French Costumes

Bonjour, bonsoir, welcome to our wonderful collection of French costumes. These items are all themed after different aspects of France. The country is filled with recognizable features and characters. Whether it’s someone walking their poodle, performing street shows as a mime, or kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower, they are all a perfect way to represent the country or culture. Buy a French costume online today!

French Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’d consider yourself a Francophile, or if you recently visited Paris, our French costumes might be what you’re looking for this Halloween! Grab a baguette and twirl your moustache, because we have all the costume pieces and accessories you need to look like you come from the city of lights! If you took any French in high school, now is the time to brush up on it, since people will assume you’re fluent when they see you in this costume. 

Whether you want to be a mime, a courtesan from pre-Revolutionary France, or a French maid, you can find what you’re looking for among our wide selection of French costumes. You can even get some friends together for a group costume and really make an impression! Check out all our French costumes for ideas, and then choose the one that’s perfect for you to make this Halloween your best yet!

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