Fangs & Teeth

If you are planning on dressing up as a monster, vampire, werewolf, zombie, animal, or any other variety of ferocious creature, fangs and teeth are essential to your costume. No vampire costume is complete without a set of convincing fangs, and you'll definitely need two big front teeth if you're dressing up as a rabbit! We have a large selection of fangs and teeth to complete just about any Halloween or theme party costume.

You can find full sets of teeth to completely transform the appearance of your mouth, individual stick-on teeth for a more subtle look, black tooth paint to create the illusion of missing teeth, or even a gold tooth cap! Sets of fake pirate teeth and goofy teeth are also available for less frightening costume ideas. Combined with the other dress and accessories on Costume Supercenter, fake teeth can be used in countless combinations to create a unique look.

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