Plus Size Religious Costumes

Bible outfits are not something you would think of for a typical Halloween party but someone shows up to a costume party dressed as a priest or a nun, it is always well received. Plus size religious costumes have their place at both Halloween parties and religious occasions. Priests, nuns, monks and rabbis are considered religious costumes, while characters from the bible fall under plus size biblical costumes.

Plus Size Religious Costume Ideas and Tips

Halloween is the greatest time of the year. Can we get an amen? Amen! This Halloween, make a different choice. Choose a religious icon. Usually it takes years to become a nun, priest or rabbi but you can become one when you order a Plus Size Religious Costumes from us. Prefer to be the big guy instead? Order a pope costume; he’s the leader of one of the biggest religions of the world. Or be the even bigger guy and dress as Jesus. 

Not only are they priced affordably, but many can be used for more than one holiday. Our Mary and angel outfits can be worn on Halloween or during a nativity play at Christmastime and our rabbi outfit looks great at Purim! If you are serious about your religion, get serious about your costume. Were serious about them. They are designed for plus size adults and will make you look great.

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