Lighting & Special Effects Props & Decorations

When it comes to executing the most kick-butt setting that is humanly possible for Halloween you need to know that lighting is key and the way you use the light will either make or break your shindig, so the best way to ensure you have the right kinds of lights is by viewing our Party and Halloween Lighting decorations and props.

How people see things in certain kinds of light is a big determining factor in just how frightened they will be when they do see something like a set of taper candles stained and dripping with blood. And regular light bulbs don't give you that eerie feel that you need for your haunted ideas, but with our decorations you can cast an ominous light over anything using dark fluorescent lights, black lights, and for a unnerving reaction from guests, flashing strobe lights that create creepy shadows. For that retro setup we have electric candles and old-style lanterns as well. Once you've had enough fun putting fear into others' hearts you can switch up lighting styles and boogie down with shimmering disco balls lights, or combine disco and the undead with a disco skull head with glowing red eyes.

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