera costume today!
DC Comics Adult Sexy Robin Costume
No super hero ever goes out without his trusty sidekick, just like the Dark Knight and his Boy Wonder Robin are known as one of the many infamous dynamic duos. This Halloween, you're not afraid of going solo and you're also not afraid of going out as the sidekick instead of the main hero because you'll look super hot in an Adult Sexy Robin Costume. Take down evil villains and look sexy at the same time while wearing a Robin-inspired dress made up of a glossy green skirt bottom with a small slit up the side, attached to a shimmering red bodice that has a yellow letter 'R' and other details similar to the real Robin's tunic. The bodice also features green short sleeves that match the glovelettes. A yellow imitation utility belt connects the dress at the waist and also matches the bright cape that's also included with a black eyemask. Become your own superhero and forget about being the sidekick after you do some of your own crusading dressed in this Adult Sexy Robin Costume.
Adult Womens The Flash Bodysuit Costume
You'll get to the party in a flash this Halloween when you put on the Adult Womens The Flash Bodysuit Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the sexiest speedster around. Complete with a gorgeous red jumpsuit adorned with yellow trim, a matching belt, and a lightning bolt headband, you're going to absolutely love this one. Buy yours today, and go take down all the villains this Halloween!
Women's Red Glitter Boots
When planning your Sexy Superhero Costume this Halloween, don't forget these Women's Red Glitter Boots! In sparking ruby red, these knee-high boots also feature a 3-inch heel that'll keep your costume the topic of conversation. Add a Superhero Mask and Cape to build a look that's more powerful than a locomotive! Visit Costume Supercenter's giant selection of Sexy Halloween Costumes and start putting together your perfect outfit today! Order your Women's Red Glitter Boots today!
Wonder Woman Boot Tops Adult Costume Accessory
Wonder Woman is a glamorous superheroine! She dazzles us with the skill she uses in her lasso! Her wrist cuffs shield her from enemies! She sprints like a cheetah! What makes her so fast? These amazing Wonder Woman Boot Tops Adult Costume Accessory! This Halloween, get Wonder Woman swift with these Wonder Woman Boot Tops Adult Costume Accessory!
Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Become a new superhero this Halloween. With the Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit, you are sure to take the bad guys on in style. Looking for a Wonder Woman costume without the tight skirt? This costume kit is for you. It comes with a shirt, headpiece, and cape. Combine it with out Batman or Superman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kits for a powerful look for your squad.
DC Super Heroes Womens Superman Jumpsuit
Plan a Halloween slumber party with your friends so you can show off this DC Super Heroes Womens Superman Jumpsuit ! Unless one of your friends sleeps with a lump of Kryptonite as a night-light, youre going to be the center of attention when you light up your pajama party with this iconic S logo on your chest! Even your dreams will be super when you go to bed in this Superman onesie, so why ever take it off?
Batgirl Cape Costume Accessory
What makes Batgirl as fast as lightning? Her superpowers give her incredible speed! What else gives this superheroine unbelievable powers? Her cape! This Halloween, strut about your parties wearing this sensational Batgirl Cape Costume Accessory! You'll fight like Batgirl, and speed about the party room, mingling like a true superheroine!
Wonder Woman Boy Short Adult Costume
Wonder Woman shines in bold red and brilliant blue! A touch of gold adds an awesome style to the superheroine's look! This Halloween, channel the awesomeness of Wonder Woman with this amazing Wonder Woman Boy Short Adult Costume! These boy shorts feature the blazing, signature Wonder Woman colors and an alluring fit!
Robin (Female) T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Join Batman in his crusade against crime! Don the cape of the trusty sidekick with the Robin (Female) T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit. The printed shirt flaunts your muscular and fit body to go with the Robin logo and utility belt. The black eye mask and cape are also included! Order it today!
Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume
Ever since you were a little girl you have been in love with the ultimate American heroine Wonder Woman and wanted to be just like her. Flying around and lassoing evil doers and sometimes helping her hunky justice partner Superman are all of the things you wish you could do, but the one thing you can do is dress super hot in her uniform by wearing this Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume. Step out of your invisible jet wearing the blue, star-spangled skirt and shiny red corset with a golden Wonder Woman emblem emblazoned on the front with a belt to match. Also wear the coveted silver cuffs and gold tiara headpiece that enhance your powers and let the satiny red cape flow in the wind when you're flying around in this amazing Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume.
DC Comics Sexy Adult Supergirl Costume
Look totally out of this world wearing this Sexy Adult Supergirl Costume. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's you looking super hot this Halloween! Made of polyester materials, this costume is a sexy twist on the iconic superhero from the comic books is a classic look and will look great on you. it includes a cape, dress, slide-on boot tops that are secured by an elastic band under the foot, and a matching gold band at the waist. The long sleeved pullover dress has a velour bodice and comes with an attached cape in the traditional superman colors, featuring a beautiful low gold-trimmed square neckline. It has an attached shiny red mini skirt and also features the signature embroidered Supergirl emblem on the chest. The metallic cape finishes the costume and attaches to shoulders with a hook and loop fastener. Look absolutely incredible while flying onto the dance floor wearing this ensemble. It will definitely be the costume competitions kryptonite, making men weak in the knees!
Adult Wonder Woman Justice League Costume Top
Adult Wonder Woman Adult Accessory Costume Kit
When you take on Ares this Halloween, youre not going to be able to fight him without this Adult Wonder Woman Adult Accessory Costume Kit! The tiara and belt that come with this costume kit are going to give you everything you need to pull all the badass battle moves Wonder Woman does in the Justice League movies. The lasso lets you use Wonder Womans most legendary weapon yourself, while you wear these iconic gauntlets to get her look down perfectly!
Deluxe Adult Wonder Woman Cape
When keeping your identity a secret you do not need to compromise style. Straight out of the Justice League movie, this
Licensed Supergirl Accessory Boot Tops
Save the world one day at time when you transform into popular DC Superhero Supergirl this Halloween. Next cosplay convention or event, you'll want to dress exactly like this classic Kryptonion warrior. Make sure when you have the costume together you also pick up boot tops to complete you look. The Licensed Supergirl Accessory Boot Tops are exactly what you need for it all to come together!