Snow White was the first full length animated feature made by Walt Disney in 1937. That means for the past seven decades girls of all ages have worn Snow White Costumes for Halloween It is the story of a beautiful girl who seeks refuge in the forest from her stepmother, the evil Queen. The Queen wants her dead because she is jealous of her beauty. The princess gets protection and finds an adopted family in the home of seven sweet dwarfs. The evil Queen discovered the maiden's whereabouts and, disguised as an old woman peddling apples, she convinces her to take a bite of a poison apple that put her in a deep sleeplike state. The only thing that could wake her was love's first kiss.

Snow White Costumes

Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho... In 1938, it was off to work that Walt Disney went, as he released the first-ever full-length animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Obviously, times have changed over the past 7-or-so-decades, but Disney Princess costumes are still among the most popular every Halloween. With this Box Office Infographic, you'll be able to see just how much times have changed, from Snow White to Moana.

The dwarves, thinking Snow White has died encase her in a glass coffin to mourn her. Then a handsome prince rides by and sees the beauty lying in the coffin. He falls instantly in love and feels compelled to kiss her. With that kiss, she awakens from the Queen's spell. When you wear one of our Snow White Costumes you too can be the fairest in the land. We carry this beautiful dress in varying styles for women, girls and infant/toddlers too.

For older teens and women we have a variety of sexy Snow White costumes. Although only those licensed by Disney can carry her name, there are many other that have the same style with a different name such as the Storybook Princess and the Snow Princess.

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