Snow White Costumes

Snow White was the first full length animated feature made by Walt Disney in 1937. That means for the past seven decades girls of all ages have worn Snow White Costumes for Halloween It is the story of a beautiful girl who seeks refuge in the forest from her stepmother, the evil Queen. The Queen wants her dead because she is jealous of her beauty. The princess gets protection and finds an adopted family in the home of seven sweet dwarfs. The evil Queen discovered the maiden's whereabouts and, disguised as an old woman peddling apples, she convinces her to take a bite of a poison apple that put her in a deep sleeplike state. The only thing that could wake her was love's first kiss. Buy a Snow White costume today!

Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho... In 1938, it was off to work that Walt Disney went, as he released the first-ever full-length animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Obviously, times have changed over the past 7-or-so-decades, but Disney Princess costumes are still among the most popular every Halloween. With this Disney Box Office Infographic, you'll be able to see just how much times have changed, from Snow White to Moana.

Ariel Costumes

If your friends are a part of a hot crustacean band, Ariel Costumes might be a no-brainer for you this Halloween. Dress like Triton's youngest daughter to avoid being another poor, unfortunate soul!

Aurora Costumes

Don't touch any spinning wheels - Even if they are glowing green! Aurora Costumes are always among the most popular on Halloween, and you can look just like Disney's Sleeping Beauty when you wear the iconic pink dress.

Belle Costumes

If you want to browse our collection of Disney Princess costumes, be our guest! Belle Costumes have become more popular than ever thanks to the recent live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and now you can look just like the girl from the provincial town, too!

Cinderella Costumes

Time is running out! Cinderella Costumes are available now, but don't wait until the clock strikes midnight. Replicate the look of Disney's classic princess with her blue dress and glass slippers and you're sure to be the talk of the ball.

Disney Princesses Five Facts [Infographic]

Check out Costume SuperCenter's fun-filled infographic of Disney Princesses five facts to find out some little-known bits of information about the most famous royals of all-time! There's Snow White, Pocahontas, Tiana, and more, and each one of them has an interesting fact worth learning. Give your brain a quiz and see how many of the facts you know!

Frozen Costumes

Frozen Costumes are the best bet for anybody who likes warm hugs or wants to build a snowman. Choose from Elsa, Anna and others, but be sure to layer when you trick-or-treat. It might get a little chilly!

Jasmine Costumes

The daughter of an overprotective sultan, Jasmine has a sense of adventure about her that you might share. If you're trying to look like a heroic Disney Princess, then Jasmine Costumes are always a safe option. 

Rapunzel Costumes

Let down your hair and climb down your tower in a gorgeous Rapunzel Costume this Fall. When you rock the long, flowing, magical wig of one of Disney's newest princesses, you're sure to find adventure.

Disney Princess Costumes

Are you wishing for the perfect Halloween? wearing a Disney Princess Costume is a good place to start! Dress like the fairest of them all, or a new classic like Elena of Avalor, and add some magic to your October!

Snow White Costume Ideas and Tips

Live your favorite fairy tale with a costume from our Snow White costumes section. You’ll love picking out the style and character that will make you feel most magical come Halloween night. The tale of Snow White is a classic, so this story has been re-interpreted so many ways that you’ll have a dizzying array of choices when it comes to just how you want to embody this classic fairy tale. 

Do you want to be like Kristen Stewart’s warrior version of Snow White, or do you want to look like you just stepped out of the classic animated Disney movie? You can find whatever Snow White costume fulfills your dreams, when you browse through our many premium Snow White outfits. You can even get your friends together to dress up as the whole cast of Snow White, to make this fairy tale homage even more magical! Don’t sleep on these Snow White costumes this Halloween!

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