Referee Costumes

There isn't anyone more despised in all of sports guessed it, the Referee. Known for making bad calls when your team is losing and great calls when your team is ahead; they are the people we have a love/hate relationship with. Wouldn't it be fun to be the one to call the shots? Then dress up in a referee costume. Depending on the sport, they are also known as the umpire, commissaire, and just plain ol' ref. The term referee originated with soccer, when team captains would consult with each other in order to resolve any disputes. Then with baseball, the name soon changed to umpire.

Referee Costume Ideas and Tips

Play Ball! Everyone is dressing up for Halloween. Join the team, get in the game and put on a Referee Costume. When you are playing a game, you need someone who makes sure everyone follows the rules. In baseball, that is the umpire. In other sports, he or she is called the referee. Ordering a ref outfit is a good play. We carry selections for both men and women. 

All have the classic black and white referee stripes. Men’s outfits include striped shirt, black pants and a hat. Accessories include a whistle, a referee’s most important tool. Being a ref is a difficult job. When fans or players don’t like your call, things can get heated. So that is why our selections include sexy ref costumes for women. Things can be very passionate and heated during a sports game; our ladies’ outfits will make things even hotter and more passionate.

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