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Finding An Adult Costume And FAQs

No one wants to spend money on a Halloween costume that doesn’t fit. That includes you of course! Different manufacturers of costumes make their products with different measurements, one costume company's size medium is another manufacturer's small. It can get pretty confusing. But don’t worry!

When shopping for an adult Halloween costume online you’ll notice that each product on our website includes a size chart to make it easier to find the size that fits you best. To find your size for women and men simply measure your chest, your waist and your inseam (the seam in a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom of the leg). Just match these numbers to the closest size. For most costumes for grownups the chest size is the more important number to go by. If an inseam is too long you can use a safety pin to shorten it. When in doubt deciding between size options, go with the larger size as Halloween outfits often run small. What's great about shopping on our online Halloween costume store for adults is that we make it easy with returns and exchanges. So don’t worry if you’re not sure that your costume for mature individuals doesn't fit.

Sizing for adult sized costumes isn't an exact science as each person is different and each women’s and men’s outfit is unique. With online shopping, it's sometimes hard to be 100% sure your selection will fit.

If your costume doesn’t fit, it doesn't reflect on you. If you do order the wrong size, we are happy to help you return the outfit or exchange it for a different one. You can learn more about returns and exchanges at Costume SuperCenter here.

Our adult costume store has a huge selection of Halloween outfits for grownups to embrace their inner child. The only drawback of this great collection is it can be hard to pick just one!

While you could just buy all the costumes you’d want (we’d love it if you did, but no pressure,) you are probably just in the market to buy one. You could be a superhero, a princess, a celebrity, an Indian, a police officer or anything else you can think of. All of these options can make it hard to choose! So how do you decide what to be on October 31st?

Do you want to be sexy? Scary? Funny? Cute? Perky? Exotic? Thinking about what style you want to be is the first step. Once you decide that you can think about the theme such as a superhero or your favorite movie character. Start your search with our costume theme page. Our site navigation can help lead you to your ideal costume. Browse through our collection and you'll be sure to find the best adult costume for Halloween. While price can be a deciding factor, our low priced adult costumes take this factor out of the equation. The best part is, you get free shipping!

No one wants to look like they bought a cheap costume for Halloween. But most people don’t want to spend a lot of money either. So how do you make an economical disguise look like an expensive costume? If you are talented with a sewing machine consider making alterations to your costume. By tailoring it to fit you better it will look like you bought a custom made outfit for Halloween. Of course sometimes it’s not about the costume itself but rather what you wear with it. Instead of just getting the basic outfit, add accessories and jewelry so your October 31st look will pop! Makeup can also go a long way to making your costume for adults look like it cost way more than you paid for it.

Of course, we at Costume SuperCenter don't want you to worry about overspending on Halloween. That’s why our online Halloween store has a ton of high quality adult sized costumes for men and women and our super low prices make buying a cheap Halloween outfit online as easy as getting free candy on October 31st. We have bargain Halloween accessories and costume kits for some more minimalist full-grown person outfits. If you’re looking for low priced Halloween costumes for adults check out our selection of clearance costumes on sale

Finding costumes for plus size women can be difficult. Most brick and mortar costume shops don't have a large choice of costumes for curvy women and big and tall men. At Costume SuperCenter we have a super assortment of plus size costumes for adults on our top Halloween website.

Some Halloweens it seems like every kid, toddler and adult has the same costume. Every grown up wants a unique adult costume. So how do you make your Halloween outfit stand out in a crowd? How do you make it really pop?

Making your costume unique requires you to add a little something to spice it up. The first add on are accessories. Should a knight carry his sword and shield? Does a princess need a royal scepter? Is a cowboy without a gun still a cowboy? The answer is yes they’re still these characters, but by adding these adult costume accessories you’ll take your disguise up a level. Jewelry is also a must for anyone wanting to make their outfit unique. If you’re dressing up as a mermaid adding a seashell necklace will really make you shimmer. For decades costumes, historically accurate jewelry can make your flapper or hippie costume extra special.

The other way to make your average costume amazing is with makeup and styling your hair. Just because you’re not going to be a zombie doesn’t mean your Halloween look wouldn’t benefit from some makeup. Even just adding red lipstick and eyeliner can make your Wonder Woman costume look like you leapt out of the comic. Styling your hair is another great way to really make your disguise look amazing. Try modeling your hair style after your character. It may take you longer to get ready but you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd. And if you don’t have time or the right hair color for an outfit, you can always get a character wig!

Adult Costumes

No need to ask where to buy adult costumes online. With the wide availability of creative options for men and women, the most difficult task may be choosing just one adult Halloween costume. Start with an idea and search from there. After making the final decision remember to pick up a few accessories to complete the look. A pirate costume just wouldn't be complete without his spyglass and what's a nurse outfit without a stethoscope? And don't forget - when it comes to the perfect ensemble for adult costumes, accessories make the look.

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Whether you're looking for a sexy costume this October, or looking for that perfect fit with a plus-sized costume, you'll be able to find it at Costume SuperCenter. With a wide array of Adult Superhero & Villains costumes, Horror & Gothic styles, and costumes for those who just want to relive their favorite decades, there's something for everyone!

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Don't forget about what comes after the costume, either. Once you've picked that perfect base layer, you've got to accessorize to make sure you're appropriately decked out from head to toe. Shop the best adult costumes for Halloween anywhere online!

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