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Wonder Woman

Harness your superpowers this year and buy an amazing Wonder Woman costume from Costume SuperCenter. Nothing screams "Girl Power" more than this gear. Enjoy a sexy, adult Wonder Woman costume that is best for a boozy bash, or the children's Wonder Woman outfit that is fit for a sugar high on juice boxes. Order a Wonder Woman costume for you or your daughter today!

Wonder Woman Infographic

In 2017, Wonder Woman made her big screen solo debut in the DC Cinematic Universe. She's been around for a long time, and she's been kicking butt and taking names that whole time. Brush up on your knowledge of the movie with Costume SuperCenter's awesome Wonder Woman infographic, and learn about Diana of Themyscira and her goal to bring peace to the world. Heed the words of Hippolyta and watch out for Ares!

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Diana Prince has a lasso, an invisible jet and cuffs that can block bullets, but sometimes even those superhero accessories aren't enough. Sometimes, you need a team to back you up - like the Justice League. With super friends like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash, Wonder Woman is always ready to defend truth and honor. You can be, too, with a few of these great costume styles and this Meet the Justice League Infographic.

Wonder Woman Costume Ideas and Tips

Until Gal Gadot embodied Diana, princess of the Amazons from the island Themyscira, in 2017’s feature film, Lynda Carter personified Wonder Woman. Now, a new generation of strong women has a heroine to look up to - and we couldn’t be happier. We loved the new Wonder Woman movie, starring Gadot as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as Antiope, David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan and Ares, and Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, and that’s why we’re so excited about our huge selection of Wonder Woman Halloween costumes for kids and adults alike. It’s no surprise that Wonder Woman’s costume has come a long way over the years, and we’re fully stocked with every style, from the 1970s red bodysuit with “WW” logo on the chest and blue skirt with gold stars, to Wonder Woman’s modern-day look, featuring grayed-out versions of blue and red with gold accents. We even carry officially licensed DC Comics Wonder Woman movie accessories, like Diana’s shield, boots and sword. Little girls will love matching Mom this Halloween, and we also carry adorable Wonder Woman costumes for babies (the one-piece jumpsuits ensure they’ll stay in place!) and pets (what’s cuter than a puppy in a Wonder Woman dress?). Defend Earth from the evil Ares this Halloween when you dress as Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume
Pants, Top, Jacket, Belt, Tiara, Gauntlets, and Lasso. Does not include boots.
Wonder Woman Movie Sword
Complete all kinds of costumes by adding the Wonder Woman Movie Sword. This item measures 28 inches in length and is an exact copy of the version used by Wonder Woman in the film. It has engravings along the blade and an entwined hilt. It makes for a great weapon to use for knights, gladiators, and Medieval outfits.
DC Super Heroes Adult Wonder Woman Jumpsuit
Eat, breathe, and sleep your favorite Marvel superheroine while wearing our DC Super Heroes Adult Wonder Woman Jumpsuit ! Your toes will be warm and your powers will be at their peak when you go about your everyday superhero duties while wearing this comfy and empowering Wonder Woman pajama set. Kick butt as the coolest member of the Justice League without leaving the comfort of your bed in this onesie. Why hasnt Marvels casting department called you yet?!
Adult Wonder Woman Movie shield
Arm yourself with the Wonder Woman Movie Adult Shield. This item measures 23 inches across and is a replica of the one used by Wonder Woman in the film. There is an engraved design of the sun centered on the shield. Equip even more toy weapons and accessories from our Wonder Woman collection to prepare for battle.
Adult Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Costume
Show everyone that your favorite superhero cares a lasso of truth this Halloween! Buy the Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Adult Costume and truly become a superhero for a day! This officially licensed ensemble features a gold, red, and blue dress with attached shorts, a gold belt, silver gauntlets, and boot covers. Finish this look with boots or sneakers. Add a toy sword and a lasso of truth as accessories. All accessories are sold separately. Form your own team of Amazons with your friends.
Wonder Woman Movie Light-Up Lasso of Truth
The truth is, this Wonder Woman Movie Light-Up Lasso of Truth is a great addition to your costume. Whether cosplaying for conventions or heading out for Halloween parties, this item enhances your ensemble. It features light-up elements along its length which activate via the handles switch. A belt loop with Velcro closure keeps it within convenient reach. Have this legendary weapon ready to complete your Wonder Woman wardrobe. Dont forget to browse our website for even more accessories and equipment to match.
Big Dogs' Wonder Woman Pet Halloween Costume
Mankind's best friend is set to transform into the companion of the superheroine known as Wonder Woman! Dress up your dog this Halloween in this sensational Big Dogs' Wonder Woman Pet Halloween Costume (XXL)! Your pooch will amuse the trick o' treaters any which way she wags her tail!
Justice League DC Comics Wonder Woman Child Costume
Wonder Woman is an iconic hero for females everywhere! She fights off the enemies with her Lasso of Truth, and shows the world with pride that female superheroes are just as powerful as the men. This Halloween, dress your daughter as this awesome hero when you buy the Justice League DC Comics Wonder Woman Child Costume. This get-up comes with a red, white, and blue leotard, a red cape, a golden belt and lasso, a gold headband with a red star, silver bracelets, and red and white tops. Nobody can compare in power to the one and only Wonder Woman. She's amazing. Pick up your Wonder Woman Child Costume today, and this Halloween, your daughter will become the most powerful female in the world!
Wonder Woman Wig
Superman is sure to take a second look when you put on a Wonder Woman Wig! Each black-brown wig is bursting with body and bounce. It falls to the shoulders in a waterfall of loose curls. Also great for Rockabilly and 80s costumes.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Wonder Woman Dress Costume
Wonder Woman is the Goddess of Truth, and she is one of the most amazing superheroes to hit the theaters in the history of all superheroes! With her lasso of truth, she can command anyone to speak honesty without hiding behind any lies. With her indestructible braces and shield, she can deflect bullets back at her enemies. And with her golden tiara and magic sword, she can swipe and slice her foes with ease! Simply put, Wonder Woman is not somebody to mess with. She's like the equivalent of Thor (if not stronger), and she can pack a real punch and kick. Nobody can take her down. This Halloween, welcome your baby daughter into the amazing world of Wonder Woman when you buy the Wonder Woman Dress and Diaper Cover Set Costume for Babies. This adorable get-up will have your little angel ready for action in no time! Be extra cute and buy a Wonder Woman adult costume from our site, so you can match your daughter this Halloween as the most powerful female superhero on Earth. Nothing is cuter
Wonder Woman Deluxe Dress
Show your friends and family how awesome it can be to transform yourself into Diana, the Princess of Amazon with this awesome Wonder Woman ensemble. Our deluxe dress is the best item that you are going to find in the World Wide Web. Imagine walking into a bash and all eyes being on you. So, if that is more of your style, then you are going to want to rock this item all year around. With Halloween being closer than everyone thinks it is, you are going to make sure you have the perfect ensemble that will knock everyone?s socks off. So, better start planning now, are we right? Of course we are. To give you all more of an insight as to why you will love this outfit, you have to truly understand the character of Wonder Woman. Diana, is considered the God Killer of her people and is the only one who can truly beat Aries, the God of War. She sets on the quest to find Aries, and save her people and their land once and for all. Of course, The Princess of the Amazon gets herself into some troub
Wonder Woman Boot Tops Adult Costume Accessory
Wonder Woman is a glamorous superheroine! She dazzles us with the skill she uses in her lasso! Her wrist cuffs shield her from enemies! She sprints like a cheetah! What makes her so fast? These amazing Wonder Woman Boot Tops Adult Costume Accessory! This Halloween, get Wonder Woman swift with these Wonder Woman Boot Tops Adult Costume Accessory!
Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Become a new superhero this Halloween. With the Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit, you are sure to take the bad guys on in style. Looking for a Wonder Woman costume without the tight skirt? This costume kit is for you. It comes with a shirt, headpiece, and cape. Combine it with out Batman or Superman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kits for a powerful look for your squad.
Women's Red Glitter Boots
When planning your Sexy Superhero Costume this Halloween, don't forget these Women's Red Glitter Boots! In sparking ruby red, these knee-high boots also feature a 3-inch heel that'll keep your costume the topic of conversation. Add a Superhero Mask and Cape to build a look that's more powerful than a locomotive! Visit Costume Supercenter's giant selection of Sexy Halloween Costumes and start putting together your perfect outfit today! Order your Women's Red Glitter Boots today!
Wonder Woman Boy Short Adult Costume
Wonder Woman shines in bold red and brilliant blue! A touch of gold adds an awesome style to the superheroine's look! This Halloween, channel the awesomeness of Wonder Woman with this amazing Wonder Woman Boy Short Adult Costume! These boy shorts feature the blazing, signature Wonder Woman colors and an alluring fit!
Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah Deluxe Child Costume
Your child will be fighting superheroes left and right this Halloween when you dress them up in the WW2 Movie Confidential Look Villain Costume! It's always more fun to dress up as a villain on Halloween than a superhero. With your purchase of this villainous attire, you will receive everything you need to transform your tyke into the most powerful feline supervillain in town. Buy your Cheetah costume today, and go make this Halloween a night for the villains to come alive!
Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume
Ever since you were a little girl you have been in love with the ultimate American heroine Wonder Woman and wanted to be just like her. Flying around and lassoing evil doers and sometimes helping her hunky justice partner Superman are all of the things you wish you could do, but the one thing you can do is dress super hot in her uniform by wearing this Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume. Step out of your invisible jet wearing the blue, star-spangled skirt and shiny red corset with a golden Wonder Woman emblem emblazoned on the front with a belt to match. Also wear the coveted silver cuffs and gold tiara headpiece that enhance your powers and let the satiny red cape flow in the wind when you're flying around in this amazing Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume.
Adult Wonder Woman Justice League Costume Top
Adult Wonder Woman Adult Accessory Costume Kit
When you take on Ares this Halloween, youre not going to be able to fight him without this Adult Wonder Woman Adult Accessory Costume Kit! The tiara and belt that come with this costume kit are going to give you everything you need to pull all the badass battle moves Wonder Woman does in the Justice League movies. The lasso lets you use Wonder Womans most legendary weapon yourself, while you wear these iconic gauntlets to get her look down perfectly!
Deluxe Adult Wonder Woman Cape
When keeping your identity a secret you do not need to compromise style. Straight out of the Justice League movie, this
Wonder Woman Cape Costume Accessory
You've got the lasso. You've got the fashion sense. All you need now to rock your superheroine part is this amazing Wonder Woman Cape Costume Accessory! This awesome cape dazzles with its bold color! You'll sizzle in your Wonder Woman outfit when you accessorize with this Wonder Woman Cape Costume Accessory!
Wonder Woman Adult Leggings
You are a dedicated fan of all things Wonder Woman! This Halloween, show off your allegiance to the superheroine with these amazing Wonder Woman Adult Leggings! The brilliant blue leggings are soft and comfy, so you'll be cozy and warm all Halloween long! Wear these Wonder Woman Adult Leggings stylishly not only on Halloween but throughout the year!
Deluxe Wonder Woman WW2 Movie Costume for Child
Your daughter will be taking down Cheetah and all kinds of supervillains this Halloween when you pick up our Deluxe Wonder Woman WW2 Movie Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous and fierce red and blue dress with golden trim, a pair of matching silver and gold gauntlets, and a golden tiara. Buy your Wonder Woman costume today, and then scan our site for the Lasso of Truth to really deal some damage this year!
DC Comics Superheroes Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Cape
Rise to command the entire Amazon legion when you have our DC Comics Superheroes Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Cape to waft behind you in the breeze! When youre decked out in this cape, youre going to look like a princess descended from a God, so no matter who comes your way on Halloween youre going to be able to serve up a good beating. You can kick butt with the Justice League or strike out on your own when youre playing Diana in this cape!
Adult Star Crown Gold and Red
The Adult Star Crown Gold and Red is the perfect accessory to dazzle up your costume. You can have any plain jane outfit look marvelous and everyone will know that you are a beautiful queen. Show off your looks and fashion sense for a birthday party, Halloween event, or any other special occasion!
Womens Sexy Wonder Woman Rhinestone Tank Dress Costume
You might be an Amazon, but even you can get tired every now and again. Take some time off from the JLA when you wear this Women's Sexy Wonder Woman Rhinestone Tank Dress to the Halloween party! Each bright red dress is made from a stretchy polyester blend that will hug your form without showing too much. It comes to the mid-thigh so that you have plenty of space to rock out. Bright yellow rhinestones detail the logo covering your chest. The blue cape attached to the shoulders is spotted with white stars reminiscent of your famous shorts. You do everything you can to help others, but it's okay to take a breather! Wear this Women's Sexy Wonder Woman Rhinestone Tank Dress and you're sure to have a great time. Don't forget your gold cuffs and boots, sold here.
Red Women's Superhero Star Boots
Includes one pair of Red Women's Superhero Star Boots with gold stars and a 4" heel.
Wonder Woman Deluxe Dog Costume
Your pup will be off to the JLA as soon as you put her in a Wonder Woman Pet Costume! This adorable outfit is made of breathable lame that will stretch with your dog as she runs around. The red top has a yellow patch of Wonder Woman's logo attached to the back. A gold waist band separates the top from the blue pleated skirt bottom, white stars dotting the skirt. The included golden headband will make sure Batdog can recognize her. Just slip it over her back, put her paws through the sleeveless arm holes, and let the fight begin! You've always known she was up to something when you weren't around. Put her in a Wonder Woman Pet Costume and let her get back to saving mankind! A great addition to any family's superhero group.
Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Accessory Kit
Wonder Woman is a fascinating superheroine! She razzles and dazzles us with her alluring powers! This Halloween, imitate Wonder Woman's style with this Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Accessory Kit! You'll get the once in a lifetime chance to show off your tiara, wrist cuffs and lasso in authentic Wonder Woman fashion!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Wonder Woman Costume
Your little girl is a tough cookie and loves dressing up as her favorite heroes. Give her the best outfit with this Wonder Woman Toddler Costume! She'll be the hit of her next costume gala or dress up occasion! This is an officially licensed D.C. studio costume so you can be sure that she's getting the authentic superhero experience! Includes a bold red dress with a complementing cape that will have all eyes on her. With a golden WW logo across her chest no can mistake this sassy little hero. The bottom of the outfit is a blue skirt with silver star appliques that also comes with matching silver gauntlets! Tying together this epic superhero attire is Wonder Woman's signature golden tiara! She'll be the talk of the town when she's lassoing up all the bad guys! Have her be the best hero she can be in this Wonder Woman Toddler Costume.