Elf Costumes

The Christmas elf is one of the most important elements in keeping Santa's Workshop operating smoothly. The Elves help Santa Claus by making toys; packing the sleigh and helping Santa check his lists to make sure that all the toys are accounted before Christmas Eve. So you can see, elves do much more than simply look cute.

Elf Costume Ideas and Tips

Ever wondered what the North Pole would look like? Sure, there would be lots and lots of snow, but that doesn’t mean that it’s inhabitable. Of course Saint Nick and the rest of the family and assistants live there, duh! Anyone who has once believed in Santa Claus knows all about his special helpers. We aren’t talking about Mrs. Claus  either or his little reindeer! No, we are talking about those teeny little cuties walking around the North Pole who help Santa make all the toys that your kiddies have on their wish list. Yup, you’ve guessed it—his elves.

These little critters play such an important role in the holiday spirit and sure are the most adorable ones around. Here, you are able to see how awesome it actually is dressing up as Santa’s little helpers. We have an array of items to choose from to make sure you are the cutest, pointy-eared one out there!

Types of Elf Costumes

Buddy the Elf

One awesome thing about the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is all the holiday-themed movies that begin to play during the month. What’s your favorite holiday movie? Well, ours is Elf. Not only is Will Ferrell the absolute perfect person to play Buddy the Elf, but the premise of the movie is awesome! It brought all the attention you need to ensure that dressing up as an elf is the perfect decision for you during the holiday season.

You won’t even realize how much Mr. and Mrs. Claus are going to need you until you put on these adorable red and green outfits. So, if you are ready to prance around with Prancer, play catch with Rudolph’s red nose, and race Dasher down the slippery slopes of the North Pole, then this Buddy the elf costume is perfect for you.

Elf Costume Categories

We know what you may be thinking: “Sure, Christmas elf costumes  are great for kids, but not for adults.” Well you are wrong in the best way possible! A few clicks of your mouse, and you will soon see that we have costumes for everyone! We have women’s elf costumes, baby elf costumes, kids’ elf costumes, men’s elf costumes, sexy elf costumes—you name it!

 It might be best to just dress your entire family up as Santa’s little helpers because with one glance, everyone is going to want one of these costumes for the holidays. No matter if you are going to a holiday party, or if you just want to dress up and wait for Santa to come down your chimney, these items will be perfect. It’s going to be the most popular outfit of the season, that’s for sure.

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