Elf Costumes

The Christmas elf is one of the most important elements in keeping Santa's Workshop operating smoothly. The Elves help Santa Claus by making toys; packing the sleigh and helping Santa check his lists to make sure that all the toys are accounted before Christmas Eve. So you can see, elves do much more than simply look cute.

If you want to look as cute as one of Santa's elves you can wear one of our many Elf costumes. These days when you picture a Christmas Elf in your head, chances are you'll picture Buddy the Elf in his green elf costume. Buddy the Elf is proof that not all elves are little fairy-like creatures dressed in red and green costumes. Some elves outfits are all green and while others have pants instead of tights. The most important part of the elf costumes are the boots with curved-up toes. On the other hand if you're feeling like a sexy elf then a short mini-dress elf costume with heels would suit you best.

So even though an elf uniform can take several forms the job of a Christmas elf remains the same. Their job is to love Christmas, spread joy and cheer and help Santa so every boy and girl gets exactly what is on their Christmas list

Santa's elves are very different from forest elves or fairy tale elves with regard to dress, but one thing they have in common are pointed elf ears so when shopping for your elf costume, look for a pair of pointy ears like the ones that we sell here. We have all of your elf costume needs and guarantee you'll get them before Christmas.

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