King Kong Costumes

Beat your chest and show who the king is with our King Kong costumes. He is the most recognizable gorilla in the world as this classic character. King Kong has been a movie monster since the 1930’s and still finds ways to be reinvented. Our King Kong costume selection is great in quality and perfect to bring the biggest, baddest gorilla to life.

King Kong Costume Ideas and Tips

Be a king this Halloween, but not just any king. Be the king of all primates when you put on one of our King Kong costumes. He is the supreme gorilla of the world. He first climbed in the Empire State Building in 1933 and has since climbed into the hearts and imagination of people around the world. Kong is an incredibly large gorilla living on Skull Island who is worshipped as a god. Westerners find him and, as they often do, they wreak havoc on the island and take Kong away so he can be an exhibit in a freak show. 

There have been many different films featuring King Kong. The most recent was Kong: Skull Island and the next one will be the widely anticipated Godzilla vs. King Kong. Everyone feels like King Kong once in a while. You feel out of your element and that everyone is out to get you. All you want is to spend some time with a pretty face, but the world is working against that. But we are working for you. We have quality King Kong costumes at affordable prices and with fast shipping.

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